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RFID and Beyond


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What are the technical and business issues Users are experiencing?
How do I make money from RFID now?
How can I add value to RFID and who needs it?
How do I get involved in making RFID Smart Labels?
What are the full range of technologies available and their suitable markets and what is coming next?
How do I judge investing in such a fast moving market?
What should I do that’s unique?

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Find answers to your questions from leaders leaders in the industry, learn of opportunities from new markets, current and emerging technologies and understand the global picture from global companies.

We forecast that the total RFID market will grow from $2.71Bn in 2006 with deliveries of 1.3 billion tags to $26.23Bn in 2016. The respective markets and technologies will be very different. Make sure you know why, what is coming and what you should be doing now.


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All delegates receive free access to our independent journal, keeping you updated with the topic for months to come, RFID samples, the "RFID in Action" report written by us and GS1 UK, and free access to our RFID Case Studies knowledgebase, with over 1,800 RFID case studies.

Day One: Tuesday March 28
Time Track One Track Two
Major Users and New Opportunities
General Electric
LG innotek
US Department of Defense DOD
Symbol Technologies (US-VISIT)
Exhibition and networking break
RFID in Retail, Consumer Goods and Packaging
Procter & Gamble/Gillette
Tyson Foods
 United Arab Emirates RFID supermarket
 Procter & Gamble/Gillette (Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy)
Lunch, exhibition and networking
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
 Hutchison Port Holdings
Aventura Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital

TNT Logistics & WhereNet

Panel discussion
RFSAW, IBM and Capgemini
Exhibition and networking break
British Airways

Crown Holdings

University of Arkansas
Arjo Wiggins
Panel discussion (with Smurfit-Stone)
17:30 DHL China RFID Standard Workgroup
Symbol Technologies
Sparkice Inc
Exhibition and networking
Meet the Experts Gala Dinner at the "Top of The Hub" (optional)

Major Users and New Opportunities

IDTechEx, UK
Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman
"RFID 2006-2016"

  • IDTechEx will begin by giving you the independent overview of the RFID industry, including what has been done so far and ten year forecasts (2006-2016)

08:35 General Electric, USA Lynn DeRose, GE Research
“RFID Systems Testing and Implementation at GE”

  • GE's approach to testing RFID systems in manufacturing, assembly, production and warehouse facilities

  • Pilot testing results and lessons learned

  • RFID needs for implementation and acceptance within a large, globally diverse company

09:00 LG Innotek, Korea Dr Young-Bin Cho, Senior Research Engineer
"New Consumer Services with RFID"

  • RFID and cellphones: the new markets we are creating
  • Why it is happening in Asia first

09:25 The US Department of Defense Logistics Agency, USA Nicholas Tsougas, Senior Logistics Analyst (Emerging Technologies)
“The US Department of Defense and RFID: Progress so far and what’s next”

  • Why RFID for DOD?

  • Defense Logistics Agency passive RFID implementation

  • Data Architecture and RFID Security issues

09:50 US-VISIT, USA  
"Securing borders with RFID: The World's largest security program"

  • The Department of Homeland Security have established US-VISIT: a $10Bn program to secure the US borders. It is the largest non military and non aerospace project funded by the Government and RFID is playing a big role.

10:15 Exhibition and networking break

RFID in Retail, CPG and Packaging/Labeling Companies

Despite technical challenges, retailers are globally adopting RFID but where is the return on investment (ROI)? What are the benefits of pallet, case and item level tagging to retailers and why do they want to be first and how? Hear from some of the world's premier companies.

