RFID Antennae Production – Today and Tomorrow (RFID Europe 2007)

Mr Jeroen van Nunen, Product Manager
Meco Equipment Engineers B.V., Netherlands

Presentation Summary

  • Overview of today's production methods.
  • Does scale up of antenna production show similarities with the semicon leadframe production path towards industry maturity?
  • Meco's additive copper process the next step toward low cost production.
  • Antenna design guidelines for additive copper.

Speaker Biography (Jeroen van Nunen)

Jeroen van Nunen is a product manager for Meco and responsible for the Sales & Marketing of the RFID business within the company. He hold a BSc degree in business engineering and has over 10 years experience in business engineering of high tech production equipment of which a major part has been focused on processes and systems for semiconductor plating production.

Company Profile (Meco)

Meco logo
Meco Equipment Engineers B.V. (member of the BESI group) is a leading equipment supplier of plating systems for the semiconductor, connector and film & foil industry.
Meco's new development, the Flex Antenna Plating system (Meco FAP) is the solution for tomorrow's low cost antenna production where high volume, product flexibility and process robustness become key!
Over the years, the Meco systems have established an international reputation for high performance, outstanding reliability, top quality and unbeatable economy.
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