E-mobility Reinvented
November 16 - 17, 2016 | Santa Clara, CA, USA

Vehicles on Show

Nuon Solar Team (Booth T29)

The Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing exhibition in Santa Clara on November 16-17 will feature the world record-holding solar racing car Nuna8, which has been developed by the Nuon Solar Team. The Nuon Solar Team have won the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge six times, most recently in October 2015, which saw their solar car crossing Australia, 3000 miles from Darwin to Adelaide, powered by sunshine alone.

The Nuna8 features innovative suspension that has been developed to be of an exceptionally small size to fit in the aerodynamic shell. The Nuon8 also has remarkably efficient traction motors at 96%. The vehicles are also entirely built of carbon fiber, apart from the aluminium suspension. The racer weighs only 150 kg.

The Nuon Solar Team is a subsidiary of Zenith Innovations which is a non-profit Dutch organization originating in Delft University of Technology. Its investors are the university and others.

Nuon Solar Team

Synergy Aircraft (Booth R41)

Synergy is an airplane designed to safely fly one to six people directly from town to town, in less time and at less cost than airliners or automobiles. Its innovative technologies provide the key to economical regional transportation in the speed range between supercars and commercial jets. Other aircraft waste enormous amounts of energy to fly in the mid-subsonic speed range. The problem is the way they (don't fully) deal with aerodynamic drag. Through its comprehensive, patented design, Synergy became the first aircraft to directly attack the hidden issues causing the problem, then simultaneously apply six of the most advanced drag reduction technologies. This competitive electric airplane is made possible thanks to emerging breakthroughs in fluid science and systems integration.

CEO of Synergy Aircraft, John W. McGinnis is a Senior Member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a noted aircraft designer among the Experimental Aircraft Association, and winner of the Popular Science Best Innovations 2013 award for the Synergy Double Boxtail aircraft design.

Synergy Aircraft is beginning a transition from project to product development as they work to complete the full-scale aircraft prototype (flight photos are of the v.18 scale model).

Flight photos are of the v.18 scale model

Shockwave Motors (U32)

Shockwave Motors will exhibit their Defiant EV3 Roadster.

Motors makes a high performance, all-electric roadster that is pollution free, economical, and fun to drive. The three-passenger roadster is designed with the daily commuter in mind and has a range of roughly 80 to 100 miles and plugs into any standard 120-volt outlet for about 8 hours for a complete recharge. The commuter is then ready to drive another 80 to 100 miles back home. This gives the roadster an effective range of up to 200 miles per day. The top speed is about 75 MPH. The roadster will recharge in about half the time of a Leaf when plugged into a Level ll Charger.
Video of the Roadster

Shockwave Motors Defiant EV3 Roadster

Cooper Gray Robotics (U35)

Cooper Gray Robotics are the designers and builders of ROEBL, a fully robotic, electric skid steer, a small bulldozer using in construction, mining, agriculture, hasmat, and landscaping. Cooper Gray Robotics will exhibit a fully functional prototype which can run safely indoors as well as over any terrain.

Cooper Gray Robotics LLC is an Oakland based design/build and engineering company that develops electric drive systems and automates the heavy equipment industry through its Smart Control and remote control architecture for machines in construction, mining, agriculture and forestry.