10:45 Procter & Gamble, USA Jamshed Dubash, Director of Technology EPC
"Procter & Gamble/Gillette and RFID: Our RFID Packaging challenges and our progress so far"

  • Our experience of combining RFID with our consumer packaged goods
  • What we have learnt

11:10 Tyson Foods, USA Herb Markwardt, Project Leader, RFID
"RFID - Powered by Tyson"

  • Identify unique areas in perishable foods

  • Unique challenges to payback

11:35 Emirates Technical Innovation Centre, United Arab Emirates A Kianin, Director
"The World's first supermarket deploying full item level RFID tagging"

  • World first at the United Arab Emirates
  • Why we are doing this and our roadmap - our unique approach
  • Order of over 1 million tags far

12:00 Rexam, UK Felix Helander, Director, Business Intelligence
"Packaging Innovation and RFID "

  • The needs for packaging innovation
  • The size of the packaging market and current consumer trends
  • The role of RFID to increase sales and provide brand enhancement

Rexam will give all delegates a free copy of their annual "Packaging Innovations" report, with detailed forecasts and trends of the consumer packaging market.

12:20 Procter & Gamble Gillette, USA Paul Fox, Global External Relations, & Chairman, Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy
"Counterfeiting: The scale of the problem and how RFID can help"

12:45 Lunch, exhibition and networking

16:10 Crown Holdings, UK Michael Cochran, Materials Development, Crown Technology
"Resolving the Technical Challenges for Rigid Packaging "

  • Introduction to Crown Holdings

  • The Future of RFID and Consumer Packaging

  • RFID at single item

University of Arkansas, USA
Dr Bill Hardgrave, Executive Director, Information Technology Research
"Does RFID Reduce Out of Stocks?"

  • An analysis of how RFID can be used to reduce out of stocks

  • The findings from a research project designed to answer the question: "does RFID reduce out of stocks?"

  • A brief examination of other value-producing uses of RFID in the supply chain


17:00 Panel Discussion
Submit your questions to the panel now: email Raghu Das r.das@idtechex.com

Panelists include above speakers and:
Smurfit Stone, USA  Joe LeBlanc, R&D

15:40 Exhibition and networking break

RFID in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Healthcare

30 billion RFID tags will be needed each year to track drugs. Increasingly through legislation (e.g. from the FDA) and the need to reduce counterfeits and gray markets, pharmaceutical companies are piloting and committing to using RFID. Massive opportunities also exist for RFID in healthcare. Hear the challenges and potential for RFID in this market.

14:00 Tagsys, France  Alistair McArthur, CTO
"Item level RFID at Pfizer - Combating Counterfeits and Black Marketing with RFID"

14:25 Aventura Hospital, USA Dr In K Mun, Director, Hospital Research, HRI, MIT Director, Bio-Medical Research, Aventura Hospital & Medical Center Adjunct Associate Professor, Neurosurgery, UMDNJ
"Pharmaceutical Pedigree Law"

The Florida pedigree law will be effective from July 1, 2006. At this time, there are still many issues to be resolved before a complete rules and regulations can be written. This presentation will discuss some of the difficulties facing in writing a pedigree law which can improve patient safety.

14:50 Massachusetts General Hospital, USA Sunny Dzik, Co-Director, Blood Transfusion Service
"RFID Smart Labels and Patient Safety: improving the safety of blood transfusion"

  • The problem of mis-transfusion (wrong blood transfusion)
  • How we are using RFID to improve patient safety and make their stay more comfortable
  • Other RFID opportunities at one of the US's largest hospitals

15:15 Panel Discussion
Submit your questions to the panel now: email Raghu Das r.das@idtechex.com

15:40 Exhibition and networking break


Whether contactless cards for ticketing or tagging airline baggage, RFID is increasingly being deployed in open, global transportation systems. Learn from early adopters about what they have done, the results they have had and what they need.

16:10 British Airways, UK Karl Brooks, Innovations Consultant
"RFID at British Airways and IATA's RFID progress"

  • IATA's RFID Baggage Tracking Recommended Practice (RP1740c) and UHF
  • British Airways' previous RFID tracking trials (Passengers, Baggage and Cargo ULDs)
  • Future uses of RFID at British Airways

16:35 TracStar Solutions, USA, John Shoemaker, CEO
"Delivering Solutions for Transportation"

  • Success to date in the aviation market
  • How to justify RFID implementation
  • Creating new business models for mutual success

17:00 Arjo Wiggins, France Pascal Marlin, R&D Manager
"E-Passports: Legislation, standards and the massive potential"

