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SHARP Laboratories of America (SLA) is the U.S. research and development (R&D) subsidiary for Sharp Corporation of Japan. SLA was founded in 1995 to speed introduction into Sharp of the revolutionary digital media technologies then taking root in the U.S. Current SLA focus areas strike a balance between traditional and emerging Sharp business areas, including: Video & Vision, Mobile Communications, Cloud & Business Solutions, Health & Environment, Energy, and Materials & Devices. SLA is the only Sharp R&D organization outside of Japan with significant capabilities in both software development and cleanroom-based device design and fabrication. SLA exploits its U.S. market and cultural insight, creating partnerships with university, industry, and government organizations and leveraging an innovation-centric work culture to drive business growth for Sharp Corporation. SLA has a proud history of important contributions to Sharp's business results. For example, SLA developed the industry-leading architecture on Sharp office products worldwide, created video processing technologies at the heart of Sharp televisions, deployed Sharp's first internet-connected television service, created software functionality for Sharp U.S. and global smartphone models, and performed early research on key device technologies such as aluminum metallization and inorganic oxide transistors. Our current projects build on these accomplishments, in some cases taking them in completely new and unexpected directions.
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Sharp Laboratories of America
20 May 2020


eLux is a startup phase company developing microLED display technology based on fluidic assembly.
16 Nov 2016

Collaborating For A Fundamental Improvement In Active Matrix Force Sensing

Sharp Laboratories of America, United States
19 Jul 2013

Antifreeze, cheap materials may lead to low-cost solar energy

A process combining some comparatively cheap materials and the same antifreeze that keeps an automobile radiator from freezing in cold weather may be the key to making solar cells that cost less and avoid toxic compounds, while further expanding the use of solar energy.
15 Feb 2013

Sharp Technology Ventures (STV)

Sharp Laboratories of America is the US R&D center of Sharp Corporation. In its early years, Sharp Labs started providing fabrication services to some of their key partners. This activity evolved into contract research and the launch of a new entity: Sharp Technology Ventures (STV).
15 Mar 2010

Printing large batteries

170 years ago, Faraday appreciated the different electrical properties of nano gold over bulk metal in electrical devices, so applying nanotechnology to these things is scarcely new. However, the huge sums now being applied to improvement of lithium traction batteries in particular are now leading to work on a much larger scale and thin film technology, nanotechnology and printing are in increasingly important part of this.
11 Mar 2010

Lithium vehicle traction batteries and harvesting

The conference of about 40 people "Lithium Battery Technology and System Development" in London 9 March 2010 was concerned with "breaking barriers for electric vehicles".
13 Aug 2009

Printable silicon material

NanoGram Corporation has announced the successful fabrication of the first thin film transistor (TFT) produced by ambient printed nanosilicon to reach a carrier mobility of 2.0 cm2/Vs.
9 Jul 2009

NanoGram's ambient printed nanosilicon achieves mobility of 2cm2/Vs

NanoGram Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of advanced materials and solutions for optical, electronic and energy applications, has announced the successful fabrication of the first thin film transistor (TFT) produced by ambient printed nanosilicon to reach a carrier mobility of 2.0 cm2/Vs.