Research Articles

08 Jun 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on Gas Separation Membranes

Thursday 22 June 2023 - Gas Separation Membranes: Decarbonization Driving New Market Opportunities. Overview of the technical advantages, history, and limitations of gas separation membranes; Technology appraisal of incumbent and emerging membrane materials; Market analysis of the emerging application areas including biogas upgrading, carbon capture, and the hydrogen infrastructure; For each market, a comparison against alternative separation techniques (e.g., PSA or cryogenic) and discussion on pain points and technical requirements; Independent outlook and technology roadmap for the commercial penetration of membranes in the fields of energy and decarbonization
08 Jun 2023

Emerging Sensor Types for Embedded Vision

Anyone who has used a 'smart lens' app on their smartphone is familiar with machine vision. Rather than simply reproducing and storing a picture for later viewing, machine vision applies an image processing algorithm to obtain additional insight, such as locating edges or object identification.
07 Jun 2023

Battery Modeling Approaches for Second-Life Applications

Battery performance testing forms an important part of the second-life EV battery market. Remanufacturers will aim to use the best-performing EV batteries in their final second-life systems, such as stationary storage systems or lower-power electromobility applications.
06 Jun 2023

IDTechEx Explains What Apple's Vision Pro Headset Does Differently

On June 5th, Apple ended years of speculation and finally announced a mixed reality (MR) headset. The US$3499 Vision Pro headset confirmed some expectations and confounded others. IDTechEx has been tracking the mixed, augmented and virtual reality markets since 2015, with reports on headsets and accessories and optics available now and a report on displays for AR/VR soon to be released. This insight into the AR/VR industry and associated technologies provides context to IDTechEx's initial analysis of Apple's headset design philosophy.
06 Jun 2023

Decarbonization Opens up New Markets for Gas Separation Membranes

Decarbonization is the main market driver across the industrial sector. In every roadmap there is an evolving mix of solutions that span the technology readiness spectrum, each with their own proponents and critics.
05 Jun 2023

Nvidia Market Cap Exceeds US$1 Tn, an Early Winner in the AI Boom

While the current AI boom is only just getting started, an early winner is Nvidia, who - on Tuesday, May 30th - saw the company's market capitalization exceed US$1 trillion for the first time. For a chip designer with no fabrication capabilities of its own, this is a significant moment.
02 Jun 2023

Webinar: How Battery Pricing Could Make or Break EVs in Construction

The construction industry is in the early stages of electrification. Many of the leading OEMs now have multiple electric offerings over a range of machine types and the electric construction vehicle market is beginning to take off
02 Jun 2023

Methane Pyrolysis: Unlocking the Potential of Turquoise Hydrogen

In the rapidly evolving landscape of hydrogen, the global push for low-carbon hydrogen production is accelerating the exploration of sustainable, scalable, and economically viable technologies.
01 Jun 2023

Is This A Turning Point For Consolidation In Additive Manufacturing?

In the past decade or so, the additive manufacturing industry has been characterized by an ever-increasing number of hardware players trying to capture their own share of the market. While there were signs of consolidation in the early 2010s, given major moves by industry leaders like Stratasys and 3D Systems, AM has instead seen a consistent stream of newcomers with their own innovative takes on AM, such that IDTechEx now segments their 3D printing hardware forecast by seventeen different categories to account for such diversity.
31 May 2023

Why Na-Ion Attraction Lies in Composition Rather Than Performance

Na-ion is probably the most prominent metal-ion battery chemistry outside of Li-ion, working via the same 'rocking chair' (where the alkali-ion shuttles from a non-metal anode to a cathode during discharge and vice versa during charge) principle of reversible cation intercalation, at a positive and negative electrode.
30 May 2023

Upcoming Webinar: A Primer on the Energy Storage & Hydrogen Landscape

Wednesday 14 June 2023 - Key for Decarbonisation but Challenges Lie Ahead. Li-ion batteries; Li-ion second-life and battery recycling; Alternative battery chemistries and energy storage technologies; Green and blue hydrogen
26 May 2023

The Major Application Areas Driving the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Market

The desire for zero-emission power generation has seen solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) touted as a possible solution. SOFC's capability to run on hydrogen and at a higher efficiency than alternative fuel cells when providing combined heat and power (CHP) is an enticing prospect, while fuel flexibility allows for a transition from hydrocarbons towards zero emission power generation as part of the hydrogen economy.