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Attendee Feedback

The IDTechEx Graphene LIVE! USA conference was the best graphene event I've attended thus far. It was well attended by all of the major players in the field, and the talks were a great mix of technical and market information...

Graphene Frontiers

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Graphene and 2D Materials LIVE!

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The fifth international conference and tradeshow covering the latest technology developments, applications, commercialization progress and end user requirements and challenges of Graphene and 2D Materials.

Our Mission
  • Disseminate the latest technology and commercial progress by key market players
  • Assess the end user requirements and wish-lists
  • Identify key growth areas where graphene and 2D material deliver value
  • Establish a co-located tradeshow with strong synergy and cross-fertilisation to promote business

Confirmed Speakers Include:

Click here to see full list of speakers.


Graphene has enormous potential. It has already come a long way towards commercialization, despite its short history. Several companies have gone public while others are in their second or third rounds of financing. The production capacity has risen and governments have continued to commit staggering research funds. 2D materials have also entered the scene, promising to complement graphene. Hard questions still remain however as companies look for the killer applications or high volume success in replacing an incumbent.

The fifth IDTechEx business-focused Graphene and 2D Materials LIVE! conference and tradeshow in Santa Clara on November 19 & 20 will bring together key technologies, suppliers and end users. This year IDTechEx will also focus on other 2D materials beyond graphene.

Graphene and 2D Materials LIVE! Is co-located with a series of conferences and tradeshows that constitute the primary short- to medium-term end use sectors for graphene and other 2D materials. These include printed electronics, supercapacitors, 3D printing and wearable technologies. See the full picture about each co-located event.

You will have access to all these events.

The Conference

The conference brings together users, material providers, equipment makers, policymakers, academics and investors from over 40 countries. More than 30 companies will present over the two days.


  • Functional Inks, Smart packaging, RFID
  • Supercapacitors and Batteries
  • Composites and Paints
  • Touch screens and ITO replacement
  • Transistors & optoelectronic devices
  • Sensors

    In each of these topics you will hear from:

  • Impartial analyst view giving a bird's eye and independent view of the latest progress
  • End user stating their requirements and wish-lists
  • Academics and independent experts outlining latest technology improvement and challenges
  • Incumbent technology leaders stating their case and the scale of challenge for new entrants
  • Graphene and 2D material suppliers covering their technology, business models and progress so far

The Tradeshow

The Graphene and 2D Materials LIVE! Tradeshow on November 19 & 20 runs alongside the conference tracks.

This It is the largest tradeshow on the topic, and is part of the Printed Electronics USA 2014 tradeshow featuring more than 200 exhibiting companies. The tradeshow will cover equipment providers, material providers, manufacturers and integrators.

More than a conference and a tradeshow

In addition, Masterclasses and Tours to local companies will be held prior and post the conference on different topics. IDTechEx analysts, who have conducted extensive research programs on Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes, would be delighted to have free 1 to 1 meetings with you to help you understand the topic and your opportunities.

Feedback from past attendees:

Our company, Bluestone Global Tech, is a material start-up company launched a mere 5 months prior to Graphene Live! As a newcomer, we needed to leverage our lean budget to garner maximized return on investment. In researching our allocation, it quickly became clear that exhibiting at Graphene Live! was a top option. From a planning perspective, the IDTechEx team was fantastic to work with: accessible, responsive and resourceful. With their able and genuinely caring guidance, we utilized a complimentary program of exhibition, speaking, product demonstration and advertising. Employing these efforts led to our firm nearly doubling our investment with sales garnered through the show. Thanks for making the 2012 show a success for us. We will see you next year, IDTechEx!

Heather Crowley, Bluestone Global Tech

The IDTechEx Graphene LIVE! USA 2012 conference was the best graphene event I've attended thus far. It was well attended by all of the major players in the field, and the talks were a great mix of technical and market information. The Tradeshow was also well done, with a great mix of graphene companies and relevant industrial partners/customers in polymer, film, printing, and flexible electronics. Graphene Frontiers will definitely be back next year!

Graphene Frontiers

I think it is the most informative conference in the field

Graphene Laboratories

Cambridge Graphene Platform exhibited at this event and I am so busy following up leads that I don't have time to say all the positive things I wish to say in this quote! This is by far the best commercial event available.

J. Patrick Frantz, Cambridge Graphene Platform