  • Nations seek more protection with secure documents
  • Using RFID to fight against gray markets and counterfeiting
  • The opportunity for RFID in passports and Visas - what's happening in 2006 and beyond


RFID in China

17:30 China National RFID Standards Workgroup, China Dr Wenfeng Wang, Secretary China National RFID Standards Workgroup; Information Technology Research Centre, China Electronic Standardization Institute
"RFID Standards in China"

  • RFID Standards needs of Chinese Industry

  • Chinese RFID Standards Agenda

17:55 Sparkice Inc, China, Victor M Claudio, Chief Marketing Officer, Global Alliance
"2006: China’s RFID Take-Off Year"


RFID for contactless payments is of increasing interest to banks and stores for low cost impulse buys. In addition, cellular phone companies are now combining the technology with their phones for payments and communications, enabling new markets. This has also caught the interest of appliance companies.

14:00 Savi Networks, USA Lance Ludman, Director of Government Affairs
"Deploying RFID for Real Time Location Visibility Across the Globe"

  • Our global port network: why we needed real time visibility
  • The integration and system challenges
  • Or success and global adoption

14:25 Electrolux, Italy Mr Claudio Cenedese, Manager Electronic Primary
"Electrolux and RFID"

  • Application of RFID in Electrolux factories
  • RFID compliant appliance: how appliances could change when smart labels
    will boom on the market

14:50 TNT Logistics, USA Terry McIntyre, Manager, Solution Design Technology Services and WhereNet, USA Gary Latham, Director of Industry Marketing
"RFID Drives Big Benefits For TNT Logistics and Ford Motor Co."

  • Best practices for leveraging RFID in closed loop systems
  • How to use RFID to increase velocity and throughput in very dynamic manufacturing and logistics environments
  • How active RFID can automate manual-intensive business processes to improve operational efficiency

15:15 RFSAW, USA Clinton Hartman, CEO

  • Cooperation with IBM and Capgemini


Postal & Courier

Post is the second biggest potential application of item level RFID after retail. It could rise to one billion items yearly. Learn the big orders being placed and work being done around the world. RFID is already being used to automate processes and provide better visibility through manufacturing and logistics processes. Hear exclusively on the results from new global projects and trials.

17:30 DHL, USA (Owned by Deutsche Post, Germany) Bob Berg, Senior Business Systems Manager, RFID Manager, America
"RFID at DHL: Our extensive work so far and next steps"

  • Assesment of RFID frequencies for the performance we need
  • Why we choose long range HF
  • Our tender for 1 billion RFID tags

17:55 Symbol Technologies, USA Larry Blue, VP and General Manager, RFID
"Symbol Delivers Real World RFID"


Day Two: Wednesday March 29

Track One:

RFID Technology & Systems

Track Two:

How to Manufacture Smart Labels

Chip RFID Developments
RFID Labels and Converting
ODIN Technologies
Avery Dennison
EM Microelectronic
Toppan Printing
UPM Raflatac
Exhibition and networking break
Chipless RFID
Materials and processes
Options for Item Level RFID
Lunch, exhibition and networking
Longer range passive tags
DAG System
Emerson & Cuming
Fractal Antennas
Dow Corning
Active RFID
Smart Labels and Sensors
Cryovac/Sealed Air
Smart Holograms
Polymer Aging Concepts
Dallas Maxim Semiconductor
Exhibition and networking break
RFID Integration Experience

Track One: RFID Technologies and Systems

08:40 IDTechEx, UK Raghu Das, CEO
“RFID Technologies Summarised"

  • A comparison of the frequencies, technologies and emerging technologies



09:00 ODIN Technologies, USA Patrick J. Sweeney II, President/CEO
“How to achieve hassle free RFID project success:  a firsthand perspective”

  • From planning for a deployment through design, installation, testing and support, Mr. Sweeney will share the best practices and pitfalls that can make or break your RFID Project

09:25 EM Microelectronic, France Mr Thierry Roz, Business Unit Manager
"The chip, heart of an RFID Tag: what determines its cost?"

