Highlights from the IDTechEx Show!

IDTechEx CEO, Raghu Das discusses trends in flexible electronics, stretchable electronics, structural electronics, internet of things, sensors, wearables, healthcare, electric vehicles, energy storage, graphene, 3d printing and printed electronics in the opening cornerstone presentation at the IDTechEx Show! Europe 2019.

Flexible & stretchable conductive Inks, pastes and adhesives

ACI manufactures high-performance inks, pastes, and coatings using a revolutionary cavitation process coupled with decades of combined formulation experience.

High-Performance Extrusion Systems for FDM 3D Printing

Veda is a start-up in the field of additive manufacturing founded in 2018 by two students from TU Delft, the leading technical university in the Netherlands.

Developing & manufacturing conductive, insulator & barrier layer inks

Dycotec Materials Ltd, based in the UK, is an advanced materials company developing and manufacturing conductive, insulator and barrier layer inks.

Automotive Depth Mapping Technology

Cluster Imaging makes all images better with superior depth map processing.

Binder-free (100% carbon) electrode

Nano-carbons have exceptional electrical, thermal and mechanical properties at the nano-scale level.

Conductive inks & pastes used in electronic patches & packaging

ETEB has developed a range of silver nanomaterials (nanoparticles, nanoflakes, nanowires) and their conductive ink, used for gravure, inkjet, screen printing and coating processes.

Manufacturing flexible printed circuit boards without any chemicals

Driven by science, innovation and research, DP Patterning AB develops products that turn the manufacturing of electronic circuits upside down - and let you go from idea to production in hours.

Recent developments in the RAIN RFID Alliance

RAIN RFID is a global alliance promoting the universal adoption of UHF RFID technology

A*ccelerate and SIMTech are part of A*STAR- Singapore's lead public se

A*ccelerate and SIMTech are part of A*STAR- Singapore's lead public sector agency that spearheads economic oriented research to advance scientific discovery and develop innovation technology for the industry.