Dr Xiaoxi He Research Director, Topic Lead

Dr Xiaoxi He is a Research Director at IDTechEx. Since joining in 2014, she has been conducting technology scouting and bench-marking, doing market research and analysis, providing player assessment and evaluation and offering business insights and opinions on emerging technologies. Xiaoxi has helped multiple customers to understand their technology capabilities for existing and various emerging markets, as well as to find out potential commercial opportunities and strategies.
Xiaoxi covers devices and materials technologies, which involves a deep understanding of diversified technologies and markets. She also leads IDTechEx's coverage and analysis of high-tech innovations in China, regularly interviewing key Chinese innovators and speaking at key conferences.
Xiaoxi is based in Cambridge, UK.
Xiaoxi obtained her PhD at the Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge. Prior to that, she completed her MSc at the University of Ulm (Germany) on advanced materials and her BSc degree in physics at Shandong University (China). Xiaoxi has authored several publications in leading peer-reviewed journals. She speaks Chinese (Mandarin) and English.
Research field
At IDTechEx Xiaoxi has worked on next generation devices and materials such as micro-LED displays, emerging displays, quantum dot, perovskite solar cells, lidar and automation, facial recognition, fingerprint sensors, voice/speech technologies, human-machine interface technologies and advanced materials. She is also leading the energy storage research including solid-state batteries and flexible, thin-film, printed batteries.
A selection of Xiaoxi's work is listed below:
  • Xiaoxi helped a global electrical equipment manufacturing company to understand the existing products, emerging technologies, potential applications and market status of spatial light modulators.
  • A technology company would like to make strategic partnership with a promising solid-state battery company. Xiaoxi researched the field of solid-state battery and provided due diligence and appraisal of 9 leaders in this space from aspects such as technology, business, supply chain and partnerships etc., as well as offered independent opinions on these companies. This finally led to a strategic investment and co-development agreement.
  • An international automotive company was interested in affect/event-aware technologies used for automotive application. Xiaoxi provided an introduction to the progresses on the affect/event-aware technologies and offered analysis based on case studies focusing the following aspects: detected affects in the system, sense technologies, feedback/act for the system and algorithms. Commercial status and player evaluation were also provided in the research.
  • A global electronics company wanted to evaluate the quantum dots technology and commercial landscape. Xiaoxi supported the client in identifying, profiling, and assessing all the key quantum dot firms working across all material compositions (Cd, InP, perovskite, etc.) and applications (displays, lighting, SWIR sensing, etc.). Furthermore, she identified all the existing technology challenges facing the development of SWIR sensors and emissive QLED technology. On the latter, she examined the challenge of EQE for toxicant-free QDs, low luminance, lack of suitable blue materials, band alignment in stack materials and charge efficiency, printing or other production techniques, and so on. She led to conduct a review to outline all strategies being pursued to overcome these challenges. The analysis supported the client in developing a deep understanding of the landscape and in identifying what will need to be achieved to commercialize QLEDs in particular.
  • Xiaoxi has helped a multi-billion international medical company to find a flexible battery partner for their new device. Here, she identified the most suitable battery technology and chemistry that satisfied the clients energy, form factor, and size requirements. she then scouted the technology and market landscape to identify companies with existing or potential capability to address the need. she verified all the analysis and benchmarking by interviewing all the players. This enabled her to focus on a select few developers around the globe and to set up partnerships for our client.
  • Helped a fortune 500 company to form a technology ecosystem to commercialize a wearable product that requires a battery technology with a special form factor.
  • Helped a $3 billion company to identify how their nano-material can deliver value in advanced and post lithium-ion battery technologies.
  • Helped a $ 26 billion global company to carry out technology scouting and bench-marking on existing technologies in various areas that can be applied for emerging displays.
  • Provided technology and market research on energy harvesting for a $50 billion global company, covering all energy harvesting technologies as well as top players.
  • Helped an international company to conduct sensor business research.
  • Helped a global company to conduct market and technology research of advanced materials used for display applications.
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