Off Grid & Energy Harvesting Report

A market of $100bn is probable in 20 years for the rapidly arriving zero emission gensets

Zero Emission Transportable Gensets 2019-2039

Mobile & relocatable microgrids using sun, AWE, wave, tidal stream

Brand new for November 2018

The unique new 166 page IDTechEx report, "Zero Emission Transportable Gensets 2019-2039" reveals a rapidly increasing orderbook for a new type of electricity generation. In lucid new infograms, dense information and over 21 graphs at the start, the report reveals how zero emission gensets will replace many things, not just diesel and gas gensets and the impact is forecasted. The analysis reveals that they will open up new markets from fish farm ice making at sea to farm robotics, mobile desalinators and electricity supplies for disaster areas. Zero emission gensets now selling will be the key for many wishing to abandon the grid for reasons of cost and service.
A comprehensive Executive Summary and Conclusions with remarkable new insights is based on new facts-based analysis from across the world garnered by PhD level multilingual analysts. Ten primary conclusions are listed, the new market needs are characterised and the full scope of the technology is summarised. Understand wave, tidal stream and airborne wind energy to wind turbines and photovoltaics in relocatable form usually with storage. Most are omitted from conferences and articles on the subject yet all are taking orders, even starting to be used together.
Chapter 2 looks at the emerging harvesting modes for zero gensets, their merits and maturity. Chapter 3 details 15 case studies of their deployment in ten countries across the world. It is followed by seven case studies of transitional diesel-with-solar. Learn zero genset markets passing $10 billion in 2029.
Chapter 4 interprets recent news and IDTechEx interviews: "Standard zero energy systems", "100% renewables announcements, multi-mode harvesting gaining favour", "Solar diesel hybrid business prospering", "Wave and other water power prospers", "Here comes triple mode mobile zero emission gensets", "Microturbines find a small place", "Fuel cells find a small place", "Mixed picture for diesel gensets" and "Here come the diesel bans" . See how zero emission, transportable gensets go where diesel supply is impractical as on the Caspian Sea, in drones aloft for years and where diesel is banned on lakes.
Aquaculture is booming but how do you power ice making for fish farms in violent seas offshore? How do you prevent the 20% of deaths suffered by getting fuel to an advancing army? Orders of up to $200 million for relocatable wave power are revealed with the user propositions.
Learn how the moveable, rapidly installed zero genset is of immediate interest in emerging nations - the biggest orders for drop in wave power are from Ghana and Indonesia. Why?
Read how rapid miniaturisation, cost reduction, de facto standards and multifunctionality are in prospect. Solar is off 50% of the time and some conventional wind turbines fail to rotate for many days but see how the newer options are doing much better. Smaller batteries and even supercapacitors suffice. Yes, as the report identifies, there are still things to be fixed. Every system is made differently by large numbers of manufacturers is really rather silly. Costs and second sources are not under control. Clear leaders making volume do not exist.
The newest solar family cars are shown to be ZE mobile gensets. They have solar film that is twice as efficient and slated to double again. As the new IDTechEx report, "Zero Emission Transportable Gensets 2019-2039" advises, mobile zero gensets empower the small man and the business have lower cost of ownership and are more versatile than diesel gensets. They are even a potential alternative to fossil-fuelled heating, cooling, cooking and propulsion. This report is essential reading for those seeking the megatrends, latest progress, prospects and a host of large business opportunities.
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