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Premium Exhibitor
NovaCentrix is focused on technologies and products to enable products and manufacturing in Printed Electronics. The PulseForge® photonic curing tools process high-temperature materials on low-temperature substrates. This includes drying, sintering, annealing, or reacting metallic, non-metallic, and semiconductor inks, without damaging fragile substrates such as foils and plastics. With processing times of only milliseconds, surface depositions can be heated to melting or crystallization temperatures without damaging low temperature substrates. The very short processing times also allow high-speed processing rates, and the PulseForge tools are capable of roll-to-roll production at speeds approaching 300 meters per minute.
NovaCentrix also offers Metalon® conductive inks, specially suited for maximum performance with PulseForge tools. Use with the PulseForge tools allows the Metalon inks to be formulated for maximum printability while still attaining maximum conductivity. Silver inks and the breakthrough ICI copper oxide reduction inks are available. Metalon inks can be applied to substrates such as plastic films, paper, transparent conductive oxides, and glass. With PulseForge tools and Metalon inks, Now You Can.
Ohio Gravure Technologies Inc
Ohio Gravure Technologies Inc. is leveraging 30 years of gravure industry leadership towards your MicroGravure Printed Electronics applications. We have enhanced our sub-micron machine control expertise to create the MicroStar MicroEngraving and AccuPress MicroPrinting Systems which allow resolutions to 5 µm. MicroGravure has the dual benefit of high resolution and high volume ink transfer. Applications include: thin conductive lines, high density transistors, sensors, photovoltaic's with high volume, batteries and coatings. Patented depth control and diamond cutting of our VISION engrave heads allow smooth cut surfaces and cell depth repeatability within 200 nano meter for optimum ink volume and release. MicroLens embossing is another application for the MicroStar where applications are flexible displays and lenticular lens applications for 3 D imaging. We are an international company based in Dayton Ohio USA with customers and equipment in more than 50 countries. Let us supply your prototype cylinders, precision equipment, or simply discuss your needs.
Ohio Gravure Technologies Inc. is leading the way for high precision gravure printing for Printed Electronics and more.
Optomec is evolving the world of additive manufacturing by enabling new dimensions in 3D printing. The LENS and Aerosol Jet families of printers support a range of materials for metals, 3D printed electronics and other applications, and are able to implement feature sizes never before possible.
Roth & Rau
Meyer Burger Technology Ltd is a leading global technology group. With its innovative systems and production equipment, Meyer Burger creates sustainable added value for customers. Roth & Rau B.V., as a proud member of Meyer Burger Group, is a world leading provider of innovative inkjet and thin film equipment for (structured) functional layers with a low cost of ownership for high tech electronic applications. With its technology, PiXDRO functional Inkjet and FLEx Thin Film Plasma and ALD systems, several industries are served: OLED, photovoltaics, batteries, semiconductor, (printed) electronics and photo chemical milling. R&D systems up to complete manufacturing solutions are offered, including pre- and post-processing and automation modules, thereby providing a complete solution for the customer's requirements. Meyer Burger is serving customers in all relevant electronics producing markets around the world.
Printechnologics is today's leading technology developer of printed functionalities. Furthering the evolution of printed paper, Printechnologics uses conventional printing methods to incorporate electronic markings that can link print products and digital information. The company is committed to delivering low-cost and environmentally friendly printed tracings, which are readable with standard touch-screen devices. Printechnologics's technologies, including Touchcode, new payment systems and safe identification codes, have the potential to inspire a series of inventions that will change everyday life.
Touchcode is an invisible electronic code that transforms paper, cardboard, plastics, films and labels into digital content. With Touchcode, Printechnologics - together with the multinational corporation 3M - introduces a new communication platform that brings offline content online and opens up countless possibilities in multiple application areas. These application areas include safety and security - for example, forgery-proof authenticity certificates or holograms with digital functions. Touchcode also serves as a progressive advertising media tool due to its capability to connect with Internet content. In gaming, toys benefit from a new level of interactivity. Other innovative application areas are micropayment, ticketing and logistics.
This year, Printechnologics was awarded with the Product Development and Best-In-Show Awards from IDTechEx, the leading research company in printed electronics. In 2010, Printechnologics established a successful partnership with 3M, resulting in joint development projects on solutions for electronic circuitry on paper or foil.
Printechnologics is based in Chemnitz, Germany. In March 2011, it established a new branch in San Diego, Calif., in the United States.
For more information visit:
Soligie is the leading company to utilize high speed manufacturing to produce printed electronics with a variety of conductive, resistive and proprietary materials on flexible substrates such as PET, paper and foil. State of-the-art design and development capabilities enable customers to realize products that push traditional boundaries. Soligie engages in development projects from the product concept phase through high volume manufacturing. The Company is on the cutting edge of the production of electronic components using high speed, fully additive roll-to-roll processes. Soligie offers a full range of services from concept design, circuit design, design for manufacturability and final volume production. Soligie currently serves the medical device, smart packaging, RFID and flexible interconnect markets. Through the combined use of emergent materials and proprietary manufacturing processes, electronics components such as memory, sensors, displays and batteries will soon be integrated into applications on thin flexible substrates.
Thin Film Systems
Thin Film Electronics ASA ("Thinfilm") is a publicly-listed Norwegian technology company with its head office in Oslo and product development in Linköping, Sweden. Thinfilm is a pioneer in the field of Printed Electronics, and provides fully-printed non-volatile, rewritable memory for applications in toys & games, logistics, sensor, and ID systems.
