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13 Dec 2021

Advanced Li-ion and Beyond Lithium Batteries 2022-2032: Technologies, Players, Trends, Markets

IDTechEx Report: Dr Alex Holland and Dr Xiaoxi He
8 Jun 2018

Flexible solar cells: Will they someday power your devices?

Will you ever be able to charge your mobile device, car and even clothing with flexible solar cells? Researchers are studying whether the now-experimental technology could someday be mass-produced and commercialized, and some of the issues that have to be resolved, including the environmental impact.
11 May 2018

Self-driving cars for country roads

Uber's recent self-driving car fatality underscores the fact that the technology is still not ready for widespread adoption. One reason is that there aren't many places where self-driving cars can actually drive.
24 Apr 2017

Types and Applications of Graphene: Introducing PureWave Plasma GNPs

IDTechEx has invited a series of industrial players and leaders active in graphene commercialization to contribute their opinions about the state of the technology and markets. As part of article series, we will today hear from PPG Industries who write about their bottom-up production process and their commercialization progress.
2 May 2016

Wearable allows people with vision loss to actually see

eSight's wearable, hands-free headset houses a small, high-speed camera that captures everything the eSight user is looking at.
14 Jul 2015

Could black phosphorus be the next silicon?

As scientists continue to hunt for a material that will make it possible to pack more transistors on a chip, new research adds to evidence that black phosphorus could emerge as a strong candidate.
4 Jul 2014

Scientists discover how plastic solar panels work

Researchers have determined how light beams excite the chemicals in solar panels, enabling them to produce charge.
20 Mar 2012

BASF signs licensing agreement to acquire LFP technology

BASF, through its global Battery Materials business unit, today announced that it has signed a long-term licensing agreement to acquire global rights for the production and sale of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery materials technology from LiFePO4+C Licensing AG, Muttenz, Switzerland.