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HQ CountryUnited States
ProfileGE Global Research is one of the world's most diversified industrial research labs, providing innovative technology for all of GE's businesses. Global Research has been the cornerstone of GE technology for more than 100 years, developing breakthrough innovations in areas such as medical imaging, energy generation technology, jet engines and lighting. GE Global Research is headquartered in Niskayuna, New York and has facilities in Bangalore, India, Shanghai, China and Munich, Germany. For more information, visit: {{}}

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Closing The Gap Between Existing And Needed Sensors For The Internet-of-Things ApplicationsDr Radislav Potyrailo, Principal Scientist20 Nov 2014
A New Concept in Passive RFID Vapour SensorsDr Radislav Potyrailo, Principal Scientist28 Sep 2011
Interconnects in Photovoltaic ModulesDr Kaustubh R Nagarkar, Electronic Pkg Engineer, Micro/Nano Structures2 Dec 2010
Passive 16-Bit Resolution RFID Sensors for Gases and LiquidsDr Radislav Potyrailo, Principal Scientist26 May 2010
Passive Chemical and Biological RFID SensorsDr Radislav Potyrailo, Principal Scientist4 Nov 2009

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