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American Elements
American Elements is the world leader in engineered & advanced materials including high purity metals & chemicals, nanoparticles, organo-metallics and crystal-grown materials for thin film, lasers, semiconductors, photovoltaics, and electronics. American Elements maintains research and laboratory facilities in the U.S. and manufacturing/warehousing in the U.S., Europe, China & Brazil.
E Ink Corporation
Founded in 1992 by Taiwan's leading papermaking and printing group YFY (1907.TW), E Ink Holdings Inc. "E Ink" (8069.TW) is a pioneer in TFT and ePaper businesses. Its corporate philosophy aims to deliver revolutionary products, user experiences, and environmental benefits through advanced technology development. This vision has led to its continuous investments in the field of ePaper display as well as its 2008 acquisition of Hydis Technologies, manufacturer of the world's best wide viewing angle LCDs and its 2009 acquisition of E Ink Corp., the worldwide leader in ePaper. Listed in Taiwan's OTC market and the Luxembourg market, E Ink is now the world's largest supplier of displays to the eBook market.
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Soligie is the leading company to utilize high speed manufacturing to produce printed electronics with a variety of conductive, resistive and proprietary materials on flexible substrates such as PET, paper and foil. State of-the-art design and development capabilities enable customers to realize products that push traditional boundaries. Soligie engages in development projects from the product concept phase through high volume manufacturing. The Company is on the cutting edge of the production of electronic components using high speed, fully additive roll-to-roll processes. Soligie offers a full range of services from concept design, circuit design, design for manufacturability and final volume production. Soligie currently serves the medical device, smart packaging, RFID and flexible interconnect markets. Through the combined use of emergent materials and proprietary manufacturing processes, electronics components such as memory, sensors, displays and batteries will soon be integrated into applications on thin flexible substrates.
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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is a globally networked multitechnological contract research organization. In the area of printed intelligence and electronics VTT creates new innovations based on the integration of technologies and processes from the printing/paper and ICT/electronics industries. VTT's activities in Printed Intelligence combines extensive know-how - of electronics, optoelectronics, chemistry, biotechnology, optics and printing - to develop printed components and systems, which allow cost efficient embedding of simple intelligence everywhere. VTT has unique pilot factory facilities and know-how in roll-to-roll manufacturing of printed intelligence products.
Agfa-Gevaert NV
Founded in 1867, Agfa is a leader in the graphics arts industry, in healthcare radiology and IT solutions as well as a number of niche markets, such as green hydrogen, synthetic paper and printed electronics. With its ORGACON product portfolio, Agfa stays at the cutting edge of material development for printed electronics and digitally fabricated PCBs. It includes coatings as well as screen print and inkjet inks for applications ranging from transparent electrodes to conductive circuitry for automotive, home appliances and consumer electronics.
AIXTRON is a leading provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry. The Company's technology solutions are used by a diverse range of customers worldwide to build advanced components for electronic and opto-electronic applications based on compound, silicon, or organic semiconductor materials, as well as Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) and other nanomaterials. Such components are used in flat panel display applications, solid state lighting, organic semiconductor devices such as OLED, OPV, and OTFTs, for functional polymer thin films, energy harvesting and storage, fiber optic communication systems, wireless and mobile telephony applications, optical and electronic storage devices, computing, signalling and lighting, as well as a range of other leading-edge technologies.
AIXTRON's product portfolio for compound semiconductors includes:
o MOCVD Equipment (Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Phase Deposition)
o OVPD® Equipment for OLED display, OLED lighting, and organic semiconductor solutions
o PVPD(TM) Equipment for carrier-gas enhanced vapor phase in-situ polymerization for functional films
o ALD Equipment
o Black Magic CVD and PECVD systems for the deposition of Carbon Nanotubes and Nanofibers and combinations thereof for advanced hybrid structures.
ALTANA represents a global specialty chemical group. It comprises four operating divisions. BYK Additives & Instruments, ECKART Effect Pigments, ELANTAS Electrical Insulation and ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants.
ALTANA offers speciality products for coating, paint and plastic manufactures, the printing and the electrical and electronic industry. The product range includes additives, special coatings and adhesives, effect pigments, sealants, resins & varnishes, measuring instruments and printing inks. As a focused specialty chemicals company. ALTANA offers its customers highly specialized and innovative technological solutions in niche markets. Our competencies for the printed electronics market are carbon nanotubes dispersions, paper and printing additives, functional metallic inks, dielectrics, barrier layers and glues.
Applied Laser Engineering
Applied Laser Engineering is the world-leading manufacturer of High Definition Laser Engraving Systems available in a range of sizes and formats.
We specialise in machines which produce engravings into a typically cylindrical form where high resolution and high accuracy over the work-piece are required. Engravings can be of a graphical nature, a simple texture or really almost any pattern that you can think of. Flat sheet engravings can also be produced either wrapped onto a drum or in the flat using our new X/Y systems. Systems can utilise a drum scanning technique, galvo scanning or acousto-optic scanning or a combination there-of. A wide range of substrate materials can also be engraved including polymers, metals, and ceramics to date.
Our systems offer a great deal to the Printed Electronics arena, either directly or modified via an R&D collaboration for a specific end purpose.
