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Overview Report

3D 打印和增材制造 2024-2034:技术和市场展望

3D 打印是充满活力的行业,包含对大众市场采用至关重要的多面生态系统,包括硬件、材料、服务、后加工等。 该报告将探讨 3D 打印技术和材料的现状,确定新兴趋势,分析当前市场,并为 3D 打印硬件和材料提供详细的市场预测。该报告还提供整个 3D 打印价值链的关键见解和基本知识。

3D 打印材料市场 2022-2032 

Materials present the strongest revenue opportunity within additive manufacturing, but understanding the variety of polymer, metal, and ceramic materials within 3D printing is critical to capitalizing on this opportunity. This report examines the status of established 3D printing materials, presents technical comparison studies, analyzes trends, and provides detailed market forecasts for additive manufacturing materials. For companies involved in 3D printing materials, this report presents key insights and essential knowledge.

金属增材制造 2022-2032:技术和市场展望 

Metal additive manufacturing offers compelling value-add for high revenue generating verticals and applications, but understanding its potential is key to exploiting its benefits. This report examines the status of established and emerging metal 3D printing technologies, presents technical comparison studies, analyzes metal materials, and provides detailed market forecasts for metal 3D printing. For companies in and outside metal additive manufacturing, this report presents key insights and essential knowledge.

3D 打印陶瓷 2022-2032:技术和市场展望 

Ceramic 3D printing presently exists as a niche of the overall 3D printing industry, but recently more companies - from start-ups to ceramics materials suppliers - have joined the field. This report will examine the status of ceramic 3D printing technologies and materials, identify major players, highlight interesting applications, and provide market forecasts for ceramic 3D printing. For any company looking to enter this small but growing specialty, this report is essential.

3D 打印硬件 2022-2032:技术和市场展望 

IDTechEx's 3D Printing Hardware: 2022-2032 report is designed to explain and analyze the growth of 3D printing hardware technologies and sales; it is made to be useful for any company in the 3D printing supply chain: materials makers, printer manufacturers, service providers, end-users, and more. This report breaks down the market into 17 technology segments to create 17 COVID-19 adjusted forecast lines for each individual segment. The forecasts provide a ten-year outlook for 3D printer installation base, new installations, replacement unit sales, and revenue from 3D printer sales, all broken down into 17 forecast lines.

3D 打印复合材料 2021-2031:技术和市场分析 

3D printing of composite materials is reaching a commercial tipping point. 3D printing of polymer materials can have mechanical limitations that benefit from fiber reinforcement (or other functionalities), and composite manufacturing is known to be costly and challenging that can benefit from the moldless, rapid prototyping and automated approach that additive manufacturing enables. IDTechEx forecast that the market will rapidly rise to reach $2bn by 2031. This market report provides a comprehensive view for 3D printing market for composite materials, including granular 10-year forecasts, material and printer benchmarking studies and interview-based company profiles.

聚合物增材制造 2023-2033:技术和市场展望 

Though best known for low-volume, low-cost part production, polymer 3D printing is expanding beyond prototyping and one-offs to penetrate higher value applications, reaching $21 billion in market size by 2033. This is supported by innovation in polymer printing technologies that expand access to a better-performing polymer materials portfolio. Players interested and active in polymer 3D printing would benefit from IDTechEx's technology and market analysis to stay ahead of the competition.



气凝胶 2024-2034:技术、市场和参与者 

这份综合报告评估气凝胶市场、技术、趋势和参与者,覆盖 21 个关键的商业和新兴应用领域,并按应用进行了 2023-2034 年的详细市场预测。报告讲述了气凝胶作为电动车电池防火材料的快速增长应用领域。

模内电子组件 2023-2033 

《模内电子组件 2023-2033》分析了与这种新兴制造方法相关的技术和市场机会。本报告参考了 20 多家公司的概况,其中大部分基于访谈,评估了与 IME 相关的(如功能性薄膜粘结)技术流程、材料要求、应用领域和竞争方法。报告包含技术和应用领域的 10 年市场预测,以收入和 IME 面板面积表示。对于最大的汽车内饰目标市场,这些人机界面 (HMI) 预测分为机械和四种不同类型的电容开关。



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