November 20 - 21, 2019 Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA
Emerging Technologies Applied

Demonstration Street

Demonstration Street

Demonstration Street is an area in the exhibition dedicated to showing a full range of interactive products and prototypes that demonstrate a new commercial application for either: electric vehicles, energy harvesting, energy storage, internet of things, graphene and 2d materials, printed electronics, sensors or wearable technology.

Visitors to Demonstration Street will have the opportunity to examine prototypes, and commercial products.

We invite any company with suitable products to apply for a space in this 1200sqft area which can be used to demonstrate your product. Qualifying companies will be able to place a brief description of the product next to it, along with business cards and a plaque bearing the company logo. Companies exhibiting at the event will also have signage next to their products referring people to their stands.

Preview of Demonstration Street

DuPont / 219 Design

DuPont Concept Drone Description.
DuPont and 219Design collaborated to identify advanced materials and processes to improve performance, streamline assembly, and reduce weight.

Software for Chemistry

Amsterdam Modeling Suite Displaying 2 laptops
Advance your R&D in for batteries, OLEDs, photovoltaics, 2D electronics and other materials with simulations! Powerful computational chemistry software to understand & predict material properties.


CopPair Copper Ink
PrintCB develops Copper Inks for Printed Electronics. Our product enables for the first time the application of copper in standard screen printing, hot-air drying systems.


IMSE Parts, multiple
With TactoTek® IMSE™ technology brands deliver high value, differentiated user experiences - form, styling, electronic functionality and total cost efficiency that drive customer value across markets.


Skytree & Sogefi - Car Cabin CO2 & H2O Purifier
Reduction of load on a car HVAC system by enabling the full recirculation of internal cabin air at the same temperature while maintaining its quality.

New Cable Corp / Delektre

Flexiblexit - Thin and lightweight signage for passenger vehicles. Printed Electronics as enabling technology.

Lionrock Batteries

Lionrock Flexible Battery
Flexible & Safe Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries. Best fit Wearable, IoT, Medical devices or Smart Card applications. Dimensions and capacities are customizable.

Abalonyx AS / Graphene Batteries

Graphene Oxide derivatives
Graphene oxide and graphene oxide derivatives including rGO, N-doped GO and N-doped rGO, deacidified GO and deacidified rGO. Partly & fully reduced GO.

Asada Mesh Co Ltd

Sub 25 micron Printed Features + Photoluminiscent Keyboard
1. Sub25 Micron Printed Lines. 2. Flexible keyboard made with Screen Printing on plastic materials equipped with Capacitive Sensor Keyboard and Backlight with Photoluminescent Inks.

Brigham Young University

Anxiety Tracker
A wearable device and app that help individuals with anxiety have greater awareness and understanding of their anxiety patterns.

SWR Technology Inc

Wireless Power Modules
SWR Technology wireless power modules delivers 65W+ of power through barriers with >80% DC-DC efficiency, and offers easy integration for IoT and smart devices.

Sun Curtain GmbH

SunCurtain presents a louvered curtain whose slats consist of flexible, semi-transparent organic photovoltaic elements. The central idea is to turn curtains into mini power plants.

Art by Physicist

Art by Physicist Tech Fashion
Art by Physicist is a fashion brand integrating science and technology into everyday wear.


Intelligent Thermal Heated Apparel and Gloves
Clim8 provides an intelligent self-regulating heating technology, easy to integrate into any garments.With our technology, users can finally take full control of their thermal comfort.

NFT Inc.

ASKA Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) and Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) vehicle
ASKA electric Vertical Takeoff Landing (eVTOL) - Short Takeoff Landing (STOL) vehicle. NFT AI Sensor Fusion Platform - autonomous flight for Urban Air Mobility.

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

Ultra Low Temperature Solders
Novel Ultra Low Temperature Solders for PET-FLEX PCs This Ultra Low Temperature Solder Paste - enables sophisticated SMT assemblies on PET-based substrates.

Who can apply

Applicants should have a working prototype or commercial product to show that demonstrates new advances in any of the related event topics of: energy storage, electric vehicles, graphene, IoT, printed electronics, sensors, or wearable technology.

*Previous exhibitors in Demonstration Street are not eligible to re-apply.

What's included

The cost to exhibit in Demonstration Street is $1000. This includes 1 x 2-Day Conference & Exhibition Pass, lunches on both days of the conference and furniture (products are shown either freestanding, placed in a glass fronted showcase cabinet, or on a podium). This price also covers your inclusion in a Demonstration Street focused newsletter sent out to all attendees a week prior to the IDTechEx Show! Power is supplied if required.

A small sign will be placed with each product showing the company name, product description and contact details; the sign will be produced by IDTechEx Show Management. Successful applicants will also be listed as an exhibitor on the event website (exhibitor listing includes a 100 word company profile, logo, url).

Why will this benefit your company?

IDTechEx events are strongly marketed to many end user verticals. Attendees include brand managers and buyers who want to see working products rather than the components in the value chain. Demonstration Street aims to facilitate this by showcasing to potential customers your working products. In addition, this part of the exhibition will receive large press coverage from media beyond the electronics and manufacturing sectors.

How to apply

To apply please submit an application form. We will review your application and forward on a contract to be signed and returned, confirming your agreement to the $1000 exhibitor charge.
Please be aware there is only limited space available.

Please email Kim Smith with any queries on the entry criteria.

Application Form