Asada Mesh Co Ltd
As a leader in Ultra-fine Stainless Steel Wire Mesh manufacturing, Asada Mesh has been continuously contributing to high quality Screen Printing Technologies for many years.
Asada Mesh has successfully developed Ultra Hard Non-Distortion HS-D Mesh, which achieves High Accuracy Printing in areas like Photovoltaic and Touch Panel where 50 micron L/S is now possible.
Please come to our booth B104 where you can experience a personal demo on how to print 30 micron lines.
Asada Mesh is committed to continue providing High Quality Stainless mesh for Screen Printing to produce "Printed Devices" and "Printable Electronics".
Avidity IP
Avidity IP is a firm of European Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys and has extensive experience in the diverse fields of printed electronics and materials.
Our team includes a number of attorneys with expertise in the area, some having worked in-house at major industrial companies. Familiar technologies include formulation chemistry, driving electronics, device architecture, microprinting, polymer and small molecule chemistry, medical devices, PVs, display systems and inkjet.
We provide a full spectrum of patent services, including drafting and prosecuting patent applications, advising on freedom to use and advising on litigation and European Patent Office oppositions and appeals.
Beneq - Equipment, Technology and Applications
Beneq is a supplier of production and research equipment for thin film coatings. We serve the cleantech and renewable energy fields and are at the forefront of applications development in solar power technology, energy conservation and flexible electronics. Our equipment is based on two technologies, atomic layer deposition (ALD) and aerosol coating. Beneq also offers complete coating services to its customers.
Industries served include:
  • printed electronics (diffusion and moisture barriers)
  • photovoltaics (TCO, barrier and anti-reflective coatings, surface passivation)
Equipment range includes:
  • TFS 600 Thin Film System for ALD, for OLED encapsulation
  • TFS 200R Thin Film System for ALD, for continuous ALD and roll-to-roll research
  • WCS 500 Web Coating System for roll-to-roll ALD
Blue Spark Technologies
Blue Spark Technologies, the world's leading producer of solutions for wearable and flexible electronics. An innovator in the wearable medical device space, Blue Spark utilizes its proprietary, patented, printed battery technology to develop disruptive technologies in printed and flexible electronics.
Headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, Blue Spark Technologies was founded as the leader in developing thin, flexible, printed battery solutions based on intellectual property licensed from Energizer®. Blue Spark Technologies' latest innovation, TempTraq®, is the only Bluetooth®, wearable temperature monitor in the form of a soft, comfortable patch that continuously, safely and comfortably, monitors body temperature for up to 72 hours and sends alerts to Apple® or Android™ compatible mobile devices. The company's TempTraq Connect HIPAA-compliant service supported by Google Healthcare Cloud Platform allows parents and caregivers to monitor body temperature from anywhere. It also allows direct integration with health care provider electronic health records (EHR) systems and central nursing stations, providing a secure method of storing patient health care data.
In addition to delivering battery technology to complementary solution developers, Blue Spark has developed an innovative line of industrial wireless sensing products.
Botest Printed Sensors GmbH
Botest (www.botest.at) is specialized in process development for prototyping and production of printed electronic devices as well as in system integration of organic electronic processes into conventional electronics. Its multidisciplinary team with long-term expertise in printed electronics material science, process development and electronics engineering together with its perfectly equipped infrastructure are the base for Botest to drive innovative ideas from feasibility and prototyping via process development towards small scale production.
Botest was founded in 2008 and is based in Linz, Austria. Since 2009 it is part of the German ASYS Group, with the task to pioneer printed electronics market opportunities.
Bubbles and Beyond
bubbles and beyond GmbH researches and develops in the area of complex fluids this includes different types of foams and emulsions as well as dispers systems.
Among the large field of applications special products have been developed for industrial use in microelectronics, e.g for high performance cleaning of surfaces or layer detachment.
Due to the combination of approved components customized products are created which offer completely new fields of application, outstanding performances or reduced process costs.
The products of bubbles & beyond are biodegradable and gentle to user and material.
Caledon Controls
Caledon Controls Ltd is a premier supplier of materials and equipment to the Printed Circuit Board manufacturing industry. In business for over 20 years, we have and continue to introduce many innovative and advanced manufacturing processes, equipment and materials to the Industry. This experience, coupled with the knowledge that Printed Electronics is a future growth segment of the interconnection and packaging industry, has enabled us to compile an extensive line of Printed Electronics materials and unique processes to service this new industry.
We are creating today what will be part of tomorrow's products, positioning Caledon Controls as the "Preferred Supplier" in Printed Electronic Materials.
Meet us on Booth #B115
Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials (CeNTI)
CENTI - Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials CeNTI - Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials, is a private research centre, focused on applied R&D, engineering and scaling-up production of innovative smart materials and devices. CeNTI is equipped with cutting-edge technology to conduct world-class research and development. A highly qualified research team works with partners around the world, to develop smart materials/devices, organic electronics and embedded systems, multifunctional coatings and multicomponent fibres, to improve and assess the real performance of materials/devices and products in different areas (e.g. renewable energy devices, well-being & health, sports, protection, automotive, aeronautic, buildings...). CeNTI is a member of OE-A (Organic Electronics Association) and E2B-EI (Energy Efficient Building European Initiative).
Centre for Plastic Electronics
The Centre for Plastic Electronics at Imperial College London performs high-impact and cutting edge research and development in the broad area of plastic electronics, covering a wide range of applications including solar energy, solid state lighting, photonics, displays, imaging and sensing arrays.
