Connecting the EDGE
November 18 - 19, 2020 Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA


IDTechEx Show!

Internet of Things USA is co-located with the following relevant events. Each of the events are full two-day executive conferences, co-located with a common exhibition. We co-locate these events because there is strong overlap across these topics, exposing you to the full relevant supply chains and customer and supplier bases, saving you time and money from attending separate events.

Attendees at the conference will gain a comprehensive understanding of the state-of-the-art in 3D Printing & 3D Electronics, including its convergence with Printed Electronics and other functionalities. End-users across a range of application areas will report on their experiences and requirements and the latest technological advances will be presented.
In the whole world, only this conference looks at the total reinvention of electric vehicles and how the components opportunity is far bigger than it seems. New electric bus and aircraft technology. How the energy independence market (on-board solar, wind, tire, suspension electricity etc) will dwarf commoditised autonomy electronics. Appraise magnetic cement for dynamic charging, GaAs solar, GaN power, new supercapacitors and batteries, merged power electronics. Learn how open sourcing and different car design means micro car factories compete head-on with giants.

Topics covered include

  • Keynotes
  • Voice of the OEMs
  • EVs beyond Cars


  • Thermal Management Materials
  • Powertrain Innovations
  • Material Opportunities for EVs
This annual IDTechEx event focuses on future energy storage solutions, including advanced- and post-Lithium-ion technologies, new form factors and emerging applications. IDTechEx brings together different players in the value chain, from material & technology developers to integrators to end-users, providing insight on forthcoming technologies, material selection, market trends and latest products.

Topics covered include

  • Keynotes
  • Batteries for Electric Vehicles
  • Batteries for Healthcare


  • Next-Generation Batteries
  • Solid-State Batteries
  • Flexible, Printed and Stretchable Batteries
  • Supercapacitors
This event will cover all promising applications of graphene, including graphene composites, supercapacitors and batteries, functional inks, logic and memory, touch screens, sensors and bio-electronics and beyond. Our audience will develop a comprehensive yet detailed understanding of the state of technology and market per graphene application area.

Topics covered include

  • Keynotes
  • Major Graphene Applications
  • Advanced Carbon Based Sensors
  • Carbon Nanotubes
  • 2D Materials beyond Graphene
  • Graphene Players
  • Emerging Applications
This event addresses the opportunity for the Internet of Things. It addresses the business models, case studies, actions, profitability and missing gaps. It covers case studies within key market verticals and appraises the new enabling technologies coming onstream. Event will help you assess your business strategy and timing, the technical, consumer and governmental challenges, new business models and opportunities.

Topics covered include

  • Keynotes
  • IoT Connectivity
  • Smart City/Smart Buildings


  • Indudtrial IoT/ Industry 4.0
  • The Booming RFID Industry
  • AI and Blockchain
This event focuses on the commercialisation of the technology, covering broadly organic, inorganic, thin film and flexible nanotechnologies. We have some of the world's largest end user companies presenting on their needs and experience with printed electronics, and many are in attendance to learn how they can use these new technologies in their products.

Topics covered include

  • Keynotes
  • Printed Electronics in Automotive and Industrial Applications
  • Printed Electronics in Healthcare
  • Hybrid Electronics: Systems and Manufacturing Advances
  • 3D Printed Electronics


  • Digital Smart Packaging
  • New Applications for Conductive Inks
  • Printing Developments and Breakthroughs
  • Flexible, Foldable OLED and Quantum Dot Displays
  • Flexible, Foldable Reflective, MicroLED Displays and Lighting
  • Transparent Conductive Films and Barrier Films
  • Flexible Energy Harvesting Technologies
The conference and exhibition enabling the commercialisation of disruptive sensor technologies. This event will bring together material suppliers, sensor manufacturers and end users. With a program selected by analysts and industry experts, Sensors USA is the place to find the technologies and business partners to create the most innovative products.

Topics covered include

  • Keynotes
  • Point-of-Care Biosensors
  • Sensors for Imaging and 3D Sensing


  • Gas Sensors
  • Flexible, Printed and Large Area Sensors
  • Sensor Applications
  • HMI Sensing Innovations
This event focuses on wearable technologies, applications and their commercialisation progress. End users will outline their requirements and wish-list, while also discussing their latest progress. Suppliers, academics and other technologists will focus on critical enabling technologies that will shape the future of wearable technologies.

Topics covered include

  • Keynotes
  • E-textiles - Products and Markets
  • E-textiles - Materials and Components
  • Wearables in Healthcare


  • Electronic Skin Patches
  • Wearables in Healthcare
  • Hearables
  • XR: AR,VR,MR and more