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Research Articles

28 Feb 2006

Printing the Electronic Future

Globally the printing industry is in decline. Are the centuries of sophisticated development of the science and production technology for printing declining in a whimper? The answer is probably not. Certainly there is a fascinating escape route opening up for some. It is the printing of electronics.
20 Feb 2006

Chipless RFID - The End Game

RFID tags that do not contain a silicon chip are called chipless tags. The primary potential benefit of the most promising chipless tags is that eventually they could be printed directly on products and packaging for 0.1 cents and replace ten trillion barcodes yearly with something far more versatile and reliable. Learn more from exclusive new IDTechEx research.
13 Feb 2006

Active RFID - Innovation and Very Rapid Growth

Active RFID is little reported, but its use is growing rapidly. New IDTechEx research
08 Feb 2006

Defining RFID: A review of RFID Forecasts

In the last few weeks several analysts have published forecasts for the RFID market in 2010 ranging from $1.5 Billion to $30 Billion. Why the difference?
06 Feb 2006

RFID Smart Labels USA 2006: Keynote Speakers

The fifth annual event from IDTechEx, March 28-29, Boston, MA, USA, covers new ground with new key speakers.
01 Feb 2006

A Step Change in Printing and Electronics

Printing Electronics - prepare for a step change in the printing and electronics industries. Here we introduce the technology and explore new opportunities as the printing and electronics industry converge.