The Centre's mission is to integrate and coordinate the research activities within Imperial College, bringing together an interdisciplinary team from across faculties and departments and to actively stimulate new plastic electronics activities through developing links with various research institutions and industrial partners.
CERADROP, a MGI Group company
Ceradrop is an innovative company that designs, manufactures and sells inkjet equipment for digital manufacturing of components (printed electronics and new power sources technologies). Ceradrop tools enable multi-materials high accuracy printing (both 2D and 3D).
A key feature of Ceradrop team is that it has its origins not in graphic arts but rather in materials science and component engineering. This background allows Ceradrop to provide an exclusive approach of inkjet processes, fully dedicated to materials problems solving. Following our experience and users feedback, Ceradrop provides to industries and laboratories a wide range of specific tools and dedicated services. Our company organization is focused on customer service and support in order to provide a complete work environment covering the entire needs of an inkjet process. With dedicated facilities and highly specialized teams, Ceradrop supplies the customers of its machines with a reliable support in: ink formulation and optimization, process development, custom printer design, and dedicated software modules.
Ceradrop exclusive approach of inkjet processes, based on using standard CAD files for the generation of printing scripts, is one of the keys of our current success and excellent user feedback in many different fields: OPV, OLED, organic electronic, passive components, ceramic and metallic thick films, 3D micro-manufacturing.
To learn more, please visit us at booth #H110/I110.
Conductive Compounds
Conductive Compounds, Inc. develops and manufactures materials for the global electronics assembly market used to manufacture printed electronics, rigid and flex circuits, EMI/RFI shielding and for thermal management. Product lines include electrically conductive inks with silver, carbon and other fillers used in various printing processes; conductive epoxy adhesives; silver/silver chloride & radio opaque inks for medical applications; variable resistance carbon inks for potentiometers and rheostats; thermally conductive/electrically insulating materials; and ultraviolet curable dielectrics, encapsulants and conformal coatings. Modified or customized materials can be created in our state-of-the-art laboratory to accommodate customer specifications for new & unique hi-tech applications. Call us.
cyberTECHNOLOGIES is dedicated to providing our clients with industry leading high-resolution, non-contact 3D measurement systems. Our advanced systems are widely utilized for industrial and scientific applications. The high resolution optical sensor, either laser-based or with a white and infrared light source, together with the specifically designed highly precise x/y scanning stage and sophisticated software, are the core of the system and produce reliable/dependable results.
Our non-contact 3D measurement systems are widely used in microelectronics and other precision industries for a vast array of applications, including waviness measurement, contour measurement, roughness measurement, step height measurement, solar cell measurement, thickness measurement and much more. Our solutions are trusted by major international companies, as well as many small and medium sized companies in R&D and production. We have a worldwide network of qualified distributors and representatives, which makes our company a dependable global player.
DOWA Electronics Materials, Co., Ltd
DOWA Electronics Materials is a Japanese smelter and an established manufacturer of various functional materials such as silver/cupper/zinc/iron powder for electronic device and semiconductor wafer/ LED, with annual revenue of about USD4.5 billion.
We are also developing various new products such as silver nano powder/ink for printed electronics, silver nano paste for IC chip bonding and composite oxide powder for fuel cell/auto catalyst.
Currently, we are looking for a start-up who has a novel material/ novel process/ novel application in the area of printed electronics and who we could possibly collaborate with and/or invest in.
DuPont Advanced Materials
DuPont Microcircuit Materials has 40 years of experience in the development, manufacture and sale of specialised ink compositions for a wide variety of electronic applications in the display, photovoltaic, automotive, biomedical, industrial and telecommunications markets. The company holds a lead position in these markets with success based on close customer relationships and a comprehensive worldwide support infrastructure.
Utilising core expertise such as materials science, chemistry and fine particle technology, the inks are used on a wide variety of substrates suitable for many new Printed Electronics applications, for example DuPont™ Solamet® Ag inks for thin film photovoltaics.
DuPont Teijin Films
Teijin Films is the world's premier producer of PET and PEN polyester films, specialising in high performance products for the Flexible Electronics and Display markets.
Our extensive range of products include:
• Melinex® ST™ stabilised polyester film for touch screen technologies
• Adhesive-coated PET and PEN films for mount/demount applications
• Planarised PET and PEN films for flexible displays and thin-film products
• Heat-stabilised optical-grade PEN films for high performance flexible electronics market.
Brand names include Mylar®, Melinex®, and Teijin® and Tetoron® PET polyester film, and Teonex® PEN polyester film.
EKRA GmbH is a member of the ASYS Group and is a worldwide leading manufacturer specializing in the development, design and manufacture of customized printing systems for the electronics and solar industries. The product portfolio ranges from manual printers for small batch production through to semi and fully automatic printing systems designed for large series production. The printing systems are market leading in performance, precision and reliability. EKRA and the ASYS Group are the ideal partner for high-speed print systems, custom special machines as well as complete production lines.
Electronics, Sensors, Photonics (ESP) KTN
The Electronics, Sensors, Photonics (ESP) KTN is a Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) funded by the UK Government through the Technology Strategy Board. One of our key work programmes is the promotion and support of the printed and plastic electronics community in the UK. We carry out these duties through a wide variety of knowledge exchange tools and activities including industry events, strategy workshops, training courses, international missions, seminars and company based tutorials. These activities cover the entire value chain, from basic science at universities through process development and manufacturing up to and including end user interaction with brand holders. The KTN is free to join and provides access to people and organisations cutting across the whole ESP technology space.
