HP Inc., is a provider of personal computing and other access devices, imaging and printing products, and related technologies, solutions and services. The Company sells to individual consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises, including customers in the government, health and education sectors.
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24 Mar 2023

Neurok Thermocon Inc

HP Inc (HP) is a provider of technology products, software, solutions, and services. The company's product portfolio includes personal computing and other access devices; imaging- and printing-related products and services; enterprise IT infrastructure; and multi-vendor customer services.
19 Sep 2022

Robotic Solution Revolutionizes Construction Layout Process

A robotic solution that prints the most complex construction site layouts with pinpoint accuracy, in a fraction of the time it takes manually - improving productivity by as much as ten times.
9 Apr 2021


HP outlined how its multi-jet fusion 3D printing technology can be adapted for additively manufactured electronics at the recent FLEX2021 conference.
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6 Jul 2020

HP 3D printing

HP, a large information technology company known for developing printers, computers and software, started to look into developing 3D printers around 2012. This profile focuses on the company's 3D printing activities. HP has developed three product ranges of plastic 3D printers, all of which use the company's proprietary MultiJet Fusion Technology to produce 3D printed parts. It has also created a metal 3D printer called Metal Jet.
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27 Nov 2019


Dr Bryony Core caught up with HP at Formnext 2019. HP is a multinational corporation who developed the polymer binder jetting printer, the Multi Jet Fusion. At Formnext, they were presenting their next addition, the Metal Jet Fusion.
11 Apr 2018

3D Printing Cost Analysis Considerations. From Prototyping To Manufacturing With MJF

HP, Spain
11 May 2017

HP 3D Printing MultiJet Fusion Technology And Materials Open System

HP, Spain
27 Apr 2017

Xaar plc

The Multi Jet Fusion is a competitive technology in an inkjet deposits a binder into a powder bed using IR to sinter. Xaar are not directly competing due to their different business model in which they only provide commercial services, and not hardware; however, they are targeting a similar customer base.
6 Apr 2017

Rize Inc.

Multi Jet Fusion printer allows multimaterial printing through a similar process to binder jetting.
29 Jun 2013

Flexible Display Center at Arizona State University

14 Jan 2013

E Ink Holdings

HP is also developing their own e-paper technology, called electrokinetic displays. Although not commercialized yet, it beats E Ink on color gamut.
6 May 2005

Smart Labels USA 2005

RFID from pallet to item level: How to manufacture, implement and use RFID Smart Labels
20 Jan 2005

Smart Labels USA launched