Disruptive technologies, forms and applications
10 - 11 May 2017 | Berlin, Germany

Academic Posters

Poster exhibits are an important aspect of the Printed Electronics Europe conference and exhibition. Posters will be featured in the exhibition, where approximately 3,000 visitors are expected.

Best poster will be rewarded with Best Poster Award followed by an article in Printed Electronics World Journal

Confirmed posters

Czech Republic
R&D Center for Low-Cost Plasma and Nanotechnology Surface Modifications, Masaryk University
Tomáš Homola
Low-temperature (70 °C) processing of inkjet printed TiO2 photoanodes using ambient air plasma
Heinz-Nixdorf Chair for Medical Electronics, Technical University of Munich
Nada Mzoughi, Margarete Remm, Helmut Grothe, Bernhard Wolf
Printed flexible and disposable chips with SWCNT sensors for multiparametric measurements in the biomedical field.
Saudi Arabia
Computer Engineering Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
M. W. Raad
An RFID based Telehealth System for Localizing Elderly with Alzheimer's
Universität Heidelberg, Institute for Applied Physical Chemistry
Marcel Rother, Maximilian Brohmann, Shuyi Yang, Stefan B. Grimm, Stefan P. Schieβl, Arko Graf, and Jana Zaumseil
Aerosol-Jet Printing of polymer-wrapped (6,5) Carbon Nanotubes for Field-effect Transistors
Institute for Materials Research (IMO), Hasselt University
Jeroen Stryckers, Viktorija Mecnika, Glen Vandevenne, Inge Verboven, Wim Deferme
Printing smart designs of electroluminescent devices with enhanced textile properties
Saudi Arabia
Computer Engineering Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum
Dr Muhammad Wasim Raad & Ahmed abu absa
Antenna Based Sensing for Clean Energy
Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI)
Chien-Lung Shen, Tzu-Hao Huang, Po-Chun Hsu, Ya-Chi Ko, Fen-Ling Chen, and Wei-Chung Wang
A novel design of the physiological monitoring e-textile
Institute for Materials Research (IMO), Hasselt University
Idranil Basak, Steven Nagles, Glen Vandevenne, Wouter Marchal, An Hardy, Marlies K. Van Bael, Wim Deferme
Inkjet printing of flexible, strechable and transparent resistance based sensor using innovative and low-curing inkjet inks
Nanyang Technological University
Jingwei CHEN, Shaohui LI, Pooi See LEE
Mn-doped Nickel sulfides/Graphene oxide composites as superior anode materials for sodium ion batteries
Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI)
K.J. Wang, Y.M. Wang, Y.W. Lin, S.Y. Lin, L.Y. Chen, L.Z. LIANG
Additive Manufacturing Technology for The Flexible Printed Circuit Board
1 Institute for Materials Research (IMO), Hasselt University
2 Flanders Make vzw
Steven Nagels1,2, Wim Deferme1,2
2.5D direct laser engraving of silicone microfluidic channels for stretchable electronics
South Korea
Hanbat National University, TOPnC Co., Ltd.
Dong Soo Kim, Min Sook Yu, Moon Yong Song
Development of Printed Aluminum Pouch Film for IT and EV of battery
Universidad de Cádiz, Andaltec
J.J. Relinquem Ismael Romero-Ocana, F.J. Delgado-Gonzalez, F.J Navas-Martos, S.I. Molina
ABS based nanocomposites with thermal conductive properties
Western University
Mingjun Hu, Tengyuan Zhang, Qiuquan Guo, Xiaobing Cai, and Jun Yang
Direct Pen Writing of Adhesive Particle-Free Ultrahigh Silver Salt-Loaded Composite Ink for Stretchable Circuits
College of Engineering Technology and Physical Sciences, Alabama A&M University
Kyle D. Rose Sr., Mohan D. Aggarwal
Application of Phase Change Material to Increase Solar Panel Efficiency
Mid Sweden University
Sebastien Bader
Survey of Variable Reluctance Energy Harvesters in Low-Speed Rotating Applications
Mid Sweden University
Javier Lachuga Aranda
Fluid Coupling Interfaces for Hydraulic Pressure Energy Harvesters
1 Escuela Superior de Ingeniería, IMEYMAT, Universidad de Cádiz. 2 Navantia, Puerto Real. 3 Facultad de Ciencias, IMEYMAT, Universidad de Cádiz
D. Moreno Nieto1, V. Casal2, F. Abad2,, S. I. Molina3
Materials development and design methodology adapted to big size additive manufacturing in the context of Shipyard 4.0.
PROFACTOR GmbH, Johannes Kepler University, Stensborg A/S
Andreas Tröls, Bernhard Jakoby, Leif Yde, Jan Stensborg, Thomas Voglhuber, Helene Auβerhuber, Julia Kastner, Michael Mühlberger, Thomas Fischinger
Roll to plate production of gravity driven display based on electro wetting on dielectrics
Addilat Inc
