New Applications of 3G Switchable Film Face Huge Markets (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2014)

Dr Jenson Wang, CEO
United States


Berlin 2014 Presentation - Scienstry*
Berlin 2014 Audio Presentation - Scienstry*

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Presentation Summary

1. Review Known Technologies in field of Liquid Crystal Smart Glass
2. What 's New for 3G Switchable Film
3. New Applications and New Markets

Speaker Biography (Jenson Wang)

Dr. Jenson Wang obtained his doctoral degree in 1990 in chemistry from UTA in US and became founder and
president of Scienstry, Inc. since 1992. Dr. Wang is a major inventor for many new products and technologies.

Company Profile (Scienstry)

Scienstry logo
Founded in 1992, Scienstry has invented 3rd generation of LC switchable film, called 3G Switchable Film, and set up new high standards for global LC smart glass industry. New features have extended applications from air-conditioned rooms to all-whether, outdoor, projection, advertising, vehicle, home theater, building advertising and energy saving fields. Scienstry has supplied 3G Switchable Film worldwide and completed many world-class projects including World Expo, 24 Chinese major airports and entire cruiseship SWIFT 141 in UAE. New applications/technologies, such as Switchable Projection Window, Switchable Projection Glass, Casting Laminated Switchable Glass and projection banner/sale counter/billboard, face multibillions dollars markets and are available for licensing.
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