Enfucell Oy
Enfucell is a leading customized battery supplier to printed electronics industry. The company has developed a printable, thin, flexible and eco-friendly SoftBattery®, which can be used as a power source in various Internet of Things and wearable electronics products and applications. Find out more at http://www.enfucell.com.
Fraunhofer IAP
The Fraunhofer IAP develops customer-specific applications in the field of organic light emitting diodes (OLED), organic photovoltaics (OPV), organic field effect transistors (OTFT) and sensors. The development of these applications requires materials with predictable and reproducible properties. Organic chemistry offers a wide range of customized materials. One advantage of these materials is that they are solution-based so that they can be used in printing processes. Our work is aimed at developing intelligent systems for life science, textiles and architecture by combining OPV, OLED, organic electronics, sensor technology and energy storage technologies. To do this, prototype ideas and technical product concepts are developed.
Fraunhofer IFAM
The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials (IFAM) undertakes research and development work in Shaping and Functional Materials and Adhesive Bonding Technology and Surfaces. The Institute employs about 480 people with most of its staff in scientific technical area. The Institute counts among Europe's biggest neutral and independent research facilities and is one of 60 institutes of the non-profit Fraunhofer Society. The department of Functional Structures at Fraunhofer-IFAM has long-term experience in engineering manufacturing processes that allow the integration of functions into materials and components. Several technologies, e.g. rapid-prototyping, ink-jet-printing and aerosol printing, as well as sputtering processes are available for functional integration and developments in electronic, automotive, aerospace and life science applications.
Fraunhofer IISB
Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology IISB is a microelectronics research institute with strong contributions to the fields of nanotechnology, electronic materials, power electronics, and electric mobility. A joint research group with the Chair of Electron Devices at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg is active in the field of large area and printed thin-film electronics.
Backed by a wide range of conventional semiconductor thin-film technologies, the group develops IP along the entire printed electronics value chain from nanomaterials synthesis, ink formulation, deposition (printing) and curing techniques through to device and application development with a special focus on inorganic materials.
Fraunhofer IZM
Fraunhofer IZM specializes in industry-oriented applied research. Fraunhofer IZM develops assembly and interconnection technology, also known as electronic packaging. Almost invisible and undervalued by many, electronic packaging is at the heart of every electronic application. Our technologies connect the individual components, protect components and devices from vibration and moisture, and reliably dissipate heat. Fraunhofer IZM thus ensures that electronic devices continue to function reliably in even the harshest conditions - we even integrate electronics into golf balls. Modern packaging technologies make developing smaller and smaller products possible. We process ICs thinner than a sheet of paper. The institute has a staff of more than 300. 90% of our turnover in 2010 was earned through contract research.
FUJIFILM Dimatix, the world's premier provider of piezoelectric inkjet printheads and systems, has more than 32 years of experience in advancing the performance of drop-on-demand dispensing devices with its state-of-the-art MEMS technology. The Dimatix Materials Printer, a cartridge-based piezoelectric inkjet printing system that enables direct deposition of functional fluids to create products like displays, RFID antennas, smart tags, DNA arrays, smart packaging, solar cells, and wearable electronics, has been accepted as the industry standard for the accelerated development of inkjet solutions in electronics, displays, life sciences, photovoltaics, and other industries.
Germany Trade & Invest
Germany Trade & Invest is the foreign trade and inward investment agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. The organization advises foreign companies looking to expand their business activities in the German market. It provides information on foreign trade to German companies that seek to enter into foreign markets. All inquiries relating to Germany as a business and investment location are treated confidentially. All investment services are available at no charge.
IDTechEx provides independent analysis on the development and application of energy harvesting, printed electronics, RFID, electric vehicles and allied technologies.
You can trust IDTechEx to help you build your business. We provide consultancy, market research and executive-level events across the US, Europe and Asia.
ImageXpert is a leader in machine vision technology for inkjet drop-in-flight analysis, print quality inspection, and part inspection. ImageXpert produces the JetXpert Dropwatcher, the JetXpert Print Station, and other advanced analysis systems for R&D laboratories. ImageXpert is also a renowned integrator; combining printheads, drive electronics, ink supplies, and more into turnkey inkjet development systems.
Integration Technology
Founded in 2000 UK based Integration Technology Limited designs and produces high intensity UV light engines for a blue chip OEM customer base traditionally in the inkjet printing markets.
Integration Technology has a global presence with regional offices in UK, USA, South Korea and China, and supports Japan through two distributors.
Recent expansion of the European sales team is enabling lateral diversification into other high tech market sectors and this will be primarily driven by the companies range of advanced semiconductor based UV LED products. Ongoing development since 2003 has resulted in state of the art systems enabling new and exciting applications.
Intrinsiq Materials
Intrinsiq Materials is an advanced materials company with facilities in the UK and US, providing nanoparticle based copper ink formulations for printed electronics applications. Our copper inkjet ink, 'Intrinsiq CI', and copper screen print paste, 'Intrinsiq CP', are innovative ink formulations designed for photonic curing at room temperature in air, by laser or broad band flash techniques. Conductivities are comparable to commercial silver inks on a range of substrates, including paper. The company has additional inks under development, including nanoparticle based nickel and silicon.
