RFID Europe 2009
RFID Europe 2009
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Avery Dennison
Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS), a global leader in apparel and footwear industry solutions, is a $1.6 billion division of Avery Dennison (NYSE: AVY). Avery Dennison RBIS provides intelligent creative and sustainable solutions that elevate brands and accelerate performance throughout the global retail supply chain. We elevate brands through graphic tickets, tags and labels, embellishments and packaging solutions that enhance consumer appeal. We accelerate performance through RFID enabled inventory and loss prevention solutions, price management, global compliance, and brand security solutions. Based in Westborough, Massachusetts, Avery Dennison RBIS responsibly serves the global marketplace with operations in 115 locations, 50 countries, across 6 continents. For more information, visit www.rbis.averydennison.com External Link
CST of America Inc
CST develops and markets software for the simulation of electromagnetic fields. Its products allow you to characterize, design and optimize electromagnetic devices all before going into the lab or measurement chamber. CST's customers operate in industries as diverse as Defense, Telecommunications, Automotive, Electronics, and Medical Equipment.
GS1 UK has driven innovation in the supply chain for over thirty years. It is part of the global GS1 organisation, dedicated to the development and implementation of global data standards and solutions for the supply chain. The GS1 System is the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world. GS1 UK helps industry to implement these data standards through the use of bar codes, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Global Data Synchronisation (GDS) and electronic business messaging.
Mojix is a leading software provider of ITEM LEVEL intelligence solutions to the retail and industrial markets. Our primary focus is the digitization and automation of supply chains in real time using technology designed to solve the big data problems created by collecting large-scale amounts of data from various wireless and wired sources. Mojix item chain management solutions provide big data scalability and feature highly configurable application frameworks and elegant user interfaces with advanced analytics, enabling end-to-end operational intelligence and data visibility across multiple industries. For more information, visit https://mojix.com/retail-solutions-suite/
Traak Systems Ltd.
Traak Systems is focussed on delivering high performance complex event processing based solutions for the growing RFID and sensor network markets. By employing highly optimised techniques to process the raw data, we can avoid the potential data overload that can occur when deploying these powerful technologies. Our solutions can help to visualise complex environments such as airports, hospitals and manufacturing plants. With our roots in the University of Edinburgh's top rated School of Informatics, we have access to some of the leading researchers in the UK. We won a prestigious SMART:Scotland Award from the Scottish Government last year in recognition of our core technology and subsequently received investment funding from Braveheart Investment Group. We are a partner of leading companies such as Motorola, Microsoft, Oracle and Ekahau
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Bronze Sponsors
CAEN RFID is an Italian company, leading supplier of UHF RFID readers and tags. The company was born as a spin-off of CAEN, a world-leading company with 30 years of experience in electronics for nuclear and particle physics. A totally internal expertise and know-how on Radio Frequency electronics and related Software has allowed CAEN RFID to become rapidly a leader in Europe.
As an active participant of ETSI and EPCGlobal working groups since 2004, CAEN RFID is committed to provide customers with state-of-the-art readers and tags that meet ISO/EPC standards and ETSI requirements and outperform its competitors.
CardPOS Europe
Cardpos Europe Ltd, the premier European supplier of RFID hardware will be demonstrating our innovative RFID payment watch product for transportation debit and credit cards, together with the extensive range of readers , cards and smart labels for all technologies.
We now also print cards and labels to clients specifications, at extremely competitive prices.
Please call by our stand to discuss your latest requirements with our friendly and helpful staff.
Electronics KTN
Our goal is to support the electronic design community across the UK and to facilitate business partnerships, both within the UK and overseas.
We provide a wealth of knowledge and events across a wide range of technology themes on best practice, standards, new techniques or technologies, including innovation, to maintain company growth.
We can signpost you to funding, help you find the routes to market, collaborative partners, technologies or research to keep you ahead of the competition.
If you are involved at the technology, component, circuit, software, system or product level within the electronics sector, our free-to-join network of companies can help you develop your capabilities and welcomes new members.
