Opportunities for Printed &
Flexible Electronics

Free-to-attend Virtual Interactive hosted by IDTechEx

Smart Packaging: Use Cases and Opportunities Beyond Consumer Engagement

Opportunities for Printed Electronics at Electrolux

High & Lows of Printed Electronics from an End User perspective

Electrically conductive adhesives for reliable, affordable, printed electronics

Printed Electronic Systems: Enabler of New Product Form Factors in high volume

Scalable 3D Printed Electronics - "Fully Additive" To High Volume Manufacture

  • New free-to-attend online conference from IDTechEx, hosts of the world's largest event series on Printed & Flexible Electronics.
  • Learn how end-users such as Coca-Cola, Electrolux and Swarovski are progressing printed electronics in their business.
  • Hear the latest developments from key suppliers Neotech AMT (manufacturing), Ynvisible (devices) and Roartis (materials).
  • Interactive Q and A session.

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Neotech AMT
Neotech AMT GmbH is one of the leading companies developing systems for 3D Printed Electronics (3D PE).

Ynvisible is a leading company in the emerging printed and flexible electronics sector. Given the cost and power-consumption advantages over conventional electronics, printed electronics are a key enabler of mass adoption of the Internet of Things ("IoT") and smart objects. Ynvisible has experience, know-how and intellectual property in the field of electrochromic materials, inks, and systems. Ynvisibles interactive printed graphics solutions solve the need for ultra-low power, mass deployable, & easy-to-use electronic displays and indicators for everyday smart objects, IoT devices, and ambient intelligence (intelligent surfaces). Ynvisible offers a mix of services, materials and technology to brand owners developing smart objects and IoT products.

ROARTIS stands for innovative and quality electronic adhesives, for demanding, high reliability applications! For many years our IQ-BOND adhesives have been successfully used in markets such as aviation, medical, aerospace, automotive and industrial electronics.

For printed electronics applications we offer various electrically conductive adhesives, underfill- and UV encapsulation materials, all compliant to the latest environmental regulations.

Valqua Ltd
The Valqua Group is expanding its business in 3 major product areas: the "Seal Products Business", which involves the development of seal materials for piping and equipment used in various industries; the "High-performance Plastics Products Business", which involves products predominantly utilizing fluorocarbon resin with a variety of different functions; and "Other Businesses" that have a lot of growth potential and will help decrease impact on the environment.

Conference Agenda

May 27 (Repeated 28 May, 1:00 BST)

Virtual Interactive Conference hosted by IDTechEx

  • 14:00 BST
  • Welcome & Introduction, Raghu Das
  • 20 mins

Smart Packaging: Use Cases and Opportunities Beyond Consumer Engagement

Presented by Jerome Labie Duflot, Packaging Innovation R&D EMEA, Coca-Cola Services

  • 20 mins

High & Lows of Printed Electronics From an End User Perspective

Presented by Rafael Michalczuk, Senior Technology & Funding Manager, Swarovski

  • 20 mins

Scalable 3D Printed Electronics - "Fully Additive" to High Volume Manufacture

Presented by Dr Martin Hedges, Managing Director, Neotech AMT GmbH

  • 20 mins

Printed Electronic Systems: Enabler of New Product Form Factors in High Volume

Presented by Tommy Höglund, VP of Sales & Marketing, Ynvisible

  • 20 mins

Towards Printed & Graphene-based Solutions in the Home Appliance Industry

Presented by Dr Cristina Bertoni, Project Leader, Electrolux Italia S.p.A. Global Technology Centre and Alessandro Migliavacca, Advanced Materials Engineer presso Elettrotecnica ROLD S.r.l. - R-LAB, Electrolux Italia S.p.A. Global Technology Centre

  • 20 mins

Electrically Conductive Adhesives for Reliable, Affordable, Printed Electronics

Presented by Jochen Schuermans, Founder & CEO, Roartis

  • 10 mins

Printed & Flexible Electronics: Growth Opportunities Against the Backdrop of Covid-19

Presented by Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEx

  • 20 mins

Question & Answer Session

Timings and the agenda are subject to change

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