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Photovoltaics USA

Solar Requirements & Incentives, Market Analysis, Technical Progress & Routes to Market

New topics, new speakers and more world exclusives

Photovoltaics USA 2010 will be shedding light on the latest trends from major innovators in the solar cell sector. The conference will be covering all the developments in thin film, organic and printed photovoltaics, bringing you the latest innovations on established photovoltaics technologies as well as emerging ones.

The growth of the Photovoltaics sectors in 2009 has been impeded by the global economic slowdown, which has led to an unexpected reshuffle in the industry. The large drop in silicon pricing is creating a very competitive field in which efficiency, reliability and cost are at the forefront. Find out where efforts are focused in each of the technology platforms covered; discover competitive advantages as well as requirements of different industries, ranging from small electronic devices to large scale solar implementations.

Co-located Event

Photovoltaics USA is co-located with the Printed Electronics USA IDTechEx event.  Attendees have access to BOTH events and the trade show to maximise value. Click here for further information on Printed Electronics USA


The Conference - Nov 30 - Dec 2

Over 25 world class speakers will be covering solar cells, manufacturing, materials and applications in the following topics:

Masterclasses - Nov 30 - Dec 3

Have your questions answered by experts in interactive consultancy-style sessions which will bring you up to date with the topics. Masterclass delegates also attend exclusive company visits.
  • CdTe Solar Cells
  • CIS & CIGS developments
  • Innovation in Silicon technologies
  • Organic Photovoltaics
  • Dye-sensitized Solar Cells
  • Manufacturing and Materials Developments
  • National Solar Incentives
  • Market analysis- Forecasts
  • Introduction to Printed Electronics
  • Thin Film Photovoltaics: Principles/Technologies/Market
  • Materials
  • Logic, memory & circuitry design for the new electronics
  • Printing Technologies
  • Displays & Lighting
  • Creating New Products with Printed Electronics
  • RFID its Progress towards being Printed
  • Energy Harvesting & Storage for Small Electronic Device

    The Trade Show- Nov 30 - Dec 2

    Investment Summit - Nov 30

    COVERING THE WORLD OF ORGANIC, INORGANIC AND PRINTED SOLUTIONS: Companies exhibiting cover materials, manufacture, device production, consulting, academic research and more. Over 60 anticipated exhibitors showcasing their product offerings in an ideal networking environment   High-quality investment opportunities and perspectives in printed electronics. This summit brings together leading pure-play printed electronics companies with the investor community. Company CEOs will pitch to an audience of investors.

    Awards - Dec 1

    Recognizing Innovation, Success and Development. Winners will be announced at Gala Award Dinner on December 1.

    What past attendees have said:

    "This is an excellent conference for people from the academic sector to attend because it gives them great exposure to the needs of industry"

    Cambridge University

    "This event has been carefully organized providing opportunities for interactions between all levels of the business market"


    "What an excellent conference. In the near future it will be one of the biggest conferences in the world"

    Samsung Electronics

    "For Printed Electronics, there is no other event that holds a candle to this one"


    "Excellent! So many partners and customers"

    Hitachi Chemical

    "Great Conference"

    Procter & Gamble

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