Osh Ranasingha, Kalana Jayawardana, Sarah Kepelner, Cal Yapp, John Bailey, Michael Callahan
Laser Crystallization of Ink Jet printed AZO and ITO films for touch panels and transparent heaters
Loughborough University - Design School
Jack McGhee, Matt Sinclair, Darren Southee, Upul Wijayantha
3D Printed Piezoresistive Sensors: Viability and Applications
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Rubaiyet I. Haque, Pierre-André Farine and Danick Briand
Triboelectric generators in actions
University of California Berkeley
Yasser Khan, Alla Zamarayeva, Jonathan Ting, Natasha A. D. Yamamoto, Donggeon Han, Abhinav Gaikwad, Margareth Payne, Veronika Pister, Caleb Woods, Karthik Gopalan, Ana C. Arias
Integrated Wearable Sensors for Continuous Health Monitoring
Austrian Institute of Technology
G. C. Mutinati*, E. Melnik, I. Muschlin, A. Wildauer, M. Raskovic, J. Schotter, R. Heer, R. Hainberger, M. Heilmann, D. Ide, F. Padinger, P. Schobesberger, B. Sikic, G. Engelbrecht, M. Borinski, E. Brunbauer, G. Holweg, T. Herndl
Printed biosensing platform integrated in recycled paper
Paderborn University
Thorsten Meyers, Fábio F. Vidor, Julia Reker, Ulrich Hilleringmann
Performance enhancement techniques for flexible electronics
Addilat Inc1., Purdue University2, Arizona State University3
Oshadha Ranasingha1, Kalana Jayawardana1, Sarah Kepelner1, Cal Yapp1, John Bailey1, Michael Callahan1, Qiong Nian2,3, Biwei Deng2, and Gary Cheng2
Laser Crystallization of Ink Jet printed AZO and ITO films for touch panels and transparent heaters
1HTW Berlin - University of Applied Science
2ELDAT GmbH, Königs Wusterhausen, Germany 3Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany 4Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin, Germany
M. Hubl1, P. Hahlweg1, C. Ehm1, M. Derleh1,3, T. Weiland1,4, E. Schick1,4, H-H. Müller2, P. Gregorius3, T. Schwarzinger3, T. Jablonski3,4, R. Hahn4, H.-D. Ngo1,4
Smart sensor insole as telemedical wearable for Ambient Assisted Living
Università Politecnica delle Marche
Simone Orcioni, Luca Buccolini, Adriana Ricci and Massimo Conti
Lithium-ion Battery Electrothermal Model, Parameter Estimation, and Simulation Environment
Department of Physics, University of Oxford
Sameer Vajjala Kesava, Moritz Riede
Process Control of Thin Film Opto-Electronic Devices using in situ Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
Leitat Technological Center
D. Cabezas, L. Molina, M. Belenguer, C. Aucher, D. González-Gálvez, L. Bautista
Development and optimization of lithium iron phosphate water-based ink formulations for printed batteries.
Profactor GmbH1, P.V. Nano Cell Ltd.2
Leo Schranzhofer1, Ayala Kabla2, Abd el Razek2, Nazila Rostami1, Fernando de la Vega2
Electrically Conductive Inks for 3D printing applications
Loughborough University
Feasibility of Spin Seebeck Based Thermoelectrics for Harvesting Waste Heat
K. Morrison
Institut d'Electronique et des Systémes (IES) , University of Montpellier EC2M and Platform for Research in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology, Lebanese University
ALRAMMOUZ Rouba, PODLECKI Jean, SORLI Brice, GARCIA Ricardo, VENA Arnaud, HABCHI Roland, ABBOUD Pascale
Graphene oxide based ammonia gas sensor on fibrous substrate

The €295 Academic Poster rate includes:

  • A poster display in the exhibition hall
  • A full 2 day pass to the conference and exhibition
  • Lunch and drinks
  • Entry into the best poster in show award
The Best Poster award winner will also be given the opportunity to give a 20 minute presentation to speak about the poster in the Exhibition theater.


Poster session applicants must be teaching or studying full-time. More than one academic can submit a poster. If you have any queries regarding the criteria please contact us.

The poster authors need to be beside their poster during lunch breaks on 10-11 May.

All posters will be entered into the IDTechEx Show! Best Poster Award. The poster winner will be announced during the drinks reception on the evening of 10 May and featured widely in publicity afterwards.

Submission of Abstracts

If you are interested in displaying a poster at the event please email Molly Muckle at m.muckle@idtechex.com with your contact details, a title and 500 word abstract by 16 March. If your submission is successful we will email you with details on the poster session and guidelines for producing your poster.

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