E-mobility Reinvented
November 15 - 16, 2017 | Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA

IDTechEx Launchpad

The IDTechEx Launchpad is an exciting new area in the exhibition that will feature live demonstrations of innovative and emerging products from early stage companies covering:

Technologies covered:

  • 3D Printing
  • Electric vehicles
  • Energy harvesting
  • Energy storage
  • Graphene
  • IoT
  • Printed electronics
  • Sensors
  • Wearable technology

Winners of IDTechEx Launchpad

Ten early-stage companies have been selected for the IDTechEx Launchpad, an exciting initiative that provides them the opportunity to showcase prototypes and demonstrations of their new products.

Ares Materials, Inc.

Ares Materials, Inc. will be showing samples of our Pylux flexible polymer material family, and a stretchable LED array demo based on their Pylux S spatially-heterogenous modulus substrate. www.aresmaterials.com


Demonstrating the "verichrome" visual state indicator technology. When presented with a burst of energy (coin cell or RF-harvested) this printable, single-layer of material can be combined with sensors to provide visual indications of device states on medical and IoT devices where displays are not practical. www.chromera.net


Exovite's idea consists on an immobilization and rehabilitation system through technological tools to optimize medical procedures and improve patients' quality life www.exovite.com


Infi-tex will be displaying the Infi-tex Jacket - demonstrating their patented SoftSwitch button panel Multitouch mat - desktop touch sensitive textile mat, which displays where and how much pressure has been applied. www.infi-tex.com


Based on its patented printable sensing technology, Nanomade will showcase its Touch and Force sensitive prototypes: smart handheld devices, smart wristbands, heart rate and breathing rate monitoring seat and a flexible pressure sensitive MP3 Player. www.nanomade.com


NiveauUp will be showing the cycling charging/discharging of a 1Ah battery cell at 10C/10C rates (at DoD of 100%), live or by video playing. We'll bring along some 3/10Ah cells for a formal customer testing. Please contact them prior to November 9th to arrange the sample hand-over. www.NiveauUp.com

Saule Technologies

Saule Technologies will present an ultralight and ultrathin perovskite solar module, ink-jet printed on a flexible foil. The demonstrator will be capable of charging small electronic devices, such as smartphones. The solar cells by Saule are a low cost source of solar energy applicable in various industries like customer electronics, construction, automotive or even space industry. www.sauletech.com

Terzo Power Systems

Terzo Power Systems will be showing Ultra-efficient modular, hybrid-electric power system that that is a clean-sheet rethinking to diesel power alternatives specifically for agricultural, construction, mining, and other heavy-duty/off-road vehicle applications. www.terzopower.com

Two Carbon

Two Carbon is showing new graphene applications in polyester fiber, textiles, and footwear. Two Carbon is the leading innovator in graphene product for the outdoor athlete. They support the development of lighter, stronger, and more capable outdoor products. Visit the Two Carbon booth to discover innovative graphene enabled footwear, yarn, and other graphene applications. www.twocarbon.com


XCo Tech will demonstrate XPS™ and BioAnalytics™ , an internationally recognized motion and biometric system for use in sport, healthcare, AR/VR and robotics. With inch-level single hub accuracy this indoor/outdoor real-time location and analytics system can be set-up in five minutes. The Sport and Health BioAnalytics™ seamlessly integrate data to assess athletes and patients. www.xco.io

Feedback from the 2016 Launchpad Winners

"We honestly did not know what to expect from this exhibition, as it was the first in the history of the company. We were quite overwhelmed by the extent of business opportunities and exchange of these." Mr Nils Sveje, Bike2Aps

"The exhibition has been perfectly organized and it has been a very useful showcase for our new-born start-up. The product idea has encountered great interest of the other companies." Dr Francesco Guido, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Helping launch new business

Why are we doing this? IDTechEx recognize that it can be difficult for very small companies or research organizations to show their big advances in the traditional manner of exhibiting where no budget may be assigned. The IDTechEx Launchpad will give such entities the ability to reach the international audience, and for the community to see the state-of-the-art systems.