ISORG is the pioneering company in organic and printed electronics devices for large‐area photonics and image sensors, developing a disruptive technology converting plastic, paper and glass surfaces into smart surfaces.
ISORG is a start‐up company of CEA‐LITEN, based in Grenoble (France). ISORG offers a new generation of high performance, thin and flexible electronic sensors with 3D product integration capability for a large range of markets (industry, consumer electronics, environment, medical and security)
JNC Corporation
JNC Corporation inherited Chisso Corporation's business and started operation April 1st, 2011. JNC will contribute to the society by developing original and high performance products such as liquid crystal materials, overcoats for color filters, OLEDs, etc. With a focus put on the latest social trend, we consider what will be required in the future. We will continue to create the cutting edge techniques and products.
The M.Braun Group is recognized as one of the leading suppliers of gloveboxes, gas purifiers and customized inert gas solutions.
In recent years additional expertise in vacuum and wet coating processes as well as in encapsulation technology have led to an array of new process tools. Dispensers, cleaning equipment, lamination solutions, curing tools and high-end coating equipment find growing interest in M.Braun's global customer base. From basic research up to fully-integrated turnkey solutions - M.Braun is your partner when manufacturing of organic devices are in your focus of interest. Give us the opportunity to turn your ideas into solutions.
Miktech/ALD Application Centre
Innovation and Technology Centre Miktech together with the ASTRaL unit of Lappeenranta University of Technology are developing an ALD Application Centre. The application centre specialises in atomic layer deposition processes for flexible substrates including continuous webs and serves industries looking for better performance in products and production using new thin film coating solutions.
• ALD coating
• ALD process development
• Training and researcher exchange
• Five ALD reactors, including Beneq WCS 500 Web Coating System for roll-to-roll ALD
• Comprehensive surface and thin film characterization tools
Application areas include packaging materials (barrier films), flexible electronics, photovoltaics, printed diagnostics and optics.
NANOGAP manufactures a broad range of fully dispersed metal and metal oxide nanomaterials, including sub-nanometre atomic quantum clusters with unique properties, nanoparticles from 1 to 100 nanometres in size, and high aspect ratio nanofibers. Many materials can be custom tailored to exact requirements including particle size, morphology, surface functionalisation and carrier fluid. NGAP FI Ag-4101, a semi-formulated inkjet ink, printed with a Xaar print head onto paper and cured at 120ºC for two minutes gave a resistivity of 4x10-5 ohm.cm. New, multi-modal dispersions with even lower sintering temperatures are under development. Silver nanofibers can be formulated or used directly to prepare transparent conductive films, suitable for use in displays, photovoltaics and lighting applications.
Nanograde printable inks
Nanograde has developed the first fully printable molybdenum oxide and tungsten oxide inks enabling solution processing of hole injection layers. The inks can directly be applied on hydrophilic and hydrophobic substrates and keep post-treatment temperatures to below 130°C. These inks are the first in a series of materials that are specifically developed for printable electronics.
About Nanograde
Nanograde is the worldwide leader in the tailor-made development of specialty nanoparticles and dispersions. Nanograde's developments are ideally suited for coating or thin film applications. Nanograde enables ultra-fast proof-of-concepts and Nanograde's partners can benefit from extensive nanoparticle applications know-how.
NanoMas Technologies
NanoMas Technologies, Inc. is the leading developer of low cost, highly functional nanomaterials for the clean energy and electronics marketplace. Its patented and proprietary technologies integrate nanoscale engineering with mass production processes, resulting in the highest performing conductive nanoparticle inks and pastes for emerging applications in solar cell manufacturing, printed electronics and the electronics packaging industry.
NanoMas produces formulated products of silver, gold, platinum and palladium which exhibit:
• Superior electrical and thermal conductivity
• Low sintering temperatures
• Rapid sintering times
• Formulations for inkjet, aerosol and gravure
Established in 2006, NanoMas Technologies continues to support the industry with the highest quality materials, enabling a new generation of printed electronics.
NeoDec develops and manufactures highly conductive inks for use in printed electronics applications. These complex inks enable fast, cost effective printing of electrodes with very low resistance even at room temperature, depending the choice of curing process. As the NeoDec ink is based on components, that can be completely dissolved, many print technologies like inkjet, screenprinting or flexography, can be used without problems. Currently the Neojet ink (for inkjet printing) and Neoflex ink (for flexo) are readily available, while Neoscreen is still under development. The Neodec inks pair excellent conductiveness to an outstanding ease of use in the printing process.
Nicomatic manufactures "Products for the Printed Ink Industry"; CrimpFlex™ Connectors offer the most cost effective crimp connector available at 2.54mm and 1.27mm pitch matching industry standards in male and female styles; Switch'Air™ non-stick metal domes and arrays; Ultra-Thin SMD LEDs offering low profile easy to place product (0.5 & 0.35mm height); Adhesive Spacer Material for the interior layers of circuitry. Also available Automation equipment supporting Nicomatic products, FFC cables & jumpers.
Pall Corporation
Pall Corporation is the largest and most diverse filtration, separations and purifications company in the world. We apply a vast technology portfolio to many industries including semiconductor fabrication, ink jet printing and display manufacturing. Printable electronics is evolving from these key industries and Pall can leverage significant filtration expertise for these new applications.
