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The variety of case studies in this Knowledgebase is a salutary reminder that, although the supply chain is seen as ultimately the biggest application for RFID, the less hyped applications such as Libraries & Archiving, Passenger & Personal Transportation, and Healthcare, are moving ahead extremely rapidly. Although there are only a few examples of RFID being used in laundries, we understand that over 75 million tags have now been delivered worldwide for this application alone. Libraries have seen over 35 million tags delivered but other forms of archiving raise the figure appreciably. Retail is important, but it mostly consists of trials. Leisure applications are more important than the press gives credit.
  • Searchable online database
  • Over 5000 case studies and over 5000 company profiles already filed
  • Exclusive company slides shows and audio as presented at IDTechEx events
  • At-a-glance matrix table of essential information
  • Comprehensive descriptions of RFID applications
  • Further information sources
  • Links to presentations given by the companies on their case studies, and relevant white papers and web links
Why buy the Knowledgebase?
The RFID Knowledgebase is an online searchable database of case studies and company profiles, created and maintained by IDTechEx and its associates. IDTechEx consultants travel extensively to continually refresh and add new case studies to the Knowledgebase. We have created an extensive, constantly updated database of case studies, many of which have never been published before. They have all been edited by our in-house consultants.
There are over 5000 detailed case studies categorised into over 12 applicational sectors. Each case study starts with a summary matrix table of the key parameters including location, companies involved, technologies used (tag type, frequency, etc.) and major benefits. This is followed by a comprehensive written text discussing the project including both negative and positive outcomes and giving expert interpretation and criticism of the data because spreadsheets of numbers cannot properly explain the subtleties of what is being attempted and achieved.
Applicational Sectors
  • Retail/CPG
  • Land and sea logistics
  • Airlines and airports
  • Healthcare
  • Animals and farming
  • Libraries and archiving
  • Manufacturing
  • Leisure
  • Laundry
  • Financial and security
  • Military
  • Passenger transport
  • Communications
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