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31 Aug 2021

Why Driving Will be Outlawed by 2050

Autonomous cars will match or exceed human safety by 2024, after which they will grow rapidly at a CAGR of 30% finds IDTechEx's new report "Autonomous Cars, Robotaxis & Sensors 2022-2042". By the 2040s, they will be capable of fulfilling the world's mobility needs without a single collision. So why should humans be allowed to continue driving?
31 Aug 2021

Join the Upcoming Webinar: Metamaterials Becoming Big Business

Thursday 16 September 2021 - Why are the most popular applications being added beyond today's popular microwave frequencies for deployed metamaterials? Why will sophisticated metasurfaces be essential for planned terahertz 6G communications, transforming your mobile phone and much more?
26 Aug 2021

Crossover to Electric Aircraft Well Progressed

Electraflyer has announced that it has passed crossover, meaning it now sells more battery-electric aircraft than polluting ones. Pipistrel sold over 100 battery-electric aircraft last year as they take over from its traditional offerings. Bye Aerospace does not even make conventional aircraft. With its Tesla-style approach, its order book exceeds 720 battery-electric aircraft evenly split between two and four-seaters. As the IDTechEx report, "Manned Electric Aircraft: Smart City and Regional 2021-2041" points out, this has caught Cessna, Cirrus and Piper by surprise.
26 Aug 2021

Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs): The Successor to Solder?

Join the IDTechEx Webinar Thursday 9 September 2021 - An introduction for Electrically conductive adhesives; A summary of different competing die attach technologies; The main applications of ECAs; The main materials used for ECAs; and A summary of the growing and changing market for ECAs.
25 Aug 2021

Thermoelectric U-Turn Gains Momentum

Thermoelectrics is a business impeded by the use of the toxic rare metal Tellurium. Commendably, there is a trend to alternatives in research but few volume sales as yet in any of the three uses. These are energy harvesting to make electricity where it is needed and the more successful cooling and heating, those last two constituting very-reliable, solid heat pumps.
24 Aug 2021

Join the Upcoming Webinar - 5G Small Cells: Technologies and Markets

Thursday 2 September - 5G small cells overview (players analysis, product benchmark, technologies trend, technology benchmark); How digital transformation of our society will be realized by 5G small cells; How 5G small cells are compared to other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi 6; 5G small cell market and the future outlook
23 Aug 2021

Join the Upcoming Webinar: Mining Electrification - New Directions

Thursday 26 August 2021 - Why is even seasonal storage a new requirement? How is it that storage by compressed air, gravity and other non-battery options closely leverage mine assets for greater safety and viability? Why does next generation solar fit so well in mines? and more.
23 Aug 2021

Many Trends to Track for Li-ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles

With the growing momentum behind the electric vehicle market comes an added importance of understanding the Li-ion batteries that power them, the variety of design choices available, and trends in their implementation.
20 Aug 2021

Tesla Autopilot: AV or not AV, That is the Question

This week the US federal agency governing road safety has announced an investigation into Tesla and its self-driving car claims, bringing the challenges of autonomous vehicle adoption to the spotlight.
19 Aug 2021

Metamaterials Everywhere: The Invaluable Multibillion-Dollar Business

Metamaterials are added-value materials. The IDTechEx report, "Metamaterial and Metasurface Markets Electromagnetic 2022-2042" helps you prosper by making and deploying them everywhere. Who should you partner with, emulate or buy?
19 Aug 2021

National Aviation Day: Bumblebees and Electric Aircraft Cannot Fly

To mark National Aviation Day, a celebration of the history and development of aviation, IDTechEx analysts consider the future of electric aircraft.
18 Aug 2021

AI in Drug Discovery Requires Extensive Chemical Libraries

AI in drug discovery is a field that has received an immense increase in interest, uptake, and investment over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While lockdowns forced everyone around the world to explore virtual ways of working, the biopharma industry faced the additional task of quickly developing new drugs for the treatment of COVID-19. Enter the application of AI in drug discovery - a technology that promises to drastically cut down timelines and costs, and potentially, develop safer and more efficacious drugs.