The following, optional masterclasses will be held at the main conference venue on the day prior to, and day following, the main conference. These expert-led masterclasses are interactive consultancy sessions. At each masterclass you will have the chance to handle many samples, and take away printed copies of presentations. They will ensure you get the most from the conference and leave with answers to your questions.

All Masterclasses will be held in State Room 3 on the third floor of the Adam's Mark Hotel.

Masterclass 1 - Introduction to Active RFID

Tuesday December 4, Morning, 8:30am - 11:30am

Registration starts at 8:00am


Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman - IDTechEx
Dr Guru Raj, RFID Manager - Maxim-Dallas Semiconductor
Mr Mike Beigel, President & Project Director - Beigel Technology Corporation
  • Technology choices, challenges, opportunities
  • Applications and market forecasts
  • Near Field Communication  the active RFID reader in a phone.
  • Active RFID combined with GPS, GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth etc


Masterclass 2 - Real Time Locating Systems
and Ubiquitous Sensor Networks

Tuesday December 4, Afternoon, 2:30pm - 5:30pm

Registration starts at 2:00pm


Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman - IDTechEx
Dr Neal Patwari, Assistant Professor - University of Utah
This Masterclass addresses the needs of both potential users and suppliers to understand RTLS AND USN developments from Korea to Europe and the USA. Where are we now in the technology and the market and what comes next? What are the emerging needs and killer applications and how will the market develop over the next ten years? It is all here in interactive form.:
  • Types of RTLS
  • Uses for RTLS, trends, suppliers to watch
  • Forecasts
  • Ubiquitous Sensor Networks, including smart dust, Smart Media and similar concepts
  • Types of USN, trials and impediments, suppliers to watch
  • Problems with mesh networks for USN
  • Forecasts


Masterclass 3 - Batteries and Photovoltaics for Active RFID

Friday December 7, Morning, 9:00am - 12:00pm

Registration starts at 8:30am


Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman - IDTechEx
Dr Bruce Kahn - Printed Electronics Consulting
Mr Gary Johnson, President and CEO - Thin Battery Technology
An active tag has power in the tag. In the past that has meant sealed-in special batteries and some standard cylindrical batteries but now most active RFID involves button batteries. For the future we need lower cost, smaller size and sometimes recharging of batteries by means of photovoltaics in the tag. This Masterclass looks at these trends, the developers to watch and the future needs, not least as very large volumes of very small active tags and co-deposited batteries and RFID are needed. Battery needs for semi-passive vs. semi active and active tags
  • Button batteries  the most popular power for active RFID today.
  • Limitations.
  • Laminar and printed batteries begin to take over. Limitations and exciting new breakthroughs
  • Micro batteries and their development for USN
  • Manganese dioxide zinc vs. lithium etc. Inorganic vs. organic.
  • Photovoltaics will have a place, including versions that work in the dark.
  • Choices of PV and launch programs  DSSC, CIGS, organics and others.
  • Uses, trends, suppliers to watch
  • Forecasts


The third annual Active RFID, Real Time Locating Systems and Sensor Networks event from IDTechEx

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