The Role of Graphene in Batteries and Super-Capacitors (Graphene LIVE! Europe 2014)

Dr Rune Wendelbo, CTO
Graphene Batteries AS


Berlin 2014 Presentation - Graphene Batteries AS*
Berlin 2014 Audio Presentation - Graphene Batteries AS*

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Company Profile (Graphene Batteries)

Graphene Batteries AS is a Norwegian technology company in Li-S-battery technology. We have developed a graphene oxide enhanced sulfur cathode with breakthrough 150 cycles with > 99.5% cycle efficiency. We now develop a high-surface area Li-anode to match the high charge density on the cathode. Having direct access to GO from our sister-company Abalonyx, we now systematically screen modified GOs in order to optimize the cathode stabilization further, the results confirmed externally by Fraunhofer ISW in Dresden, Germany. We have established a detailed technology development and commercialization road map through which we will scale the technology and make it available to wider markets. We are now implementing this technology on pouch-cell level and our first pouch cells will be utilized in real flights tests by a Norwegian drone producer early next year. Together with our investor, we are now in the process of setting up a pilot facility in Norway with the final goal of mass production of lithium sulfur cells by 2023.
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