Pall offers filtration options for conductive ink dispersion classification, particulate and gel contaminant removal in all coating applications, gel removal in UV curable fluids and for many other applications. Pall filtration technology will enable faster production, fewer defects, higher yields and lower overall costs in all the markets that we serve.
IPall also offers the tools to support your filtration and purification needs from the laboratory to full production. Our products and services will allow you to select the correct filtration technology for your need and optimize for maximum performance and economy.
We look forward to your filtration challenge!
PARC, a Xerox company
A global center for commercial innovation for 40 years, PARC, a Xerox Company, is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of thin film transistors, circuits, and sensors. With deep knowledge of printing technology applied in domains such as displays, image sensors, and medical sensors, PARC's technical expertise and facility support printed dielectrics, nanoparticle metals, organic, oxide, and silicon (amorphous, polycrystalline, printed nanowire) semiconductors. PARC's clients include display manufacturers, consumer electronics firms, IT companies, government agencies, and materials suppliers to the printed and flexible electronics markets.
Peakdale Molecular UK
Peakdale Molecular offers a class-leading range of products and services to accelerate discovery initiatives for organic semiconductor materials. At its very core, Peakdale's approach is based upon its long & successful track record of chemistry problem-solving, offering flexible, creative and confidential support for new materials discovery projects.
Peakdale has significant experience in the synthesis and characterization of OSC candidate compounds and the purification of such materials to high specifications. These projects have also demonstrated our process development skills for small-scale production of ultra high purity materials. Put our experience to the test.
PEL Printed Electronics Ltd
Printed Electronics Ltd is a process and application company. The facility has been specifically designed to support businesses investigating, developing and prototyping:
  • nanomaterial development;
  • printed electronics and systems;
  • novel inkjet applications and methods.
Equipment and capability include high precision inkjet platform supporting multiple Xaar heads and fluid delivery systems: high speed video drop watching for investigating drop ejection of fluids; electronics reliability and design services. The company has facilities in Cambridge, for ink characterisation, and Tamworth, for printing and circuit development. PEL will be launching a new range of specialist papers substrate for nano-conductor deposition at IDTechEx.
Printcolor Screen Ltd
Swiss based Printcolor Screen possesses a broad knowledge and experience in printing technologies applying added value (security systems, functional interactive inks) to various products and serving the worldwide market for more than 75 years.
Particular focus is given to sensitive technical and industrial applications. (Bank Notes, ID Cards, Membrane Switch, Medical, Solar) . In 2012 entered into joint-venture with Conductive Compounds in the US who is specialized in conductive ink systems.
This multifaceted approach and high specialized inks and coatings providing attributes for a broad range of products with the main focus on application in existing screen-, flexo-, and pad printing, as well as coating technologies.
Printed Electronics World
Printed Electronics World provides you with a daily update of the latest industry developments. Running for over 10 years this free portal covers the progress to printed electronics in all its forms - from transistor circuits to power, sensors, displays, materials and manufacturing.
Hosted and written by IDTechEx, the leading printed electronics analyst and event organiser, articles provide commentary, analysis and give a balanced view of the issue. You can opt-in for an email to be sent to you every Wednesday listing the new articles posted in the previous week. We aim to make this service your most valuable tool for keeping up to date with the printed electronics industry.
Promethean Particles Ltd
Promethean Particles is a UK based company which designs, develops and manufactures inorganic nanoparticle dispersions using continuous hydrothermal synthesis. We manufacture a range of nanomaterials with controlled size and shape in dispersion (water or solvent); this method is advantageous for formulation into final applications. Development work is carried out at gram scale and we currently have manufacturing capacity of 10 tons a year with new developments underway to increase this to 100 tons a year. We look forward to working with you to develop the right material for your application.
Q-Mo Solar AG
We manufacture solar modules.
Q-mo is the first brand manufacturer of solar modules for integration into energy autarkic devices and smallscalesystems. We produce exactly the modules you need for sectors such as mobile communications, electronics, building services, or consumer electronics: Our OEM production is tailored to requirements that so far have not been fully met by any other manufacturer.
 Sustainability and a long life cycle
We supply solar modules that will give you a competitive edge in the market.
 Innovative technology
You benefit from the patented know-how of an independent manufacturer in Germany.
 Warranty
We supply high-tech products with a manufacturer's warranty.
Riga Technical University
Riga Technical University is the first technical university in the Baltic countries - its history dates back to 1862. Long lasting traditions, advanced teaching methods, new technologies and innovative approach provide the University with the opportunity to ensure research excellence and offer exciting studies in Engineering Sciences, Technologies, Natural and Environmental Sciences as well as in Architecture and Engineering Economics. RTU Institute of Textile Materials Technologies and Design provides studies in Clothing and Textile Technology as well as Materials Technology and Design. A recent inter-branch research project led by the Institute involved the development of smart textiles with soft circuitry.
SENSOREE design labs . therapeutic bio.media . body architecture . sensitive technology . interactive installations . robot clothes
SENSOREE designs wearable technology and interactive installations. Our sensitive technology and therapeutic bio-media creates external nervous systems that inspire body awareness, spontaneity, insight, and fun! We call this the SCI : Sensory Computer Interface, where we investigate proximity, intimacy, telepathy, intuition, and humor between human and machine.
