Research Articles

23 May 2022

How Will Walmart's RFID Mandate Impact RFID Adoption in Retail?

The big news in the RFID industry at the start of 2022 was Walmart's announcement — the world's leading retailer revealed plans to expand RFID use from retail apparel to other retail departments. What effect will this have on RFID adoption in retail?
20 May 2022

Join the Upcoming IDTechEx Webinar on Service Robots

Thursday 26 May 2022 - Summary of service robots; Dominant and non-dominant applications of service robots; Analysis of the drivers and barriers to the non-dominant applications; Introduction of major market players; Opportunities and market gaps of the non-dominant applications; and more!
19 May 2022

Mass Digitization to Drive Gas Sensor Growth to $8.4 Billion

Gas sensors are simultaneously an established and emerging industry, creating a complex web of technologies and applications for stakeholders to understand. Detection methods span a diverse technology landscape, ranging from semiconductor and optical to acoustic and photoionization.
19 May 2022

CGMs Could Be Significant Driver for Diabetes Digital Health Industry

Glucose monitoring is an integral part of diabetes management, and test strips have historically been the predominant method of measuring blood glucose. However, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) have emerged as a major competitor over the last decade.
16 May 2022

Raising the Bar for Wearable Fitness

Smartwatches have soared in popularity in recent years, with their motion and heart rate sensors tracking the activity of millions worldwide. However, not all activity can be monitored using step counts - limiting the appeal of existing wearable technology to many gym-goers and amateur athletes.
16 May 2022

Join the Upcoming Webinar on Electric Vehicle Markets Land, Sea, Air

Thursday 19 May 2022 - The Targets, the Sales and the Shortages. This webinar will provide a snapshot of electric car, electric two-wheeler, electric bus, electric truck, electric boat and electric air taxi (aka eVTOL) markets in 2021, with discussion around short-term outlooks.
13 May 2022

Electric Vehicles Land, Sea, Air - Record Growth as Challenges Mount

Elon Musk once made a prediction that every form of transport, with the exception of space-faring rockets, will become electric. This prediction is starting to materialize as markets for electric cars, trucks, buses, boats, two-wheelers and air taxis reached new heights in 2021.
10 May 2022

New IDTechEx Report Explores the Future of Carbon Utilization

As mitigating the effects of climate change becomes one of the world's top priorities, carbon dioxide utilization (CO2U) technologies have been set forth as part of the solution.
05 May 2022

The Rise of the Carbon Nanotube Battery

It is impossible to avoid headlines about the "graphene battery"; the concept of this Nobel Prize winning nanomaterial revolutionizing the energy storage market is naturally very enticing, but it is graphene's older sibling carbon nanotubes that have progressed beyond the hype and disillusionment phases of their commercial journey by finding a value-add high volume energy storage adoption.
04 May 2022

Join the Upcoming Webinar on Service Robots - Who Are the Winners?

Thursday 12 May 2022, presented by IDTechEx Technology Analyst Yulin Wang - Service Robots: Automate People's Lives and Multiple Industries - Who Are the Winners?
04 May 2022

How Does the "Goods-To-Person" Method Improve Warehouse Efficiency?

Recently, implementing mobile robots in warehouses for automation has been increasingly popular, and the market of logistic mobile robotics attracts millions or even billions of dollars of investments every year, according to IDTechEx's report "Mobile Robotics in Logistics, Warehousing and Delivery 2022-2042". There are some forms of mobile robotic systems that can complete the "goods-to-person" operations in a more flexible, scalable, and efficient way.
03 May 2022

Metal Additive Manufacturing: Don't Tell Me, Show Me

Since 3D Systems commercialized stereolithography 30 years ago, 3D printer manufacturers who invented their own proprietary technology predominantly followed the same business strategy: selling their printers to customers. Until recently, it was the norm for established and rising 3D printing players, both in metal and polymer additive manufacturing, to follow the same path.