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Conference Overview


9 November

Masterclasses: Emerald Room, 2/F, Rihga Royal Hotel
08:30 Registration
09:00 - 12:30
RFID Masterclass
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch (ticket provided for all masterclass attendees)

13:30 - 17:00 Smart Packaging Masterclass

10 November

Main Conference - Application Day: Royal Hall. 3/F, Rihga Royal Hotel
08:00 - 18:00 Registration
08:00 - 18:00 Exhibition
08:40 - 12:45 Main Conference
12:45 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 17:30 Main Conference
17:30 "Meet the Experts" drinks receptions with live jazz

11 November

Main Conference - Technology Day: Royal Hall. 3/F, Rihga Royal Hotel
08:00 - 18:00 Registration
08:00 - 18:00 Exhibition
08:45 - 12:45 Main Conference
12:50 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 17:30 Main Conference
17:30 "Meet the Experts" drinks receptions with live jazz

12 November

Local RFID Tours

(limited places)


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Wednesday 10th November 2004

08:00 Registration. refreshments and exhibition


08:40 Welcome and introduction to Smart Labels Asia 2004

Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx , UK


RFID in Retail and the Supply Chain

08:45 RFID in Packaging: Meeting the needs of suppliers and retailers

Felix Ho, Vice President, YFY Paper Manufacturing Company, Taiwan

  • How RFID will impact the future of the packaging industry
  • Personal experiences in developing and implementing RFID systems
  • How we see RFID markets and technology develop in Greater China


09:15 Implementing RFID in retail supply chains: Lessons from retailer mandates

Mike Singer, Director of Global Business Development, Tyco Fire & Security, USA

  • Why retailers in the West are embracing RFID
  • Implications for suppliers around the world
  • Retail supplier case studies of RFID implementations
  • Roll-out achievements and challenges


09:45 Implementation of RFID systems for the food supply chain

Takumi Ochiai, Manager, Dai Nippon Printing , Japan

  • Implementation of several pilot tests in food SCM
  • An overview of the remaining issues in the pilots
  • Our ideas for wider adoption

10:15 End-to-end RFID tracking in the HP supply chain

Shinichiro Miyake, Enterprise Segment Marketing & RFID Program Leader, Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd, Japan

10:45 Refreshments and exhibition


RFID in Aviation and Shipping

11:15 A complete guide to air baggage tagging

Louis Kirk, Managing Director, Sextant Technologies, USA

  • The compelling case for RFID tagging of air baggage
  • A history of air baggage tagging - trials, standards and key players
  • Lessons learnt from trial successes and failures around the world
  • What the future holds


11:45 Air cargo and warehouse management with RFID

Erik Wood, VP, Asia Pacific, Matrics , USA

  • The early adoption of RFID in air cargo
  • Asian cargo and warehouse implementations of RFID
  • Technical and financial challenges to adoption
  • Benefits throughout the supply chain


12:15 Smart and Secure Tradelanes

Goh Eng Koon, SVP, Savi Technology Asia , Singapore

  • Overview of Smart and Secure Tradelanes
  • How RFID and ePC can be used to provide nested visibility across an entire supply chain
  • Case studies of successful implementations of RFID under Smart and Secure Tradelanes initiative.


12:45 Lunch and exhibition  


Innovative Applications of RFID

14:00 The e-Sheep revolution, productivity and product tracing

Professor James Rowe, CEO, Australian Sheep Industries Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), Australia

  • Why RFID is so important for the sheep industry
  • Gains through better data utilisation
  • Enabling automation
  • The value chains (meat & wool) and consumer benefits


14:30 "Cradle to grave" material tracking - Innovative RFID applications in the construction industry

Ian Shelley, Consultant, MTR Corporation, Hong Kong

  • Existing problems in material management in the construction industry
  • How RFID-based systems could solve the problems
  • Challenges to implementation and actual outcome for MTR
  • Implications for asset tagging - experiences and lessons


15:00 Asset Management RFID Solution

Masashi Kagawa, Senior Manager, NTT Communications , Japan


15:30 Refreshments and exhibition


How to Tag...

16:00 How to tag... Cases and Pallets

Rich Fletcher, Visiting Scientist, MIT, and Head of Packaging and RFID Special Interest Group, MIT, USA

  • Key drivers for case and pallet tagging
  • Tag and reader positioning strategies
  • How to approach 100% read rates
  • Examples of case and pallet tagging


16:30 How to tag... Items

Bill Allen, RFID Marketing Manager, Texas Instruments, USA

  • How is Item level tagging different from case and pallet
  • How to calculate ROI on an item level project
  • Guidelines for a successful implementation
  • Lessons learnt from item level tagging in the Pharmaceutical industry


17:00 How to tag... Assets

Hideo Aono, RFID Leader, APTO Integrated Solution Sales, Asia Pacific Technical Operations (APTO), IBM Japan Ltd, Japan

  • Definition and benefits of asset tracking
  • Key concerns and challenges
  • Practical approaches and hints in implementation
  • Successful stories of asset tagging and critical success factors