  • The RFID world rests on the assumption that economy of scale will bring the silicon price sufficiently down so every single product may have an RFID tag in the end. Where are the limits of economy of scale?
  • Wafer cost, function set, feature size and assembly process impact on the chip price. How do these aspects influence final label cost and which are the alternatives you should consider?
  • Everyone cries for standards (ePC, ISO18000, NFC, etc). Standards and associated IP often come with a non-negligible cost. Furthermore, standards are in constant evolution leading to new standards. What are the costs of standards and what are the alternatives?

09:50 Fujitsu, Japan Midori Taniyama, RFID Systems Department, Ubiquitous Systems Group
“RFID Developments in Japan”

  • RFID case studies
  • Fujitsu and RFID: total integrated RFID solutions
  • New memory technology for high speed, long range read and write

10:15 Intermec, USA John Bartos, Director of RFID Tag Strategy
"The Six Basic Questions of RFID Tag Selection"

10:40 Exhibition and networking break


Chipless RFID

11:10 Inksure, Israel Don Taylor, VP Global Marketing

“Next generation of  RF Tag based Track&Trace technologies - InkSure's approach”

  • Unveiling of a new chipless technology

11:30 Motorola, USA Ms Jie Zhang, Principal Staff Engineer
"Printed Electronics: Low Cost Smart Label Opportunities"

  • Information communication technology over view

  • Printing beyond graphic arts: printed electronics technology (PET)

  • Functional inks for PET

  • Smart label: a product opportunity for PET

11:50 PolyIC, Germany Wolfgang Clemens, Head of Applications
“Fully Printed RFID for high volume application”

  • Status of organic electronics for RFID
  • Low cost production by printing
  • Roadmap for printed RFID
  • Smart objects based on printed electronics


Options for Item Level RFID

12:10 Tagsense, USA Dr. Richard Fletcher, CEO
"Technology Prospects for Item-Level Tagging"

  • Survey of emerging technologies and products for item-level tagging
  • Plummeting costs of UHF RFID readers and emergence of polymer ICs
    now bring item-level within reach of practical deployments
  • Cost and performance trade-offs of chipless, chip, and ink

12:30 Lunch, exhibition and networking

Longer Range Passive RFID

13:40 DAG System, France Serge Minnia-Vincent, President
“Many meters range from HF tags”

  • Long range HF RFID solutions
  • Unconstrained RFID 

14:00 Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. USA Dr Nathan Cohen, Founder and CTO
"Longer Range, Higher Performance Passive Tags using New Antenna Options"

  • Where will antenna design take us?
  • Read range on tags have reached a temporary plateau, which will be dramatically exceeded
  • Wideband tags will become the name of the game for multiple chip choices and labeling platforms
  • Label tags on metal are approaching reality
  • Optimization tools and exotic antenna options


Active RFID

14:20 Sealed Air Corporation, USA Bill Roberts, Research Fellow, Packaging Research
"RFID Temperature Monitoring: Fitting the Pieces Together"

14:40 AeroScout, USA Gabi Daniely, VP of Marketing

"Active RFID Using Standard Wi-Fi: The Network Convergence"


15:10 Maxim Dallas Semiconductor, USA Dr Guru B Raj, Manager, RFID
"Integrating RFID technology to track environmental sensors"

  • IC based temp sensor technology description

  • Market & Technology enablers for RFID based time & temperature datalogger

  • Performance limitations in extending EPC Gen2 to Semi-passive tags

  • Possible solutions to improve performance by simple extensions to existing protocols


15:30 Exhibition and networking break

Track Two: How to Manufacture Smart Labels


08:40 IDTechEx, USA Dan Lawrence, VP Business Development
“How to Make RFID Smart Labels: the big picture"


RFID Labels and Converting

09:00 Avery Dennison, USA George Reynolds, VP Sales and Marketing
“The Promise of RFID Converting”

09:25 Toppan Printing, Japan Mr. Hadi Ogawa RFID IC Business Division Supervisor
"How we scaled up and delivered 25 million RFID tickets in 2005 for one order"

  • The project and goals: a step by step analysis of what was done
  • Dealing with high yields in high volume production

09:50 UPM Raflatac, Finland Jan Svoboda, Business Development Director USA
“Manufacturing RFID: The value chain and needs for improvement”

  • Improving yields versus price
  • Dealing with electrostatic charges
  • Turning up the production speed - what happens to the tag performance?