HARTING is a 100% family owned company, with an experience of more than 70 years in creating electrical and electronical devices for Transportation, Automation Machinery and the Energy Market. RAIN RFID systems from HARTING identify metal containers, machines, tools, trains, concrete parts, or other assets in most challenging and harsh industrial environments. Starting from extremely robust RAIN RFID transponders, over powerful stationary RAIN RFID readers and flexible antennas, complete systems are provided.
The HARTING Group currently employs around 4,200 people across its 43 sales companies and 13 production locations.
IDTechEx provides independent market research, business intelligence and events on emerging technologies to companies across the value chain. Our clients use our insights to help make strategic business decisions and grow their organizations.
IDTechEx business and technology experts provide international perspective in a diverse range of emerging technologies including 3D printing, electric vehicles, energy harvesting, energy storage, life sciences, printed electronics, IoT and many other topics.
IDTechEx is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with additional offices in USA, Germany and Japan and associates in South Korea.
JAVA Information Technology
Java Information Technology was established in 1996 and continuously grown to develop the technology and construct actual project experience through ¡¯97 and ¡¯98 to enhance the technology related to ubiquitous to a higher level.
Moreover, Java Information Technology also organized solutions from ubiquitous and applied into packages to adapt for the developed business.
Java Information Technology is one of the leading companies of SI (System Integration), which based on selected human resources and strong excellent technology with trust. We also provide development of various solutions based on technology of ubiquitous for the geographic information system, which is becoming the core of information industry.
Mobile Mark (Europe)
Mobile Mark is a leading manufacturer of antennas offering innovative designs and reliable performance. We will exhibit our varied range of products, including wideband covert and miniature surface mount antennas which are suitable for metering applications. Our manufacturing capabilities and production controls ensure antennas are delivered on-time and to specs. Mobile Mark customers include small, specialized manufacturers and major players in the wireless industry.
Products and Services:
Data Collection
M2M Communication
Metering Components
Metering Devices
Smart Grid Solutions
SecuriCode Ltd
SecuriCode is a U.K.-based developer and manufacturer of active RFID modules ranging from standalone products to complete networked solutions including applications used to audit, track, locate, authenticate and search for individuals and products.
A range of Tags, Nodes (unique intelligent readers) and applications accommodates multiple industry verticals resulting in global deployments in healthcare, logistics, retailing, security, leisure and education.
Tags, Nodes and demonstrator applications are available together as quick-start CodeKits. Installation and operations manuals are supplied with all products and SecuriCode provides installation and support services either directly or via channels.
All SecuriCode active solutions are guaranteed at up to 10 meters (15 to 20 meters can be achieved in most environments), a resolution suitable for the accurate location of people and products, and operate in the 2.4 GHz band at low power making them suitable for any country without license and without fear of interference from or to other wireless systems.
Nodes and Tags are small and lightweight, designed to be easily installed, and orientation-independent, Tags need not be in alignment to be detected by the Nodes. Fourteen types of power-controllable Nodes are available, with common software utilities and in multiple connectivity options (Ethernet and PoE, Wi-Fi, USB, Compact Flash, serial, RS232 and Wiegand) and some include application-driven relays for access control.
Eleven types of Tags are long-life and material-independent (type-dependent) and include movement detection, battery monitoring, encryption, authentication (with nodes), anti-collision and automatic-expiry. Tags do not beacon of their own accord and some incorporate monitored inputs (for sensors), alerts and anti-tamper alarms.
Applications include real-time mapping and audit, access control, time and attendance, RFID servers and integration platforms.
Sun Chemical
Sun Chemical, the world's largest producer of printing inks and pigments, is a leading provider of materials to packaging, publication, coatings, plastics, cosmetics, and other industrial markets. Leveraging 50 years of experience as a supplier to the printed circuits industry, Sun Chemical has recently commercialized a range of new products for membrane switch, RFID and photovoltaics markets.
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