IDTechEx Webinar

New Supercapacitor Materials Enable Huge New Markets

New Supercapacitor Materials Enable Huge New Markets
Supercapacitors are a small market served by 100 hungry manufacturers, following loss of the largest application. This webinar explains why supercapacitors are now a growth market driven by imaginative new applications, with every prospect of faster growth being achieved by addressing gaps in the market with new active materials. Learn:
  • Capacitor-supercapacitor hybrids, pure supercapacitors and hybrid battery supercapacitor hybrids.
  • Gaps in the market leading to prioritisation of parameter improvement
  • New non-poisonous electrolytes match new hierarchical and exohedral electrodes best for EDL driven parameters
  • Why a new focus on maximising pseudocapacitance for structural and compact versions: best materials so far
  • Load-bearing, formable and flexible versions promise huge new markets for "massless energy"
  • Materials route to multi-billion dollar sales and a specialist materials business
This webinar is based on the IDTechEx report titled Supercapacitor Materials and Technology Roadmap 2019-2039.