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RFID Food and Livestock Case Studies

40 Case Studies of RFID in Food and Livestock Management

Updated February 2006!

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A major new report from IDTechEx provides, for the first time, no less than forty detailed case studies of RFID in action in food and livestock.
They span Australia, Botswana, Namibia, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Norway, UK, South Africa, Argentina, USA and Canada.
"At last readers can see what is really going on - where mistakes have been made and successes achieved. The strictly independent and comprehensive approach of IDTechEx is unique." says Dr Peter Harrop, team leader on the project.
There are 33 studies of RFID on food for tracking, tracing, monitoring condition and even on supermarket shelves and for payment in restaurants. The tags appear on item level packaging, pallets, trays, cases, trolleys, beer kegs, intermodal containers, air Unit Load Devices (ULDs), heavy logistics devices, trucks, trailers, and for hopper access and site access in these studies.
Seven case studies cover RFID on or in livestock including cattle, ostriches, sheep, reindeer, fish and pigs. The report also gives a grounding in the new forms of RFID, relevant needs in the food industry and future trends.
Report Contents
1. Air Canada food trolleys, Canada
2. Alliant Atlantic Food, trucks, USA
3. Arla Foods, steel carriers tagging, Sweden
4. Australian Sheep Industry and New South Wales DPI, sheep, Australia
5. Ballantine Produce Company, fruit tagging, USA
6. Beaver Street Fisheries pallet and case USA
7. Bell AG, tracking meat, Germany
8. Best Buy item level USA
9. Campofrio meat, Spain-item level
10. Clyde AG Wingadee, cattle, Australia
11. ConAgra, pallets and cases, US
12. Diageo pallet, case and item, UK
13. Envirotainer air cargo ULDs, Europe
14. foodSafe International, fruit and vegetable tracking, Botswana
15. Horticulture Australia Ltd (HAL), perishable food tracking, Australia
16. Hutchison Whampoa ,intermodal container logistics, USA, Singapore
17. International Professional Association of Iberian Pig, hams, Spain/Portugal
18. Klein Karoo Co-operative, ostrich tagging, South Africa
19. Marks & Spencer, food tracking, UK
20. Maruetsu Supermarkets food supply chain, Japan
21. Mercadona supermarket, pallets / cases Spain
22. Metro Future Store supermarkets, item level Germany
23. Ministry of Agriculture fruit / vegetables item level Japan
24. Moraitis, tomato tray tracking, Australia
25. Namibia Government intermodal containers beef, Namibia
26. National Computerisation Agency , beef item level Korea
27. Paramount Farms, trailers for nuts, USA
28. Port of Tacoma/Seattle, intermodal containers, USA
29. PSA Corporation, intermodal container logistics, USA, China, Singapore
30. Savannah Georgia cross docking facility, trailers, USA
31. Schwebel's Bakery, delivery monitoring, USA
32. Scottish Courage Brewing, beer keg, UK
33. Selfridges, food vehicles and containers, UK
34. Sepang Airport, food trolleys, Malaysia
35. Smørfjord, reindeer, Norway
36. SPM Farm, automatic pig feeding, Thailand
37. State of Salta, cattle, Argentina
38. Sushi Bars, Yoshikawa item level Japan
39. Target Corporation, material handling vehicles, USA
40. Thailand Government, pigs, cows, shrimp Thailand
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