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Research Articles

31 Aug 2017

The end of the road for thermoelectrics for wearables & vehicles?

After several years of excitement, investment and growing interest in thermoelectrics and their potential in energy harvesting applications, it's now time to clearly look at what's hype and what's reality, and the technology developers in the field know that well.
30 Aug 2017

Nanoelectric coating for cost-effective, multifunctional neural probes

Multifunctional probes are extremely useful for research purposes, as they allow the recording of neural activity simultaneously alongside stimulation via drug administration or light (as is the case with optogenetics).
29 Aug 2017

Off-grid becoming huge

Off-grid power has been in decline. Widely seeing it as the poor man's option, users have aspired to get beyond it to the more secure, "troublefree" world of on-grid - or so they believed.
25 Aug 2017

Electric Trikes Improve

Evovelo has just announced its prototype electric trike, which can reach speeds of 45 kph with a drivers' cab and solar panel on the roof.
23 Aug 2017

Solar Racing Spins Off Another Vehicle Company

Electric vehicles are the future and ones that make their own electricity are the end game for these.
22 Aug 2017

Thermoelectric Harvesting in 2017: Still Awaiting a Breakthrough

This article works through the issues facing the development of thermoelectric harvesting, including high power, modular thermoelectric technology and turnkey thermoelectric generators.
21 Aug 2017

Sensars Neuroprosthetics grabs government funding for disruptive tech

European Commission's Horizon 2020 SME (small-medium sized enterprises) Instrument recently announced Sensars Neuroprosthetics as a Phase 1 recipient for funding of their SENSY technology. Phase 1 recipients receive €50000 in funding for 6 months to execute a feasibility study and draft a 10-page business proposal. This is intended to bring the technology from the idea to concept stage. There are currently 2813 participants, 2750 projects coordinated, and 1094,87M€ allocated to the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument.
18 Aug 2017

RFID - Current & Future Opportunities #TechRoundUp

The total RFID market is worth $11.2 billion in 2017, what are its future applications and opportunities? IDTechEx CEO Raghu Das joins Dr David Pugh to discuss this exciting industry.
16 Aug 2017

Three Aspirations for Long Distance EVs

All the publicity currently goes to the race to make regular and premium cars have longer range
16 Aug 2017

Webinar Tuesday 5 September - Neuroprosthetics

IDTechEx will host a free Webinar on Tuesday 5 September titled Neuroprosthetics: re-engineering sound, sight, and touch.
15 Aug 2017

Energy Independent Electric Boats and Ships Lead the Way

There is more energy to harvest at sea. True, water craft have stronger resistance to overcome but on balance, it means that energy independent electric boats are more common than their equivalents on land or in the air and they have lessons for both.
15 Aug 2017

Wearable devices market will reach over $150bn annually by 2027

Compiled after three years of dedicated and ongoing research by expert analysts, the IDTechEx Research report Wearable Technology 2017-2027: Markets, Players, Forecasts details IDTechEx's coverage of the wearable technology ecosystem.