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Transparent Conductive Films (TCF) 2017-2027: Forecasts, Markets, Technologies

Assessment of ITO alternatives including silver nanowires, metal mesh, carbon nanotubes, graphene and others

Brand new for 2017
ITO alternative films will reach a combined market value of $220m by 2027
This report provides the most comprehensive and authoritative view of the transparent conductive film (TCF) industry. In particular, it provides:
  • Market forecasts: Granular ten-year market forecasts segmented by application and technology. The forecasts are provided in value and sqm area.
  • Technology assessment: Detailed, data-driven and insightful analysis of all the existing and emerging transparent conducting layer technologies including ITO film, ITO glass, silver nanowires, silver nanoparticles, various metal mesh technologies (photolithography, direct printing, embossing, hybrid, and so on), graphene, carbon nanotubes, PEDOT, and others.
  • Application analysis: Market size and trend analysis of end applications such mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, smart watches, standalone touch monitors, automotive touch screens by size, AiOs, OLED lighting, in-mold electronics, smart windows, and emerging thin film PV such as OPV, DSSC and perovskites.
  • Company profiles: Critical and interview-based assessment and SWOT analysis of more than 40 companies active in the TCF industry. Coverage of 70 other players in the TCF value chain.
This report is based upon years of research as we have been tracking and analysing TCF industry since 2008. In this time we have witnessed first-hand the rise and fall of technologies and companies, and correctly predicted the consolidation period of the past few years.
For our research, our team has interviewed and profiled all the key users and producers of various types of TCF technologies. Often we enjoy close relationships with the key industry players. Our team has also been independently analysing the markets for many existing and emerging target applications for TCFs for years. For example, we have produced market research reports and bespoke consulting projects on OLED lighting, wearable technology, in-mold electronics, smart windows, OPVs, DSSCs, perovskites, and touch screens. This enables us to assess the market from an application as well as technology point of view.
We have attended countless relevant events globally and organized our own sessions on the topic since 2008 in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Our team has also delivered around 20 masterclasses on the topic in different continents. We have also completed more than 12 major consulting projects helping our customers profit from changes in this sector. Our work has covered investment due diligence, custom market research, product positioning, customer development, and growth strategy.
This market study is the distilled and processed result of our continuous endeavours. Each year we have learned more about the market trends, the key questions, latest prices, etc, and fine-tuned our analysis, insight and forecasts to reflect the latest.
The transparent conductive film (TCF) industry will leave behind its years of sluggish grow to achieve rapid growth, serving a size of more than 60 million square meter (sqm) per year (glass based layers excluded) . Indeed, this industry is entering a new phase. Some ITO alternatives have matured, receiving increasing market adoption. Indeed, IDTechEx Research finds that ITO alternative TCFs will become $400m+ market by 2027, although not all alternatives will benefit equally.
New market opportunities are emerging, changing the prospects of various technologies and increasing the demand overall in the coming years. In fact, IDTechEx Research forecasts that these new market opportunities will grow to represent nearly 45% of the total TCF market in 2027, up from <10% in 2017. The usefulness of the strategy of slashing prices to protect market share will have plateaued, bringing more stability to the market.
Transparent conductive film market forecast segmented by ITO and ITO alternatives. To see exact values or to understand granular technology split refer to the report. (dotted line): % share of new emerging applications relative to the total TCF market size. New applications represent a major growth opportunity
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