A Diversion from the Roadmap - Turning the Electric Aircraft Upside Down (Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air Europe 2011)

Mr John Price, Vice President Executive Advisor
EADS Innovation Works
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

  • Details of the Electric Acrobatic aircraft Cri Cri
  • EADS More Electric achievements, including Airbus, Eurocopter
  • Background of EADS involvement in future "Green" and more electric technology

Speaker Biography (John Price)

John Price, Vice President Executive Advisor - EADS Innovation Works. In his current role John Price is responsible for leading external research relationships with academia and industry for Energy, Propulsion, and General Aircraft Systems Engineering.
This is part of the EADS Innovation Works' mission to optimise the emergence of new technologies in order to continue to strengthen its position in the competitive field of all its business units.
Prior to his current role, John was a Vice President within Airbus Engineering for 12 years, finally as the Vice President of Landing Gear and Braking Systems, and Head of Systems Engineering in the UK. Before that he was responsible for a number of areas within British Aerospace Dynamics, including Electronic Equipment and Software design.
John gained his degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, at the City University London.

Company Profile (EADS Innovation Works)

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EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. They operate across the globe, in every continent. The UK is host to many of EADS key activities. With nearly 15,000 employees, EADS is firmly rooted in the UK's advanced technology industrial base. There is a strong presence of the Group throughout the United Kingdom: Airbus UK has the Airbus centre of excellence in wing work, Astrium is the UK's largest space company, Paradigm has set up and operates the world's first commercial provider of military satellite communications services, Systems integration and cryptography are strongholds of Cassidian and MBDA is a leader in missile systems with cutting-edge research and manufacturing facilities. EADS also invests firmly in R&D in the UK with a network of universities, research centres and government bodies demonstrating the Group's commitment to long-term investment in technology and skills.
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