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48V Mild Hybrid Vehicles

48V Mild Hybrid Vehicles
48V Mild Hybrid Vehicles, a new form of car that will outsell hybrid and pure electric cars combined, yet it never drives the wheels electrically. As IDTechEx predicted, the 48V mild hybrid burst on the scene in 2017-8 in terms of volume sales and soon this new powertrain needing 60% less engine will be seen in the Volkswagen Golf to a Ferrari so over $100 billion of yearly sales await. The new IDTechEx report, "48V Mild Hybrid Vehicles 2018-2028" explains why, how, who and what next for this, is more than it seems to be.
Sharing some of the global research for the report, this webinar addresses:
  • How it is a quick production fix for traditional cars to stop them becoming illegal as tougher emissions laws arrive, better fuel consumption and new performance and comforts.
  • Why the focus is Europe followed by the US and China and a bit in India and the many new diesel versions are a false start.
  • Why a big impact with cars and delivery trucks but not much more.
  • How later versions will have engine-off silent electric modes and severely undercut prices of HEVs.
  • Huge opportunities for parts suppliers and OEMs, including new power inputs not just new loads.
  • When pure electric wins in the end.