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20 - 23 June 2011
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Speaker InformationEXHIBITION
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Company Visits

On 20 and 23 June IDTechEx will host visits to local organisations developing or implementing Energy Harvesting or Wireless Sensing & Locating technologies.

* Tours are hosted by the company, who have the right to decline someone from attending. This is beyond the control of IDTechEx and you will be informed of this as quickly as possible if this is the case

Please note

There is currently a waiting list for these tours. Please email Corinne Jennings, if you would like to add your name to this list.

We will depart from the front of the hotel at 12.45pm. Please meet here. If you are attending a morning or an afternoon masterclass, then lunch will be provided for you at the hotel.

We will be back to the hotel by 2.15pm.


Monday 20 June
Fraunhofer EMFT

Fraunhofer Society (Fraunhofer Haus)
Hansastr. 27c, 80686 München

Multifunctional and networked

Fraunhofer EMFT develops anticipatory manufacturing technologies, combining conventional silicon and MEMS technologies with biosystem integration and polytronic systems, realizing smart systems for the future.

Research and development resulting from different fields - such as polytronic systems, micromechanics, actuators and fluidics, silicon technology, system integration and nanotechnology - are efficiently implemented into demonstrators, applicable processes and services. By following this approach Fraunhofer EMFT aims to make the complex, multifunctional and networked systems of the future economical and reliable. After all, in the long term, functionality, energy efficiency, robustness and costs are the crucial factors. Due to its modern infrastructure, range of technologies and vast network with the industrial world, public authorities and universities, Fraunhofer EMFT is in an attractive spot. A number of companies have already signed on as strategic partners. Since 2007, the Munich research institution has also been offering high-tech enterprises the opportunity to lease and use the institution's high-quality infrastructure, such as clean room, laboratories, workshops and equipment.

The success of Fraunhofer EMFT testifies to the sought-after partnership and scientific acceptance of the new topics in the field of Multifunctional On-Top Technologies and polytronic systems, which have now been successfully established in the industry. The wide range of assignments and projects highlights this sustainable development. Fraunhofer EMFT works together with a wide range of companies, from local businesses to large international enterprises. Fraunhofer EMFT offers an extensive network of cooperation, including partners located in Bavaria, Germany, and worldwide.

The tour highlights and some examples of R&D approaches and projects at Fraunhofer EMFT will be on display:

Bavarian Polytronic Demonstration Center

Functional layers such as sensor foils or integrated polymer electronic circuits are embedded in foils using a heterointegration process. Alternatively, it is also possible to integrate thinned and therefore flexible classic silicon chips or sensors. For this reason, the Demonstration Center is developing new technologies for coating, structuring and microprocessing and then making them available to the industry.

Together with companies from the industry, the Bavarian Polytronic Demonstration Center continues to develop these technologies to achieve cost-effective microsystems. Our development team is available to help partners develop customer-specific, fully-integrated, high-performance (polymer-based) sensor systems. In the Demonstration Center we work with partners from the industry to adapt these technologies to production processes and implement them.

MOTT - Multifunctional On-Top Technologies
In 2009 a multifunctional technologies development center for standard silicon and CMOS (MOTT) was founded. Based on previous CMOS circuits and 3D integration research results, this center, located in Munich, offers a technology platform for micro and nano systems technology, providing the industry with fast and productlike system development. The platform supports modular integration of new functions and components in existing silicon standard technologies, resulting in cost-effective solutions for even mediumsized corporations.

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Thursday 23 June

Kolpingring 18a, 82041 Oberhaching.

Visit EnOcean, the originator of patented self-powered wireless technology. In its headquartered in Oberhaching near Munich, the company manufactures and markets energy-harvesting wireless modules for use in building and industrial automation. EnOcean technology combines miniaturized energy converters with ultra-low-power electronics and robust RF communication. Learn more about self-powered wireless technology from EnOcean which has been successfully deployed in more than 100,000 buildings worldwide. EnOcean is a promoter of the EnOcean Alliance, a consortium of leading companies from the world's building sector that has set itself the aim of creating innovative solutions for sustainable buildings. The company currently employs 50 people in Germany and the USA.

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