Printed Electronics Conference


The seventh annual Printed Electronics USA conference and tradeshow covers all the applications, technologies and opportunities. This is the world's largest event on the topic.

Photovoltaics Conference


Covering all the latest developments in thin film, organic, printed photovoltaics as well as emerging technologies growing alongside the more established ones, such as luminescent concentrators and infrared harvesting.


Companies exhibiting will cover materials, production methods, new devices, commercialized products, academic research and more. Over 100 anticipated exhibitors will make this the largest Tradeshow on Printed Electronics and Photovoltaics in 2010. NEW this year is Demonstration Street, featuring printed electronics in action.

New to The Technology?

Watch our introductory videos explaining how this technology can benefit your industry. We also provide an easy guide showing which conference presentations are relevant to you.


We have a number of different attendee passes available to suit your interests starting at $95. This is your opportunity to find out more about Printed Electronics from the world's leading event.