Future growth opportunities, market appraisal and end user validation

IDTechEx will support you in identifying and forecasting future market opportunities, in appraising the market potential, and in soliciting and interpreting end user views and needs. IDTechEx can help you if you want to:

  • Identify key target markets
  • Know market size and forecast likely growth rates
  • Develop likely revenue projection scenarios
  • Connect with key end user groups, learn their needs and gauge their feedback

Methodology outline

Profile Client Competency Areas Focus Scope Outline Competitive Landscape Assess Market Opportunity Select Target Market and Product Development
  • Sign NDA with client
  • Work closely with client to draw up a detailed profile of their relevant core competence areas, both technological and commercial
  • Understand concept, technology and/or product details if already developed
  • Identify all potential target markets
  • Identify all core commercial and technological competences required for entering the target markets
  • Match market-required competences with client’s existing or potential capabilities, or product’s likely attributes
  • Narrow target markets and potential products/technologies
  • Identify key market drivers and trends
  • List and assess rival solutions
  • List, interview and profile key competitors
  • Identify key end users groups
  • Interview end users to assess market pull
  • Provide detailed market forecasts for each sector, broken down by value, weight/area and technology/player market share
  • Identify best target markets matching client’s competence areas and having the highest growth potential
  • Appraise commercialization strategy, timeline and M&A opportunities
  • Deliver findings to client in an interactive session
  • Provide introductions to potential customers, suppliers or other partners

Why choose us?

  • IDTechEx has 65 syndicated market research reports where we constantly reach out to everyone in the value chain to provide coverage of a topic
  • IDTechEx analysts travel the world extensively, attending conferences and tradeshows, as well as visiting clients. This gives our analysts unprecedented insight into the markets they cover.
  • Analysts construct 250-300 detailed company profiles every year based on formal direct interviews. This gives our analysts access to an excellent source of fresh and primary technology and market knowledge.
  • Dedicated analysts have significant experience and benefit from an independent bird’s eye view of the global landscape. Most analysts are PhD level or have a technical degree as a minimum. Critically, our analysts include successful business people that have grown profitable global businesses.
  • Strong relationships with end users which are vital in assessing the market opportunity. 48% of people on our contact database are end users (typically B2C companies) or system integrators.

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