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Electric two-wheelers: the EV underdog?

Electric two-wheelers: the EV underdog?
For their affordability and low running cost, ordinary bicycles tend to be the first mode of transport for the poorest populations in India, China and south-east Asia. Urbanization in these countries has been and is increasing rapidly - a trend that is correlated to a rise in individuals' wealth and purchasing power. This first leads to sales of two-wheelers with an engine (mopeds, scooters and motorcycles), and then, eventually, car sales.
As emissions regulations around the world tighten, and fresh electrification targets eye 2030, it is becoming easier to picture a world dominated by electric vehicles. And in those parts of the world where motorcycles have become the 'family car', the potential for a transition to electric two-wheelers is huge and may even be as disruptive as the transition to electric cars elsewhere.
Due to their smaller size and lower cost versus a car, two-wheeler start-ups are increasingly trying-out innovative new business models, like battery swapping and mobility-sharing, which are typically more difficult to implement for cars due to the larger scale. Are such business models sustainable?
In this IDTechEx webinar 'Electric two-wheelers: the EV underdog' an overview of the global electric two-wheeler market is presented including current trends and challenges for the industry, broken down into the categories of e-bikes, e-scooters and e-motorcycles.
The content of the webinar is taken from the brand new IDTechEx report - Electric Two-wheelers 2019 - 2029.