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3D Printing LIVE!

3D Printing LIVE! 2014

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Conference and tradeshow covering the current and future markets and technologies of 3D Printing.

The speaker program is carefully crafted by IDTechEx analysts who have studied and interviewed key suppliers and users involved in 3D Printing. Hear from over 40 speakers covering:

  • End-user needs and sector requirements: case studies, requirements, opportunities.
  • Full spectrum of 3D printing processes and materials.
  • Market insight and sector appraisal: profitability, market sizing, opportunities.

Confirmed Speakers Include:


Click here to see full list of speakers.


Conference sessions

Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the state-of-the-art in 3D Printing. End-users across a range of application areas will report on their experiences and requirements and the latest technological advances will be presented. This is an exciting technological innovation that has undergone an explosion in interest in recent years. 3D Printing LIVE! will cut through all the hype however and present a measured but nonetheless fast-paced view of the current and future potential of 3D Printing across a range of markets. Meet the key players and end-users at this major conference and tradeshow.

End-user sessions will cover the following market verticals for 3D Printing with presentations from end users:

Aerospace   Automotive   Consumer
Education   Jewelry   Medical/Dental


Covering technology appraisal, trends, geographic progress and opportunities across:

Printing processes   Materials
• Extrusion
• Melting/sintering
• Stereolithography
• Digital light processing
• Jetting
• Welding
• Bio printing
• Two photo lithography
• Lamination
  • Photopolymers
• Thermoplastics
• Powders: metal, plastic, ceramic,   glass, plaster, sand etc
• Other mechanical materials
• Stretchable/flexible
• Conductive
• Transparent
• Biomaterials
Structural innovation   Post-processing opportunities
Patents/IP   Software


Co-located events

3D Printing LIVE! will be co-located alongside a series of highly-relevant and synergic tradeshows and conferences on Printed Electronics, Wearable Technologies and the Internet of Things. The speakers, attendees and exhibitors will all have access to all co-located events. Each of these events is a leading business-orientated event in its own right, attracting key players across the value chain from investors and end-users to component and material suppliers. These well-established events attract in excess of 2,500 attendees with 200 exhibitors expected.

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is the use of a machine to convert digital designs into real objects via the deposition of material. According to research by IDTechEx in the report 3D Printing 2014-2025: Technologies, Markets, Players, the market for 3D printing equipment, materials and software will grow from about $1.5 billion this year to $4 billion in 2025. IDTechEx has interviewed over 50 key suppliers on 3D Printing and met many more around the world. We will provide an impartial, realistic look at the opportunities as shown below

3D Printing Applications Plotted on the Hype-cycle

Source: IDTechEx report. Learn more about 3D Printing here.