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Toyobo is composed of four major business units and based on the technology of modification, polymerization, processing and bio-science. The key focus is specifically functional polymers and materials business. Toyobo "Vylon" is the functional co-polyester resin created by advanced high-molecular weight polymerization technology and available for various applications in adhesive, coating and sealant industries etc.
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Toyobo Co., Ltd.
10 Mar 2020

Polyimide Flexible Film Replaces Glass, Silicon Wafer, Ceramics and Me

Founded as a textile company in 1882, the TOYOBO Group has been utilizing its four core technologies - polymerization, modification, processing and biotechnologies - for creating a better society. We exhibit our cutting-edge products including dimensionally-stable polyimide film(Xenomax), world's strongest fibre (Zylon), stretchable conductive film(COCOMI).
9 Mar 2020

Intelligent Sheet Music Uses Light Weight Substrates Instead of Glass

Founded as a textile company in 1882, the TOYOBO Group has been utilizing its four core technologies - polymerization, modification, processing and biotechnologies - for creating a better society. We exhibit our cutting-edge products including dimensionally-stable polyimide film(Xenomax), world's strongest fiber(Zylon), stretchable conductive film(COCOMI).
20 Nov 2019

Creating Flexible TFT Substrates With TOYOBO's Epoch-Making Manufacturing Technologies

Toyobo, Japan
18 Nov 2019

Toyobo Will Exhibit Cutting Edge Technologies at IDTechEx Show!

The Toyobo Group will exhibit its products at IDTechEx Show! - one of the world's biggest state-of-the-art technology exhibitions - on November 20 and 21 in Santa Clara, California. Under the theme of "Exploring New Horizons with You," the Toyobo booth will give visitors first-hand experience of products and technologies that help make daily lives richer and more convenient.
14 Nov 2019

Toyobo (Cocomi)

IDTechEx met with Kazunori Hirata and Tomoyuki Miyamoto from Toyobo at their site in Osaka, Japan. They gave us a brief update of their progress with their e-textile product "Cocomi".
18 Sep 2019

At Last a Smart Materials Event for Business Deals

The IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara, California on November 20-21 has it all. There will be over 270 exhibitors engaging with 3,500 attendees; seven parallel conferences and even masterclasses on November 19 and 22, with matchmaking services and awards. Land the big order or at least come away "married" and famous!
2 Aug 2019


Synvina is a wholly owned subsidiary of Avantium and uses the YXY Process to produce biobased FDCA and PEF.
3 Jul 2019

Conductive Inks: Power Electronics, EMI Shielding, In-Mold Electronics

Every year IDTechEx Research publishes an article that reflects the latest trends in the conductive ink industry. These articles are based on IDTechEx Research's report "Conductive Ink Markets 2019-2029: Forecasts, Technologies, Players", which is the result of ongoing research over the past eight years. This year IDTechEx will give an update on multiple less mature trends which offer high growth potential.
27 Nov 2017

Stretchable and Conformable Electronics: Heading Toward Market Reality

Stretchable and conformal electronics are more than just novelties. This article by IDTechEx analysts Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh and James Hayward, first published in SID Information Display, describes how many of the simpler and less glamorous aspects of stretchable and conformable devices have already been commercialized or are very close to being commercialized.
7 Jun 2017

Stretchable electronics: near term commercial success stories

In this article we highlight one stretchable electronics technologies with potential to become near-term success stories: interconnects.
3 May 2017

Stretchable electronics: everything you need to know

Stretchable Electronics is a term that conceals great diversity. Indeed, it is an umbrella term that refers to a whole host of emerging electronic materials, components and devices that exhibit some degree of mechanical stretchability.
26 Apr 2017

In mold electronics: the next frontier for transparent conductive film

In Mold Electronics is making a commercial comeback. The behind-the-scenes interest in IME remains robust. The first wave of products are close to market launch, the value networks are being enhanced, volume manufacturers are more engaged than ever, and the material set is transitioning beyond conductive inks to include transparent conductive films, sensors, actuators, and so on. Overall, we expect 2017/18 to the years when IME applications finally grow after years of on and off starts.
16 Nov 2016

Activities Of TOYOBO Mainly Focusing On Stretchable Conductive Ink And Smart Textiles

Toyobo Co Ltd, Japan
12 Oct 2016

Latest trends in the conductive inks business

IDTechEx Research analysis showed that the conductive ink business was on the cusp of rapid and comprehensive change. Changing business dynamics has forced many suppliers to change strategy, focusing on many emerging and nascent applications in the hope that some will grow in the future to compensate for the commoditization and/or decline in core markets. In this article, we bring you an update on some of the latest trends and developments.
31 May 2016

Will conductive inks help wearables go truly wearable?

The first generation of wearable devices are constructed using mature, rigid technologies put inside a new box that can be worn. These are often bulky devices that are not truly wearable in the sense that our clothes are. This is, however, beginning to change, albeit slowly.
15 Feb 2016

Conductive inks and paste: everything is changing

The conductive inks and paste business has come alive again. In this article IDTechEx Research will explain this business in detail and will describe how and why everything is changing.
13 Oct 2015

Creative Materials - Conductive Adhesives

11 Sep 2015

Emerging application areas for silver nanoparticle inks

Silver nanoparticles have been in the technology-push and pre-commercialisation phase for almost a decade now. May companies have come and gone, and yet success has remained largely elusive. The mood is however beginning to turn. The business landscape, once dominated by small pioneering firms, now also includes large suppliers. The end users, once put off by the high up-front price as well as performance uncertainty of Ag nanoinks, are now seriously engaged. This article gives a top-level overview of several emerging applications areas.
10 Mar 2014

Fujikura Kasei Co Ltd

21 Nov 2013

Cu-Paste Sintered by Superheated Steam

Toyobo, Japan