Autonomous Driving: Peak Car to Arrive as Early as 2031?

This webinar was originally broadcast on 28th May 2020
In this webinar, Dr Na Jiao provides an overview of the autonomous car and robotaxi market. Dr Jiao is a technology analyst at IDTechEx focusing on autonomous mobility, electric vehicles and energy storage related areas.
This webinar is based on IDTechEx's latest report on autonomous mobility titled "Autonomous Cars and Robotaxis 2020-2040: Players, Technologies & Forecasts".
According to IDTechEx's research on autonomous cars and robotaxis, by 2040 global autonomous car (SAE Level 3+) and robotaxi services will become a $2.5 trillion market. In the next two decades, we expect mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) will grow rapidly to meet the increasing travel demand and in the meanwhile gradually replace private driving. IDTechEx forecasts that in a moderate scenario, 30% of the total travel demand will be provided by MaaS by 2040 and global passenger car sales are expected to peak in 2031.


Dr Na Jiao
Dr Na Jiao
Technology Analyst