Research Articles

16 Jan 2023

Where Will You See Chemically Recycled Plastic Products?

Chemical recycling end-of-life plastic has its champions and its critics. IDTechEx does not believe these advanced recycling solutions are the much-promised silver bullet, but nor do they think they have no role to play in a circular economy.
13 Jan 2023

Micro EVS: Neither Fast nor Far

While there is no standardized definition of micro EVs, it is generally used to describe small vehicles that can seamlessly navigate highly populated urban areas. Micro EVs are designed for short trips of only a few kilometers and travel at low speeds, typically under 80 kilometers per hour (with various regional exceptions). These vehicles do not rely on internal combustion engines, and many are powered by electric motors.
12 Jan 2023

What to Expect From the Graphene Industry in 2023

Is this the year of rapid graphene sales? Are we slipping deeper into a disillusionment phase? Who will emerge as the market leaders? Is consolidation inevitable? 2023 will be a telling year for the industry.
12 Jan 2023

Join Our Webinar on Marine Fuel Cell Markets: An Ocean of Opportunity

Friday 20 January 2023 - This webinar is based on IDTechEx's broader mobility research portfolio, tracking the adoption of electric vehicles, battery trends, autonomy, and demand across land, sea, and air. Helping you navigate whatever may be ahead.
11 Jan 2023

IDTechEx Discusses the Pivotal Year Ahead for Quantum Computers

IDTechEx have released a brand new report, "Quantum Computers 2023-2043". This report covers the hardware that promises a revolutionary approach to solving the world's unmet challenges.
11 Jan 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on The Evolution of EV Thermal Management

Thursday 19 January 2023 - What's Beyond 2022? This webinar is based on content from IDTechEx's new report on "Thermal Management for Electric Vehicles 2023-2033". The webinar will cover various market drivers and trends in thermal management for batteries, motors, and power electronics. Focusing on recent developments in the market over the last 1-2 years.
10 Jan 2023

Upcoming Webinar on Batteries for Stationary Energy Storage

Wednesday 18 January 2023 - What Are the Business Models, Drivers and Barriers? Services provided by batteries for stationary energy storage in FTM and BTM markets; Business models for BSS owners; Technology and market trends; and Market drivers and barriers.
09 Jan 2023

Smartify Robots - Critical Functions of Sensors in Robot Navigation

Robots, by definition, are machines with autonomy. Over the past several years, robots have gained significant momentum in a variety of industries, such as logistics and delivery, manufacturing, cleaning and disinfection, and daily services.
05 Jan 2023

6G - What Are the Important Technological Developments to Watch?

While 5G mmWave has yet to take off, 6G research has already begun. But what exactly is 6G, and what are the emerging areas to watch?
21 Dec 2022

Quantum Computing: What This Game Needs Is a Goal

What does good look like? Whether trying to predict World Cup results or assess the relative merits of emerging technologies, establishing a meaningful set of performance benchmarks is crucial but challenging.
21 Dec 2022

Segmenting the Polymer 3D Printing Materials Market

"Diverse and Developing" - the only way to describe the current breadth of the polymer materials portfolio for additive manufacturing. From materials that vary in form factor (i.e., powders, resins, filaments) to material properties (i.e., flexible, reinforced, tough, etc.) to application (i.e., medical, industrial, dental, etc.), it can be difficult to define suitable enough categories that adequately cover this diverse market.
16 Dec 2022

Trends in Li-ion Cathodes

IDTechEx forecast the Li-ion market to grow to over US$430 billion by 2033, driven by demand for electric vehicles. Electric vehicles (EVs) remain the key driver behind the Li-ion market, and electric cars will be the largest market for Li-ion batteries over the next ten years.