3D Sensing & Imaging with Laser Diodes: Electronics, Automotive & Industrial

Laser diodes are compact and energy efficient semiconductor technologies, which are available at unit prices below $1 (USD) for mass produced devices. Products are offered in many wavelengths from ultraviolet to long-wave infrared, and the power output of a single laser diode can range from milliwatt to multi-watt levels. During the past three decades, the average power of laser diodes has increased exponentially, while their average price has decreased exponentially. The global market for laser diodes will reach a size of $11.952 billion by 2029, and remarkably, the optical sensing segment grows by an order of magnitude during this period.
Emerging laser diode technologies are transforming optical sensing markets. A key trend in 2019 is the rise of vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) technology for applications like facial recognition in smartphones. Another rapidly evolving laser technology is lidar, originally an acronym of Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR). Over the next decade, we expect increased adoption of laser technologies in the autonomous vehicle industry as light sources for automotive lidar and in-cabin monitoring systems. Laser diodes for sensing are manufactured by multinational giants like Sony (Japan), laser industry key players like II-VI Incorporated (USA), and smaller companies like CNI (China) who have expertise in machine vision. For the latter, innovations in industrial machine vision enable process automation and a rapid transition to Industry 4.0.
This webinar provides an overview of the following:
  • Technical introduction: device structures, properties and applications
  • Optical sensing market: laser diode market segments, key players, market forecast
  • Evolution of laser power and price
  • Innovations in laser-based sensing for consumer electronics
  • Innovations in laser-based sensing for automotive lidar
  • Innovations in laser-based sensing for industrial machine vision
This webinar is based on the recent IDTechEx report titled Laser Diodes & Direct Diode Lasers 2019-2029. It is delivered by Dr Nilushi Wijeyasinghe, who is a technology analyst with prior experience in laser physics and semiconductor physics research.


Dr Nilushi Wijeyasinghe
Dr Nilushi Wijeyasinghe
Technology Analyst