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4 - 7 April 2011
Additional SessionsInvestment & Partnership Summit
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Additional Sessions
Chris Clare
Event Director
+44 (0)1223 810270
Raghu Das
+44(0)1223 810275

Investment & Partnership Summit

Investment opportunities and prospectives

This half day summit brings venture capitalists and other investors together with leading pure-play printed electronics companies that are gaining traction and substantial revenues today, as well as hidden gems with enormous potential. Attendees will also have access to industry thought-leaders, valuable quantitative and qualitative research, and one-on-one meetings with company executives. Speakers and panelists are cherry picked by IDTechEx and investor partners.

Analysts including IDTechEx will introduce the latest progress in this sector, such as fund raising so far, undersupplied sectors and company profiles. A panel of VCs will then cover their thoughts on the sector and company profiles they seek for investing. This will be followed by company CEOs whso seek investment giving 15 minute overviews of their proposition and technology. There will be one to one meetings afterwards.

Suitable funding is required to drive development of printed electronics into viable commercial solutions. With massive opportunities there will be many successes. This summit, now in its third year, aims to help develop the industry by linking investors with leading edge companies.

Why Attend

We see this market growing to a multi billion dollar opportunity within five years - namely due to the creation of new markets and going where conventional electronics cannot.

Companies involved or intending to be involved in any part of the printed and thin film electronics value chain and seeking funding should attend this event. There will be ample time to have a one-to-one discussions during the conference.

This is the only and must-attend summit for investors and companies seeking investment in printed and thin film electronics. This optional event precedes the two day conference.


Analysts & Experts Panel:

The analysts will discuss questions such as: What is the size of the market now and projected? What are they key technical and commercial barriers? What is happening territorially? What are the business model options that can lead to success? Discuss the IP landscape - is this going to hold the industry back?

Venture capitalists and investors panel:

Venture Capitalists and Investors will discuss their investments, what they seek in companies, valuing a company, routes to fund raising, expected returns.

2.00pm Mr Raghu Das, IDTechEx Inc.
2.15pm Mr Oliver Seiler, Germany Trade and Invest
2.30pm Mr Sergey Prikhodko, Rusnanotech
2.45pm Dr Berthold von Freyberg, Target partners GMBH

Company Presentations:

Executives from leading companies, cherry picked by the hosts, will briefly present their company and technology, followed by discussion from the audience. Companies will be split into the following categories: those developing materials, production/manufacturing, and devices.

Materials & Manufacturing

3.00pm Mr Udo Dittmar, Daetwyler R&D Corporation
3.10pm Dr Andreas Kunzmann, Optical Additives GmbH
3.20pm - 4.00pm Refreshment Break


4.00pm Mr Simon Bransfield-Garth, Eight19 Ltd
4.10pm Mr Laurent Jamet, ISORG
4.20pm Mr Geir Aase, Thin Film Electronics ASA
4.30pm Prof David Britton, University of Cape Town
4.40pm Questions and Conclusions