Research Articles

18 Jun 2020

CRISPR Technology Could Democratise Agriculture

Humans have been manipulating the DNA of the organisms around us in agriculture for thousands of years, using selective breeding to create sweeter fruit, hardier grains, cows that produce more milk, and many more valuable traits.
18 Jun 2020

Fuel Cells and Electrolysers 3D Printing: New Approach

Fuel cells able to convert hydrogen into electricity are called to play an important role in the energy transition towards a future with zero-emissions.
17 Jun 2020

Flexible Hybrid Electronics: Strategies to Enable Cheaper Substrates

Picture a flexible circuit board (FPCB) and you will almost inevitably visualise a sheet of orange/brown plastic, probably with a few copper traces and maybe some soldered components on it. This plastic is PI (polyimide/Kapton), and its ubiquity is primarily due to its temperature resistance and general durability.
17 Jun 2020

Webinar - Energy Harvesting Microwatt-Gigawatt: New Directions

Materials suppliers need to appraise opportunities at all power levels of energy harvesting. Those developing, making and using harvesters providing microwatts to GW need to see the big picture and how they can expand into it.
16 Jun 2020

Updating the e-Textiles Mantra: An Analyst's Commentary

A recent article by IDTechEx Principal Analyst, James Hayward, written on the need to update e-textiles' traditional mantra which implies that "technology + comfort = success".
15 Jun 2020

Will Augmented Reality Become the Next Leader for Sports Metrics?

By 2030, $20Bn of the AR/VR market are expected to be standalone-AR devices. As a result, will augmented reality become the next leader for sports metrics?
15 Jun 2020

Wearables: 5 Key Conclusions From IDTechEx's Latest Research

2019 saw the largest single year growth rate for wearable technology product revenue since 2015
15 Jun 2020

Webinar - Digital Health: Gaining Momentum From a Global Pandemic

In this webinar, IDTechEx Senior Technology Analyst Dr Nadia Tsao will review the branches of digital health and provide updates on how they have been affected by COVID-19.
12 Jun 2020

Upcoming Webinar on Electronics as Smart Materials

In this webinar IDTechEx Chairman, Dr Peter Harrop, describes a large new opportunity for added value materials suppliers. Electronics and electrics are moving from components-in-a-box to user "edit-able" composites, stretchable film and even paint.
11 Jun 2020

End-Of-Life Electric Vehicle Batteries: Recycling or Second-Life?

With the rapid adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), the demand for Li-ion batteries will grow significantly in the coming decades. In the meanwhile, as EV batteries begin to reach their end-of-life, we will see an exponential growth of retired Li-ion batteries coming out of vehicles.
11 Jun 2020

5G Market is at the Tipping Point

5G is considered as one of the largest market opportunities in the coming years, with large scale roll-out of infrastructures and rapid adoption of 5G devices and services. 5G will not only accelerate the growth and expansion of telecom; it will also redefine and accelerate industries such as automotive, entertainment, computing, and manufacturing.
10 Jun 2020

Printed Sensors: Emerging Applications Outweigh Test Strip Decline

Asked to picture a printed sensor, you might well imagine a paper test strip for measuring blood glucose concentration. After all, such test strips comprise the majority of the printed sensor market, with billions used each year by diabetics around the world. However, this ubiquitous application masks a highly complex, fragmented and in some cases rapidly growing market that spans applications ranging from image sensing to wearable electrodes.