Polymer Nanocomposites for Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications (Printed Electronics Europe 2007)

Prof Werner Blau,
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


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Presentation Summary

  • Molecular Engineering of Multi-functional Materials from Carbon Nanotube Polymer Composites
  • Electrically and Thermally Conducting Thin Films
  • Polymer Light Emitting Diodes, Photovoltaic Devices, Sensors and Actuators

Speaker Biography (Werner Blau)

Prof. Werner Blau is Professor of Physics of Advanced Materials at Trinity College Dublin. He is also Research Director of the interdisciplinary Materials Ireland Polymer Research Centre, which encompasses researchers from the fields of physics, chemistry, engineering, and computer simulation with a substantial track record in technology transfer and collaboration with industry. His research interests concentrate on molecular engineering of advanced materials, properties and applications of responsive molecular and polymeric materials for electronics, optoelectronics, and bio/medical applications and basic materials, processes and devices for molecular nanoelectronics. Published over 340 peer-reviewed papers to-date, edited three books and is coauthor of 13 patents/ patent applications. Recent CNT composite work was featured in New Scientist, Chemistry Today and Materials Today.