A world leader in high performance plastics, Solvay Specialty Polymers offers an unmatched, comprehensive portfolio of over 36 product lines, available in more than 1.500 formulations. Among these we include Solvene® EAP electro-active family of piezo, pyro, ferroelectric or ferro-relaxor polymers, which combines excellent electro-mechanical properties with easy processing and flexibility for force-sensing, flexible displays, piezo switch applications and much more. It is with this, and our dedicated R&I team, that we are contributing towards taking human-machine interaction to the next level.
CPI's Printable Electronics Centre is a design, development and prototyping facility. We provide support in bringing new printable electronics products and processes to market quickly by offering facilities and expertise that help reduce our clients' level of R&D risk and capital investment.
Taking advantage of our state of the art deposition, patterning and printing equipment leads to faster, more efficient development and production enabling clients to enter new markets quickly and with minimal risk. CPI can accelerate new product development by providing access to proven performance conducting, semiconductor, resistive materials and inks.
Trelleborg Applied Technology - UNITEX
UNITEX (Part of the Trelleborg Group) has been manufacturing high performance SCREEN PRINTING SQUEEGEES for over 50 years. Our class leading products with tight dimensional tolerance and Shore A hardness accuracy are the preferred squeegees in a wide range of industries. The printing edge is consistently sharp and is capable of depositing the printed layer accurately between 70µm and 10 µm, while resisting glass frits and abrasive particles often found in conductive inks and pastes. Our Blue Chip customers recognise the advantages of the precision and repeatability of the Unitex product. Customers refuse to make relatively small savings on the cost of a squeegee and potentially jeopardise an expensive print run. UNITEX squeegees are specified in many OEM printing processes around the world and are out there helping the customer make money in the world of screen printed electronics.
UCT NanoSciences Innovation Centre & PST Sensors
The Nanosciences Innovation Centre is unique, in that it has a dual focus on Research and Innovation into the science and application of nanostructured materials. Currently its main development focus is on printed electronics applications of silicon and other inorganic semiconductor nanoparticles.
UniJet Co. Ltd is a total solution provider of inkjet printing systems and technology, especially for electronic material deposition. UniJet supplies printing systems ranging from R&D systems to mass production systems for LCD, PDP, OLED, PLED, solar cell, PCB, RFID, semiconductor packaging, and various coating applications. Mass production systems are customized to meet the application requirements and specifications with R2R printing systems. UniJet also offers process know how for various application developments as well as for application specific inks.
University of Cambridge
CAPE - Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics
CAPE Mission: To invent and develop, through multidisciplinary research, materials, processes, components and systems; define the future strategy and market implementation; and set the industry agendas for the convergence of photonic and electronic technology platforms.
CAPE is a partnership between the University and a small group of international photonics and electronics companies whose market orientation places them in a non-competitive supply-chain or value-chain relationship with respect to each other. It relies on the Partner companies being able to accommodate each other's business interests to allow this collaboration.
University of Ljubljana
The Laboratory of Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering within University of Ljubljana has a profound experience in R&D in the field of photovoltaics and optoelectronics - from crystalline, thin-film amorphous and microcrystalline-silicon alloys to poly- and nano-crystalline semiconductors for different applications, predominantly solar cells and photovoltaic modules, smart windows and optoelectronic devices. The activities cover material syntheses, device fabrication, modelling and simulation, material/device characterisation, indoor and outdoor testing as well the energy yield analysis of PV systems and run within a cluster of national and international projects along with direct cooperation with industry to meet their needs.
VG Scienta
The First Choice for OLED research and Surface Science
VG Scienta supplies cluster based process tools into the Organic and Large Area Electronics market for the development of OLED based devices. The OLED Edge tool combines small molecule deposition modules with up to 8 sources each with finely controlled low temperature sputter deposition of electrode layers, including ITO, allowing complete devices to be fabricated.
The VG Scienta XPS/UPS/ARPES analysis tool gives vital chemical and band structure information allowing optimisation of the thin film device structures. VG Scienta electron spectrometers offer the best energy, and angular resolution; this coupled with high intensity UV / XPS sources and an advanced 2D detection gives extremely high quality and fast data collection.
VG Scienta remains at the cutting edge of science supplying high quality solutions to meet the exacting standards of advanced UHV technology.
Vorbeck Materials
Vorbeck provides world-class graphene research and development
Vorbeck has not only developed the world's first graphene products, but we also maintain active graphene research to stay on the leading edge of new graphene developments.
Vorbeck's product development team emphasizes real-world solutions that can fit into your manufacturing process and are cost-effective, while adding unique new capabilities to your products. Vor-inkTM formulations harness the exceptional conductivity of graphene: ultra-flexible and robust inks and coatings for the printed electronics market. In energy applications. Vor-x graphene delivers demonstrable performance gains by breaking traditional technology trade-offs between nattery capacity and power output. In rubber and composites, Vor-x graphene provides exeptional levels of strength, dimensional stability, conductivity, and environmental resistance, opening new application and design possibilities.
Based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, Xaar is a leading independent developer of core inkjet technology and a manufacturer of a range of industrial printheads, including the Xaar 1001, which incorporates Xaar's patented TF Technology™. The first printhead designed for high productivity single-pass printing, the Xaar 1001 is opening the potential of inkjet to an ever broadening range of industrial applications including printed electronics. The company supplies a range of supporting equipment and services to help printer manufacturers and integrators and has developed unique capabilities to help ink manufacturers to formulate fluids optimised for inkjet.