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Smart City Opportunities

Smart City Opportunities
Smart cities were originally conceived simply as ones with lots of sensors and computing but it is now realised that much bigger prizes can be won with reinvented hardware. Imagine silent cities with independence in production of water, food and electricity and no traffic congestion or emissions. This webinar shares some findings from the unique new IDTechEx report, Smart City Opportunities: Infrastructure, Systems, Materials 2018-2028. It reveals the trend to localism as more people live in cities and challenges become delights such as free transport and freedom from climbing electricity prices and outages from national grids. It shares huge business opportunities for new systems and materials as infrastructure such as electric vehicle charging stations and transmission lines are eliminated. Learn about electricity generating roads and windows, cognizant, responsive infrastructure and robotic urban farming and yes, all those sensors often with their own processing but only as needed, otherwise we can end up with no privacy and a police state.



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Thursday 20 September 2018

35 minutes