Six Degrees Of Motion Energy Harvester (Off Grid Energy Independence. Europe 2018)

Mr Ron Cowley, CEO
WITT Limited
United Kingdom


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Europe 2018 Video Presentation - WITT Limited*

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Presentation Summary

WITT is a unique patented, energy harvesting solution that takes chaotic motion and turns it into electrical power which can be stored and called upon when needed! There is Natural Occurring Motional Energy (NOME) all around us, imagine if you could take the motion from human or animals and turn it into useable power, charging appliances or provide power for LED lights, now you can! The WITT can be used in many different environments harvesting energy in Water, sea, river or tidal or Wind, with our portable dragonfly, we offer a completely scalable, cm to metres, clean green energy solution.

Company Profile (WITT Energy Limited)

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Witt Limited has created a scalable energy harvesting device called the WITT which captures energy from motion. Whilst there are numerous applications for the technology, we are initially creating WITTs to power small vessels and navigational buoys from sea motion. This will be followed by a smaller WITT to generate power from human motion when the right development partners are identified. Future applications could extend to generating grid scale power from the ocean. We are creating manufacturing capabilities with select partners, have early customer interest, and are working to deploy the technology globally.
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