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US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
12 Aug


IDTechEx spoke to Dr Anil Singhal, Vice President of Worldwide Operations at iSchemaView. This company's technology, RAPID, is a stroke detection platform which delivers software tools for diagnosing and treating this condition.
12 Aug


IDTechEx spoke to Matthieu Letombe, CEO of Withings. It is a health accessory company committed to developing the next generation of smart health solutions.
12 Aug

Catalia Health

IDTechEx spoke to Dr Cory Kidd, CEO of Catalia Health. The company developed Mabu, a 'Wellness coach' robot designed to improve chronic disease care management.
9 Aug


IDTechEx spoke to Ksenia Belkina, Founder & CEO of Cardiomo. This company produces a small patch which provides continuous and real time cardiac monitoring.
9 Aug


IDTechEx spoke to Dr Matt Banet, President & Chief Scientific Officer of toSense. This company develops and manufactures wearable devices for the monitoring of vital signs.
9 Aug


IDTechEx spoke with Sam Liu, Vice President of Marketing at VivaLNK. This company provides connected wearable solutions that capture and analyse human vitals and biometrics for continuous patient monitoring.
9 Aug

EKO Health

IDTechEx spoke to Jason Bellet, co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer of EKO Health. It is a cardiac monitoring company which provides a means to screen for and monitor cardiac disorders using non-invasive connected devices.
9 Aug

Tyto Care

IDTechEx spoke to Ophir Lotan, Head of Product and Implementation at TytoCare. This company has developed devices to connect patients to clinicians to provide remote home examination and diagnosis solutions.
9 Aug

Non-invasive microcurrent waveforms to provide sinus pain relief

ClearUP is a small hand-held device that uses non-invasive microcurrent waveforms to provide sinus pain relief for both year-round and seasonal allergies.
8 Aug

Tarilian Laser Technologies

IDTechEx spoke with Dr Sandeep Shah, Co-founder & CEO of Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT). TLT produces blood pressure monitoring wearable devices.
8 Aug

Yale, Mayo Clinic to use data from wearables for drug development

This trial is one of a new breed of clinical trials which showcase the potential of patient-centered research, taking advantage of portable and comfortable medical-grade wearables and innovative big-data platforms.
23 Jul


IDTechEx spoke to Dr Jean-Joseph Christophe, CEO and R&D Director of CArdiac Simulation & Imaging Software (CASIS). This company produces and commercialises an MRI imaging analysis software.
15 Jul


IDTechEx spoke to Dr Campbell Rogers (MD), Executive VP and Chief Medical Officer at HeartFlow. This medical technology company provides a non-invasive method of diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease.
8 Jul

Fukuda Denshi

Fukuda Denshi are a $1.2bn medical devices company based in Japan. They have developed a skin patch for cardiac monitoring, focusing on the detection of atrial fibrillation (AF) in the period after a heart failure event. IDTechEx interviewed Shoei Kimoto, Hiroma Kobayashi and Tsukasa Toma at their site in Tokyo.
5 Jul

Six "firsts" in electroceutical approvals of 2019

IDTechEx has been following the field of bioelectronic medicine over the past year and have identified several fast-growing areas, including peripheral nerve stimulation, which is forecast to grow at 35% CARG for 2019 - 2029. Several firsts in regulatory approvals and clearances of bioelectronic medicine devices over the first half of 2019 mark important initial steps in growing the market and increasing the number of patients being treated by these technologies. Please refer to the IDTechEx market research report "Bioelectronic Medicine 2019-2029" for more information.
3 Jul

Bringing neuromodulation therapies to drug-resistant epilepsy patients

Despite medical and surgical advances to treat epilepsy, between 15 and 40 percent of patients continue to suffer from seizures. A significant service gap exists to bring new therapies -- called neuromodulation -- that could help many of these patients.
1 Jul

Dynofit, Inc

Dynofit, Inc provides patients and their therapists with muscle activity data in real time, which can be used to track patients' muscle strength or recovery during physical or occupational therapy.
28 Jun


IDTechEx spoke to Taras Silecky, Chief Business Development Officer at Rijuven. This company provides remote patient monitoring and diagnosis solutions and improving care away from the healthcare settings.
28 Jun


IDTechEx spoke to Dr Jean-Marc Peyrat, CEO and co-founder of inHEART. This company develops medical imaging processing and visualisation tools for the treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders.
24 Jun

3-D makeup printer: Stream your makeup on-demand

The Mink printer is the world's first 3D makeup printer enabling users to bring their beauty content to life, instantly transforming images into wearable makeup.