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RFID & smart packaging in Healthcare
Smart Healthcare 2003 review
RFID & smart packaging basics

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Smart Healthcare USA 2004
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RFID Smart Tagging and Smart Packaging

The second international IDTechEx conference including smart packaging and smart tags on people, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and assets.

Learn how these technologies are being used to tackle:    

  • Thirty per cent of pharmaceuticals in the developing world and 6-10% in the developed world are counterfeit (WHO)
  • Up to 25% of a physician’s time is spent filling in forms, computer entry and data searching (Industrial Surveys)
  • Non-compliance with medication in the US causes 125,000 deaths yearly, 11% of hospital admissions and 23% of nursing home admissions (USNPC)
  • Preventable medical errors in the US cause between 44,000 and 98,000 deaths yearly (USNPC)

The Smart Healthcare conference looks at the bigger picture in terms of massive problems within the healthcare sector, and how RFID and other technologies can provide solutions to tackle some of these issues.

Listen to professionals from hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical device companies speak about the many case histories of success that have already been proven.  Learn from the experts how to:

  • Reduce counterfeit drugs
  • Improve traceability 
  • Provide brand protection
  • Track and store information
  • Provide real-time location applications
  • Reduce medical errors
  • Gain efficiencies and save money
  • Reveal bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and poisons with disposable labels

By embedding intelligence, which can be read and updated into virtually any device, product, or packaging, a wide range of activities from laboratory sample handling to medical device tracking and patient care can be revolutionized. Electronic tags can also speak warnings or information, even record spoken messages  

Terms such as “Instant Audit”, “The Internet of Things”, “Toxin Alert” and “Total Asset Visibility” capture some of the excitement of the subject. Electronic tags in double blind testing, electronic monitoring of patient compliance using smart blister packs and radio tags on millions of test tubes, point to a far safer and more effective healthcare service to come.


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  • Access to online pre-conference introduction system
  • Five full healthcare case studies

Speakers include:

Doctors Hospital of Dallas

The Naval Hospital,  Pensacola

Air Liquide

Savi Technology

PA Consulting

Rochester University

Colder Products

Information Mediary



Benefits of attendingBenefits of attending

  • NEW! Pre-conference Online Briefing Pack includes personalized access to journals, glossary, presentations,
    articles and an online introduction system to help you network more effectively at the conference
  • Participate in a day dedicated to users of the technology, followed by a day covering new innovations and technology developments
  • Attendance to networking and exhibition sessions included in the price
    • Drinks reception
    • Large open-plan exhibition
  • Conference proceedings with details of all presentations and actual tag samples
  • Consultancy helpline
  • Six months subscription to the IDTechEx web journal Smart Labels Analyst worth $376
  • Network with other users, suppliers, VC's, consultants, press, system integrators...
  • A 20% discount on the in-depth report Smart Tagging and Smart Packaging in Healthcare when purchased while registering for the conference or at the event

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