17:30 "Meet the Experts" drinks reception with live jazz







Thursday 11th November 2004

08:00 Registration. refreshments and exhibition

08:45 Welcome address

Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx , UK

08:50 Keynote: Malaysia RFID Vision Towards Year 2020

Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia : 1981 - 2003

Malaysia Microchip Committee Advisor, Malaysia

  • The Importance of RFID in Asian Countries
  • Malaysia RFID Strategy - MM Project
  • Ubiquitous Society Vision of Malaysia


09:20 An introduction to the Ubiquitous ID (uID) Center

Prof Noboru Koshizuka, Tokyo University, Ubiquitous ID Center, Japan

  • Background, aims and vision of the uID Center
  • Co-operation throughout Asia
  • Sample case studies - food traceability and the Universal Communicator (UC) reader
  • Predictions for the next five years


09:50 The role of EPCglobal and Auto-ID Lab in Japan
Hiroshi Sakai, CEO and Senior Executive Director, DCC Japan, Japan
Prof Jiro Kokuryo, Keio University, Vice Director, Auto-ID Lab Japan,

10:30 How can RFID solutions meet the customer's expectation

Dr Ryo Imura, President and CEO, Mu-Solutions Division, Hitachi , Japan

  • Micro RFID µ-chip with Network-based secure ID management enables innovative
  • Manufacturing, Distribution, Tracking and Recycling


11:00 Refreshments and exhibition


TRACK 1 : WORLD OF RFID (English Only)

11:30 INDIA

India Round-up

Bimal Sareen, Founding Chairman, RFID Association of India, India

11:50 CHINA

China Round-up

Prof Shiyi Chen, Chief Scientist, China EPC Working Group, China



EPC/RFID - Linking the Virtual Supply Chains (A Hong Kong Perspective)

Anna Lin, Chief Executive, EPCglobal Hong Kong / HK Article Numbering Association, Hong Kong

12:30 KOREA

Korea Round-Up

Sang Chul Shin, Vice President, National Computerisation Agency, Korea


12:50 Lunch and exhibition



Singapore Round-up

Poon Hong Yuen, Deputy Director, Infocomm Development Authority, Singapore


14:20 TAIWAN

RFID Technologies Development & Applications in Taiwan

Dr Elmer Hsu, General Director, Centre for Aerospace and Systems Technology, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan

14:40 EUROPE

Europe Round-up

Philip Gwinnell, Chairman, Eurotag , UK

15:00 USA

USA Round-up

Tom Scharfeld, Massachusettes Institute of Technology , USA


Lessons learnt from 1000 global RFID cases studies

Raghu Das , Managing Director, IDTechEx , UK


15:45 Refreshments and exhibition


Agile RFID solution


11:30 Printing Smart Labels - Current and Future Trends

Steven L. Ludmerer, President, Parelec Inc., USA

  • Printed vs. Etched RFID Antenna
  • Ink Alternatives
  • Sheet vs. Continuous Reel-to-Reel Processing
  • Implications for High Volume Applications


11:55 MM Chip - Today and Tomorrow

Shiro Sugimura, Senior Managing Director, FEC Inc, Japan

  • The advantages of on-chip-antenna & multiband (13.56MHz, UHF, 2.45GHz)
  • The vision of next generation MM Chip


12:20 Technology and applications of RFID at Toppan Printing

Koichiro Sasai, IC Business Division, R&D Department, Toppan Printing , Japan

  • T-Junction introduction and development updates
  • An overview of other Toppan RFID activities
  • Case study: RFID ticketing at the world's biggest Expo - Aichi 2005


12:45 Lunch and exhibition


14:00 Practical experiences in implementing RFID solutions

Shunzo Tateishi, Assistant Manager, RFID business development department, Omron Corporation, Japan

  • Choosing the right technology for the right application
  • RFID application examples in supply chain, postal services and library systems


14:25 Scaling up RFID manufacturing into ultra high volume

Thomas Betz, Business Development Director, Muehlbauer , Germany

  • Addressing the need for high quality production
  • An analysis of inlet assembly processes: direct flip chip & strap attach for HF & UHF application


RFID plus: combining technologies

14:50 RFID plus Near Field Communication (NFC): Going beyond the internet of things

Trevor Crotch-Harvey, Sales Director, Innovision R&T , UK

  • World's smallest and lowest cost standards compatible reader
  • Challenges in design and implementation
  • Case study - handheld devices
  • New applications in healthcare, retail, consumer and transport sectors


15:15 RFID plus 2D barcodes: How QR Code could spread in various applications

Nobuyuki Teraura, Senior Manager and Takai Hiromitsu, Chief Planner, Automatic Data Capture Division, Denso Wave , Japan

  • Introduction to QR Codes
  • Hybrid application with a mobile phone
  • Hybrid application with RFID
  • A combined approach for item level tagging

15:45 Refreshments and exhibition




16:15 JAPAN: The Japanese strategy in RFID promoting

Tsuyoshi Yamazaki, Assistant-Director, Information Technology & Economy Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan

  • Pilot projects that are happening in various industries in Japan
  • The government vision for RFID in Japan and Asia

16:45 World of RFID panel discussion: Q&A

A chance to put your questions to the 'World of RFID' experts


17:30 Final words and conference close