10:15 Omron, Japan Bill Arnold, Chief Strategist
"Complete inline assembly of RFID Smart Labels"


10:40 Exhibition and networking break



Materials and Manufacturing Processes


11:10 Mühlbauer, Inc, Germany, Gerald Steinwasser, General Manager
"Different Options for High Volume Smart Label Production"

  • A comparison of smart label manufacturing options


11:30 Bielomatik Jagenberg Inc, Germany Max Golter, Vice President Sales
"RFID Smart Labels from Reel to Real"

  • Cost effective, high volume, and reliable manufacturing of smart labels

  • Comparing current and future smart label designs, what's right?

  • Avoiding equipment obsolescence when preparing for current and future smart product designs

11:50 Delo, Germany Stefan Mieslingers, Project Manager Smart Label
"Low Temperature Snap Cure Adhesives for Flip-Chip Bonding: Process Improvement at Maximum Velocity"

  • basics about flip-chip contacting
  • highlighting properties of DELO´s NCP/ACP products
  • processing and curing information
  • reliability results

12:10 Parelec, USA Geva Barash, CEO
"Low Cost RFID – a reality today!"

  • How can we achieve low cost RFID today

  • Ways to grow your business with printed RFID

13:40 Emerson & Cuming, USA Jay Shah, Product Development
"Development of Isotropic conductive adhesive for metallic substrates used  in RFID tag assembly"

14:00 Dow Corning, USA Michael Pinto, Strategic Planning & Business Development, RFID
"Processing RFID Antennas; Ink to Chip"

  • Exploring Printing Methods for conductive ink

  • Chip/Strap Attach Solutions

  • Evaluation & Comparison of various RFID assembly methods


Smart Labels and Sensors

14:20 Smart Holograms, UK Satyamoorthy Kabilan, Principal Scientist
"Using “Smart” Holograms as Diagnostic Sensors"

  • “Smart” holograms are low-cost, robust, format flexible sensors that can be tailored to detect a wide range of stimuli.

  • These sensors provide a rapid, highly visible readout upon stimulation.

  • Examples of various sensors will be provided including moisture, bacterial and pH detectors.

  • These sensors can be easily integrated into a variety of formats including packaging materials

14:40 Polymer Aging Concepts Inc, USA Kenneth Watkins, CEO
"Degradation Sensors: Making Smart Labels Smarter"

  • Report on cable condition monitoring (CCM) research conducted for Department of Energy

  • New degradation sensor detects chemical degradation of polymers

  •  Integration of degradation sensor in passive RFID cable tags

  • Commercial applications for degradable products

15:10 Bioett, Sweden Bengt Sahlberg, CEO
"RF-based sensor monitors the cold chain"

  • Overview of the Bioett technology

  • Customer cases

  • Integration with RFID


RFID Integration Experience

15:50 PrisymID, UK Michael Guthauser, Strategic Accounts Manager
“Realizing the DOD Vision”

  • Fully automating visibility and asset management to optimize the supply chain in an integrated end-to-end enterprise

16:10 ThingMagic, USA Yael Maguire, Co-founder/CTO
"Securing RFID Systems - EPC Generation 2 and the new challenges and threats in RFID security"

  • Identifying the security threats in an RFID system
  • Where Generation 2 is secure
  • Where Generation 2 is vulnerable
  • What's Next For RFID Security

Robert W. Baird & Co., USA Reik Read
"State of RFID Industry"

  • Update on RFID progress in the market
  • Overview of investment options
  • Outlook for RFID in 2006/07



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